1/350 Borodino (Zvezda) by Alexandre Mazur First Submission
1/700 HMS Renown (White Ensign) by An Chu

1/720 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42 (Arii Kitbash) by Mark Mckinnis

A visit to the Maritime museum at Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu UK by Jim Baumann

1/200 USS Gambier Bay CVE-73 (Scratchbuilt) by Eric Dufour

1/300 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Scratchbuilt) by Marius Chescu

1/700 USN and New York Harbor tugs (Battlefleet Models) by Peter Fulgoney

25-12-2006 Merry Christmas
More new Reviews for December include:

  • Battlefleet Models 1/350 YG-17 Yard Garbage Lighter (Resin kit) NEW
  • Battlefleet Models 1/350 Yard Barges (Resin kit) NEW
  • Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 5" 38 Cal Twin Mount (Metal accessory) NEW
  • Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 20 mm Single Gun Mount (Metal accessory) NEW
  • Starfighter Decals 1/350 VMAQ-2 "Play Boys" EA-6B CVW-8 USS Nimitz 1981 Decals NEW
  • 24-12-2006 Christmas Eve cruise Sunday
    Gold Medal Models 1/400 Queen Mary 2 detail set NEW
    1/400 RMS Titanic (Academy) by John Drabier First Submission
    1/596 RMS Queen Mary (Revell) by Richard Wonderly

    1/350 HMS Wren (White Ensign) by Christian Bruer
    1/350 USS Apache ATF-67 (Commanders Models) by Bob Cicconi

    1/700 IJN Fuso (Pit-Road Hi-Mold) by Jose Soca
    1/178 USS Baya SS-318 (Revell) by Mario Grima
    1/700 USS Alabama BB-60 & USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Aoshima/Revell) by Erick Navas

    1/550 USS Iowa BB-4 (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda
    1/700 HMS Tiger, 1928 (Combrig) by Mike McCabe
    1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Ernesto Bersabal Jr.

    1/720 USS Midway CV-41 & CVW-5 1991 (Arii Kitbash) by Mark Mckinnis
    1/350 USS Stevens DD-479 (Tamiya) by Roy Allen
    1/700 PLAN Fleet Oiler (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King

    1/350 IJN Kirishima (Yankee Modelworks) by Jose Soca First Submission
    1/700 DKM Bismarck & HMS Hood (DML/Italeri) by Erick Navas
    1/178 USS Kraken SS-370 (Revell) by Mario Grima

    1/350 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Young-ho Lee First Submission
    1/700 HMS Illustrious (Aoshima) by Vlad Cimpan

    1/350 USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51 (Panda) by Ian MacCorquodale First Submission
    1/250 K-129 Golf SSBN (Wilhelmshaven) by Paul Helfrich

    16-12-2006 Sub Saturday
    1/72 USS Sea Tiger from Operation: Petticoat (Revell) by Chris Hartman First Submission
    1/350 USS Columbus SSN-762 (DML) by Paul Helfrich

    Building the HP Models 1/700 SMS Zaehringen by Frank Spahr
    1/350 USS Northampton CA-26 (BWN) by Keith Bender
    1/700 IJN Junyo 1945 (Tamiya) by Takumi Akiharu

    TASK FORCE 72 Scale Model Ship Association Annual Regatta by Mick Elst
    1/48 Victoria 1943 (converted S-Boot) (Scratchbuilt) by Donald Cecil
    1/700 MTB102 at Dunkirk (Scratchbuilt) by Mike McCabe

    Building the Trumpeter USS Nimitz in 350 scale by Kelly Quirk

    1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Rainer Michalek
    1/700 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Tamiya) by Jason Martin
    1/700 IJN Junyo 1942 (Tamiya) by Takumi Akiharu

    1/350 US Dock Diorama (Various) by Kym Knight
    1/700 USS Pastores AF 16 (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell

    1/700 DKM Tirpitz (Trumpeter) by Fran Romero
    1/700 Aircraft Collection, part 13 (Scratchbuilt) by John Sears

    1/350 DKM U-570 Type VIIC (Artitec) by Dirk Mennigke
    1/700 HMS Hajen (Scratchbuilt) by Jens Hansen

    1/700 Russian Battleship Poltava (Combrig) by Bernd Villhauer
    1/700 HMS Norman (HP Model Kitbash) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 ORP Garland (Niko) by Mike McCabe
    1/250 SS Prasident (Wilhelmshavener) by Richard Wonderly

    07-12-2006 Remember Pearl Harbor
    Special Feature 5N vs 5S and other fun stuff by Ron Smith
    1/500 USS West Virginia BB-48 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/350 USS South Dakota BB-57 (Yankee Modelworks) by Richard Sliwka
    1/300 USS Missouri BB-63 in 1944 (Scratchbuilt) by Marius Chescu

    One the forum Tracy White has rebuilt the Arizona section in the Calling All Ship Fans section.
    Also this is not new but worth another look on this 65th anniversary of that day.
    Special Pearl Harbor Photo Feature by Jeff Herne

    1/700 USS Little Rock CLG-04 (Scratchbuilt) by Zhu Yalei First Submission
    1/350 USS Bronstein FF-1037 (ISW) by Keith Bender
    1/700 USS Baltimore CA-03 (Combrig) by Gone Asiatic

    05-12-2006 time for a Gallery break
    1/700 DKM Scharnhorst and Z Class (Tamiya) by Fran Romero First Submission
    1/200 DKM Type IXB (Mini Hobby) by Gordon Y.W. Wang

    More new Reviews for December include:

  • Trumpeter 1/700 USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Lion Roar 1/350 HMS Hood Detail set NEW
  • 03-12-2006
    Another new Reviews for December includes:
  • White Ensign Models 1/350 Buckley / Captain Class Destroyer Escort set NEW
  • 02-12-2006
    More new Reviews for December include:
  • Dragon 1/700 USS Pinckney DDG-91 Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIA destroyer (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Warship Pictorial #24 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers NEW
  • 01-12-2006
    New Reviews for December include:
  • L'Arsenal 1/400 MSC-60 French Minesweeper (Resin kit) NEW

  • Combrig 1/700 USS Vesuvius 1890 dynamite gun cruiser (Resin kit) NEW

    Walkaround U.S.S. Drum By William L. Powell

    1/700 IJN Hiei 1942 (Hasegawa) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
    1/700 IJN Yoshino (Modelkrak) by Gone Asiatic
    1/2500 Enterprises (Various) by Philip LaVoie

    1/700 US C2 Diorama (Battlefleet Models) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 USS Fulton AS-11 (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell

    1/350 USS Reuben James DD-245 (White Ensign) by Roy Allen First Submission
    1/700 ROCS Chih Yang FF-932 (AFV Club) by Gordon Y.W. Wang
    1/200 USS Vella Gulf CG-72 (Scratchbuilt) by Joe Chan

    1/380 SS Mariposa (Revell Kitbash) by Richard Wonderly
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Markus Fabke

    1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell Monogram) by Georgius Credidio First Submission
    1/72 PT-109 (Revell) by Richard Wonderly

    1/250 USS Oregon BB-3 (Glencoe) by Chris Dumford First Submission
    1/700 Espana (Combrig) by Frank O'Neill

    23-11-2006 Happy Thanksgiving
    Telford 2006 show report from Jim Baumann

    22-11-2006 Russian special
    1/350 Kuznetsov (Trumpeter) by Lim Kian Seng
    1/700 Kirov (DML) by Yannis Carystinos

    21-11-2006 Return of the HMS
    1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Markus Fabke
    1/192 HMS Queen Mary (Scratchbuilt) by Marius Chescu (New Pictures Added)
    Telford Scale Modelworld 2006 by Dave Wooley

    Building the Steam Yacht Kolchida by Jim Baumann

    1/400 Tarantul III (Mirage) by Roel Van de Velde
    1/175 USS Icefish SS-367 (Revell Monogram) by Bob Cicconi

    1/700 Tsessarevich (Combrig) by Bernd Villhauer
    Pacific Front Hobbies November Update is online.

    1/375 USS Montrose APA/LPA-212 (Revell) by Derek Derks
    1/700 INS INS Kora P61 Type 25A Missile Guided Corvette (Kobo Hiryu) by Ayala Botto
    1/700 IJN Soryu (Pitroad) by Yu Cong

    1/350 IJN Kirishima (Yankee Modelworks) by Luciano Rizzato
    1/700 IJN Tone (Aoshima) by Yu Cong
    1/350 Hr.Ms De Ruyter F-806 (MW Models) by Björn van Dongen First Submission
    1/700 INS Pralaya K91 Veer-Tarantul Missile Corvette (DML) by Ayala Botto

    15-11-2006 HMS WW2 Wednesday
    1/192 HMS Queen Mary (Scratchbuilt) by Marius Chescu First Submission
    1/720 HMS Hood late 1937 (Italeri) by Dino Carancini First Submission
    1/700 HMS Hood (Tamiya) by An Chu
    1/700 HMS Monarch (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 HMS Sheffield (White Ensign) by John Werler

    14-11-2006 German WW2 Tuesday
    1/125 DKM Biber (Scratchbuilt) by Joe Passaseo
    1/700 DKM Tirpitz (Trumpeter) by Daniel Villhauer
    1/400 DKM Gneisenau (Heller) by Guillermo Martinez

    The ships of region II, Virginia Beach, VA  by Martin Quinn
    1/2400 Pearl Harbor, May 1940 (GHQ) by C. T. Mohr
    1/700 USS San Diego CL-53 and USS Oakland CL-97 (Pitroad) by Biker Yu First Submission

    1/700 Spanish Dreadnaught Espana (Combrig) by Jerry Jackson First Submission
    1/200 SMS Thuringen (GPM) by Joe Krenzer

    11-11-2006 Veterans Day / Remembrance Day
    1/700 USS Iowa BB-61 (1984 configuration) (Trumpeter) by Paul Helfrich
    1/540 USS Wasp CVA-18 (Revell) by Bill Willis
    1/500 HMS Valiant (Revell/Eastern Express/Kitbash) by John Bange

    1/72 DKM S-150 (Revell Germany) by Pierre Fourneau
    1/100 PLAN Huang Feng (Zhengdefu) by Doug Hallet
    1/144 USS Seawolf SSN-21 (Trumpeter) by Dave Billows
    1/700 Kursk SSGN (Tamiya) by Fred Poon

    Building a 1/700 USN port around a Hog Islander by Jim Baumann

    08-11-2006 A Fistful of Destroyers
    1/200 IJN Kiji (Answer) by Joe Krenzer
    1/700 HMS Sheffield D80 (Revell) by Dirk Mennigke
    1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Howard Davis IV
    1/700 The Little Guys: USS Koelsch DE-1047, USS Bronstein DE-1047, USS Cromwell DE-1014 (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell

    07-11-2006 Midterm Election Day in USA, get out an vote!
    1/350 USS Fogg DER-57 (Trumpeter) by Jack McLaughlin
    1/600 DKM Z-28 1943 (Airfix) by Jens Hansen
    1/72 Pirate Ship (Revell) by Fernando Torre

    1/700 USS Algonquin WPG-75 1943 (Battlefleet Modelsl) by Peter Fulgoney
    1/350 USS Bunker Hill CV-17 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/80 Endeavor (Amati) by Bill Code

    05-11-2006 Iowa class Monday
    Inside the USS New Jersey, the inside story by Martin Quinn
    1/700 USS Wisconsin BB-64 (Trumpeter) by Chen Chih-Pang

    4-11-2006 The hunter and the hunted Saturday
    1/350 USS England DE-635 (Trumpeter) by Jack McLaughlin First Submission
    1/125 DKM U-47 Type VIIc (Revell Germany) by Luke Kasperczyk First Submission
    1/700 DKM U-Boat VIIc & IXc (Hasegawa) by Jay Massey First Submission
    We are pleased to add L'Arsenal and Paper Lab to our list of sponsors.

    More New Reviews for November include:

  • Niko Models 1/700 USS San Francisco CA-38 1942 (Resin kit) NEW
  • Samec Models 1/700 USS Drayton Mahan Class DD 1944 (Resin kit) NEW
  • 02-11-2006
    More New Reviews for November include:
  • Cottage Industries 1/96 USS Monadnock twin turret monitor (Resin kit)
  • Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 5"practice loading machine (Metal accessory) NEW
  • L'Arsenal 1/350 Anti-skid mats (decal set) NEW
  • 01-11-2006
    New Reviews for November include:
  • Dragon 1/700 HMS York Type 42 Batch 3 Destroyer (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Trumpeter 1/350 USS Saratoga CV-3 Prewar version (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Gold Medal Models 1/350 HMS Hood photo etch sets NEW
  • Paper Lab Publishing 1/700 5" 38 cal single gun mount-double knuckle (Metal accessory) NEW
  • Of Ice and Steel a novel by D. Clayton Meadows

  • 31-10-2006
    1/144 USS Torsk SS-423 (Trumpeteer/IBS Conversion) by Mario Grima
    1/700 Imperial Russian Battleship Nikolai I (Combrig) by Steven J. CorviFirst Submission
    1/600 HMS Foxhound 1942 (Airfix) by Jens Hansen

    1/350 ROC Han-Yang 15 (Yankee Modelworks) by Chen Chih-Pang
    1/700 Kresta II (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Bill Code

    1/60 Santa Maria (Imai) by Rod Millard

    1/850 IJN Yamato (Mini Hobby Models) by Erick Navas
    1/700 IJN Ryujo (Fujimi) by Richard Wonderly

    1/48 USCG Cutter Mustang WPB-1310 (Lindberg Kitbash) by Don RC
    1/250 IJN Musashi (Arii) by Michael O'brien First Submission
    1/20 Valdivia (Robbe) by Pat Matthews

    1/350 ROC Yue Fei 1106 (Yankee Modelworks) by Chen Chih-Pang
    1/600 HMS Ark Royal (Scratchbuilt) by John Barnum
    Building the 1/350 SMS Kronprinz (ICM) by Francisco P. de Nanclares Updated

    1/96 HMS Beagle (Revell Germany) by Brian Osterhout
    1/72 Hermann Marwede SAR (Revell Germany) by Hector Ramirez First Submission
    1/110 South Goodwin Lightship (Eastern Express) by Paul Neuhaus

    24-10-2006 Johns' Tuesday
    1/700 USS Brooklyn CA-03 (Iron Shipwright) by John Werler
    1/600 HMS Daring (Airfix) by John Barnum First Submission
    1/500 HMS Dido (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    1/550 FNS Bouvet (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda First Submission
    1/700 SMS M-51 (HP Model) by Paul Neuhaus
    1/350 HMS Warspite (Scratchbuilt) by Tony Lawrence
    1/600 French ship-of-the-line Le Phenix (Heller) by Paul Helfrich

    IPMS Vancouver Fall Show 2006 by Timothy Choi

    1/700 IJN Chogei (Pit-Road) by Atle Ellefsen
    1/144 DKM U-99 (Revell Germany) by Wim Plokker First Submission

    20-10-2006 Titanic Friday
    1/350 RMS Titanic (Minicraft) by Jason Martin First Submission
    1/350 RMS Titanic (Gunze Sangyo) by Han-Pinn, Ong
    1/600 RMS Mauretania (Airfix) by Richard Wonderly

    19-10-2006 Big Gun Thursday
    1/700 HMS Dreadnought (Kombrig) by Paul Neuhaus
    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62, 1980's (Tamiya) by Han-Pinn, Ong
    Joe Krenzer builds GPM’s 1/200 SMS Thüringen

    18-10-2006 Modern USN Wednesday
    1/350 USS Phillipine Sea CG-58 (DML) by Chris Bradbury
    1/350 USS Alabama SSBN-731 (DML) by Han-Pinn, Ong
    1/700 USS San Jacinto CG-56 (DML) by Richard Wonderly

    1/700 Vorpostenschiff (Aoshima Kitbash) by Frederick Fooy First Submission
    1/700 IJN Arashio (Hasegawa) by Fernando Torre
    1/700 USS Great Sitkin AE-17 (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell
    Potyomkim (Scratchbuild) by Andru Deev First Submission

    1/350 USS Gettysburg CG-64 (Italeri) by Chris Bradbury
    1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Erin Boyd Updated

    1/700 PLAAF Aircraft (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King
    1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Mini Hobby) by Erick Navas

    Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale
    Walkaround of HMCS Vancouver by Timothy Choi

    13-10-2006 Lucky Friday the 13th
    1/350 USS Stout DDG-55 (Panda) by Chris Bradbury First Submission
    1/600 HMS Punjabi 1940 Narvik (Airfix) by Jens Hansen First Submission
    1/350 USS Iowa BB-61 (Revell Germany) by Erick Navas

    1/700 Spanish Armada Destroyer D61 Churruca (JAG) by Luis Crespo
    1/700 IJN Myoko (Hasegawa) by Vlad Cimpan
    1/350 HMS King George V (Mini Hobby) by Erick Navas
    We are pleased to add the Modellmarine.de shop to our list of sponsors. Check out their growing line of scale CNC machined gun barrels.

    1/350 Essex class variations (Trumpeter) by Jim Russell First Submission
    1/700 USS Bedford Victory AK-231 (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell
    1/600 DKM Narvik (Airfix) by Robert Kyle
    1/400 DKM Gneisenau (Heller) by Erick Navas

    1/200 RM Roma (GPM) by Christoph Suchy
    1/200 MV Celestia (Graupner) by Mark Wilkes
    1/200 Stealth Frigate (Scratchbuilt) by Dylan Jones First Submission
    1/700 USS Iowa Class BB's (Mini Hobbies) by Erick Navas

    09-10-2006 German Ship Monday
    1/700 DKM Heisternest (Samek) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva
    1/400 DKM T22 (Heller) by Pierre Fourneau
    1/700 WWI German Collier Clara Blumenfeld (Scratchbuilt) by Dariusz Mazurowski

    08-10-2006 Sub Sunday
    1/200 Alfa SSN (Zetka) by Paul Helfrich
    1/400 Type U-IX C/40 Turm II and Type U-VII C/41 (Mirage) by Mario Grima
    1/144 DKM U-2540 Type XXI (Revell Germany) by Holger Veit

    07-10-2006 IJN Saturday
    1/700 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Takumi Akiharu
    1/450 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Craig Lieberman

    From  ModelShipGallery.com:
    1/600 HMS Campbeltown (Airfix) by Robert Kyle First Submission
    1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Craig Lieberman
    1/400 Clemenceau and Dusquene: UNREP (Heller) by Derek Derks New Images Added

    05-10-2006 More Reviews for October:

  • Toms Modelworks 1/350 Fletcher Class  detail set  NEW
  • Kobo-Hiryu 1/700 W5 Class Minesweeper  (Metal kit)
  • JCS 1/400 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Paper Model)
  • 04-10-2006  More Reviews for October:
  • HP Models 1/700 German light cruiser Emden 1944/45 (Resin kit)
  • Starfighter Decals 1/700 LHD-7 USS Iwo Jima decal set
  • Plus these from  ModelShipGallery.com:
    1/400 DKM Lutzow (Heller) by Erick Navas
    1/400 DKM M24 Minensuchboot 1941/1942 (Heller) by Pierre Fourneau

    03-10-2006 Another new Reviews for October:

  • Dragon 1/700 USS Hancock CV-19 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • 02-10-2006 Another new Reviews for October:
  • Trumpeter 1/700 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Plastic kit)  NEW
  • 01-10-2006
    New Reviews for October include:
  • NNT German Frigate F211 Koln (Resin kit) NEW
  • Squadron Signal IJN Light Cruisers in Action   NEW

  • 30-09-2006
    1/200 Smit Rotterdam and Smit Nederland (Revell Germany) by Francisco P. de Nanclares
    1/25 Roar Ege (Billings) by Fraser May

    1/700 Sperrbrecher 10 Gertrud and Tanker Loki (Scratchbuilt) by Dariusz Mazurowski
    1/350 RM Pola (Mini Hobbies) by Erick Navas
    1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Howard Davis IV
    1/2400 Warships (Pfc-CinC/GHQ/Scratch) by Matt Klimaszewski

    28-09-2006 USN vs IJN Thursday
    1/500 IJN Chokai (Diamondship Resin) by Takumi Akiharu
    1/700 USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413 (Pit-Road) by David Bilek
    1/700 Akagi (Scratchbuilt) by Jean-François Genette
    1/350 USS Houston CA-30 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ron Smith

    27-09-2006 Divine scale extravaganza
    1/700 Georgios Averoff (YS Masterpieces) by Momcil Kaltchev First Submission
    1/700 IJN Maya (PitRoad) by Takumi Akiharu
    1/700 INS Rajput (Combrig) by Carsten Schwenck
    1/720 Adm. Kuznetsov (Italeri) by Erick Navas

    26-09-2006 USN Postwar Tuesday
    1/500 USS America CVA 66 UNREP (Scratchbuild) by Bob Nandell First Submission
    1/700 USS Taussig DD-746, early 1950 (Pit Road) by Gordon Y.W. Wang
    1/144 USS Seawolf SSN-21 (Trumpeter) by Mario Grima

    1/700 HMS Eagle (HP Model) by Peter Fulgoney
    1/400 FNS Dunkerque (Heller) by Wes Beatty
    1/700 IJN Zuikaku (Tamiya) by Takumi Akiharu

    1/700 USS Montana BB-67 (IHP) by Imre Somogyi
    1/700 Retvizan 1902 (Combrig) by Bernd Villhauer

    1/700 SMS Württemberg Shipyard Diorama (Scratchbuilt) by Dariusz Mazurowski
    1/350 USS Baltimore Ca-68 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal

    1/350  USS Erie  PG-50 Gunboat (Iron Shipwright) by Richard Sliwka
    1/174 Subchaser SC-96 by Mario Grima
    1/72 Mortal Enemies: HMCS Snowberry & VIIB U-Boat (Revell/Amati) by Kym Knight
    1/72 HMS Clematis K36 (Revell Germany) by Reid Vizcarra New Images Added

    The latest Pacific Front Hobbies Update has been posted.
    Tom's Modelworks 1/350 USS Buckley Class Destroyer Escort PE set  NEW
    1/700 PLAN Shichang (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King
    1/350 USS Thomas S. Gates CG-51 (DML) by Richard April

    20-09-2006 Sub Wednesday
    1/144 Kilo SSK (Trumpeter) by Mario Grima
    1/400 Redoutable (Heller) by Derek Derks
    1/700 U-63 and UB-I (Scratchbuilt) by Dariusz Mazurowski
    1/72 DKM Type XXIII (Special Navy MPM) by Chris Richardson

    19-09-2006 IJN Tuesday
    1/700 IJN Hatusimo (Tamiya) by Takumi Akiharu First Submission
    1/700 IJN Kashima (Aoshima) by Jeff Lin
    1/200 IJN Yamato (Nichimo) by Mark Wilkes First Submission
    1/200 IJN Yamato, 1944 (Nichimo) by Mario Grima

    1/700 ROC Ning Yang FF-938 (AFV Club) by Defiant First Submission
    1/700 USS Momsen DDG-92 (DML) by Vittorio Ditto First Submission

    1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Trumpeter) by Han-Pinn, Ong First Submission
    1/700 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Avery Boyer First Submission

    1/700 USS Bunker Hill CV-17 (DML) by Tony Bunch
    1/700 USS Shiloh CG-67 and USS Howard DDG-83 (DML/Banner) by Michael Taylor

    1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Rainer Michalek
    1/144 USS Gato SS-212 (Trumpeter) by Mario Grima
    Richmond Maritime Festival 2006 by Timothy Choi

    14-09-2006 Ampib Thursday
    1/15 LCM (Scratchbuilt) by Simon Orrell
    1/125 LCT-376 Mark V (Lindberg) by Paul Helfrich
    1/192 USS Tom Green County LST-1159 (Scratchbuilt) by Don RC New Images Added
    1/72 USS Palawan ARG-10 (APS Models) by John Konda New Images Added
    We are pleased to add Mark Tutton of Starfighter Decals to our list of sponsors.

    Building the 1/350 SMS Kronprinz (ICM) by Francisco P. de Nanclares
    1/350 HMS Dreadnought (Rhino Models) by Martin J. Quinn
    1/450 IJN Yamato (Hasegawa) by William C. Snow III First Submission
    1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Mike CasnerFirst Submission

    1/350 USS Brooklyn ACR-3 (Iron Shipwright) by Mario Busto

    11-09-2006 Remember 9-11
    1/150 USS United States (Revell) by Anthony Tow
    1/56 Yacht America (Revell) by Tory Mucaro

    1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Dirk Ponge First Submission

    1/200 USS Lexington CV-2 (GPM/Scratchbuild) by Udo Herre First Submission
    1/700 PLAN Proposed LHD (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King

    ORP Blyskawica floating museum by Marek Dabrowski
    1/700 IJN Chitose, 1944 (Pit-Road) by David Bilek
    1/72 HMCS Sackville (Revell Germany) by Max Cosby Updated

    07-09-2006 ROC Thursday
    1/700 ROC Dan Yung DD-12 (Veteran Model) by Jeff Lin
    1/700 Kang Ding 1202 (Veteran Models) by Chen Chih-Pang

    1/720 DKM Graf Zeppelin (Revell Germany) by Carlos Eduardo Buchweitz First Submssion
    1/450 IJN Yamato (Hasegawa) by Tudor Adrian

    1/600 HMS Kent (Airfix) by Chee Wee Sim
    1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Erin Boyd New Photo Added

    1/700 HMS King George V (Tamiya) by Rob Kernaghan

    More New Reviews for September include:

  • Loose Cannon Productions 1/700 quad 40 mm resin gun mounts NEW
  • Warship Modeler #6 by Classic Warships Publishing  NEW
  • 02-09-2006
    More New Reviews for September include:
  • Loose Cannon Productions 1/700 Building kits Small Warehouse NEW
  • Eduard 1/700 US Navy Aircraft Carrier crew (pre-painted)
  • 01-09-2006
    New Reviews for September include:
  • Niko 1/700 USS Sampson DD-394 (Resin kit) NEW
  • Battlefleet Models 1/700 YG-17 Garbage Barge (Resin kit)  NEW
  • Trumpeter 1/350 USS England DE-635 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Modelik 1/200 USS Leutz Fletch Class DD (Paper kit)
  • HP Models 1/700 LCM Landing craft (Resin kit)
  • HP Models 1/700 LCT Landing craft (Resin kit)
  • Gold Medal Models 1/350 Fletcher Class DD PE set Revised and upgraded
  • Voyager 1/700 US Navy Weapons detail sets NEW
  • Shipcraft #5 Japanese Heavy Cruisers by Steve Backer  NEW

  • 31-08-2006
    1/60 Mayflower (Trumpeter) by Rod Millard
    1/192 USS Tom Green County LST-1159 (Scratchbuilt) by Don RC
    1/100 Seeteufel (Scratchbuild) by Lennart Alvhult In Progress

    White Ensign Models 1/350 HMS Hood detail set NEW

    1/350 HMS Cornwall (White Ensign) by Andrew Ayling
    1/300 Research Vessel Meteor (Revell Germany) by Dave Billows

    1/72 USS Palawan ARG-10 (APS Models) by John Konda
    1/144 Type 212 U-32 (Revell Germany) by Paul Helfrich

    Tonight's update is dedicated to all the awesome models at the KC Nationals. The winners have been posted and are available in the form of a slide show like the one played at the awards ceremony.
    Check them out on the IPMSUSA2006.org website.

    1/350 Boise Belleau ex Belleau Wood (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal

    1/700 IJN Haruna (Hasegawa) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
    1/350 SS Jeremiah O'Brien (Trumpeter) by Howard Davis IV
    1/35 Pibber USN PBR 31 Mk II (Tamiya) by Howard Davis IV

    South Street Seaport in NYC Annual Model Show by Devin J. Poore
    1/384 Great Eastern (Revell) by Charles Daigneault First Submission
    1/200 Smit Rotterdam (Heller) by Derek Derks

    1/2400 Battleships (Pfc-CinC/Panzerschiffe/Scratch) by Matt Klimaszewski First Submission
    1/700 HMS Repulse, 1924 (B-Resina) by Vlad Cimpan

    Building the HMS Mary Rose in 1916 by Jim Baumann

    1/700 USS Fletcher DD-992 (Arii) by Ralph Kuo
    1/350 Esmeralda (Imai) by Bill Code

    1/700 IJN Zuiho (Hasegawa) by An Chu

    1/700 IJN Yamashiro (Pit-Road Hi Mold) by Jeff Lin
    I have been asked by a plastic kit manufacture about German Navy Subjects. They would like to know what which German ships you would most like to see in 1/350 scale plastic. Please vote in the poll located here. Your input is appreciated.

    18-08-2006 First Friday
    1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Erin Boyd First Submission
    1/60 Guillaume Le Conquerant (Heller) by Vladan Stefanovic First Submission

    1/144 Kilo SSK (Trumpeter) by Dave Billows First Submission
    1/350 USS Brister DE-327 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal

    1/700 HMS King George V (Tamiya) by An Chu
    1/380 NS Savannah (LifeLike) by Richard Wonderly

    1/350 USS Farenholt DD-491 (BWN -YMK) by Ron Smith
    1/700 HMS Orion (Combrig) by Frank O'Neill

    1/72 USN WWII S Class Submarine (Combat Models) by Mario Grima
    1/600 HMS Tiger and HMS Daring (Airfix) by Steve Power

    1/700 USS Bataan LHD-5 (Revell Germany) by John C. Goodacre
    Almost live from the IPMS Nationals in Kansas City the Vendors

    1/96 HMS Victory (Mantua) by Alan McCabe First Submission
    1/1200 RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 (Revell Germany) by Richard Wonderly

    1/350 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Trumpeter) by Bernd Villhauer
    1/400 Potemkin (Maquette) by Richard Wonderly
    1/700 PLAN Dajiang (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King

    1/350 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Alejandro Núñez First Submission
    1/700 HMS Royal Oak (WSW) by John Werler
    1/700 MNF Lyon (IHP) by Rob Kernaghan

    1/700 Baleares, 1938 (HP Models) by Bob Cicconi
    1/700 Aircraft Collection, part 11 (PitRoad/Takara) by John Sears
    1/700 IJN Taiho (Tamiya) by Anthony Kochevar

    08-08-2006 Target Tuesday
    1/400 S.S. Houston (Revell Germany) by Fred Koster
    1/400 RMS Titanic (Revell-Monogram) by Richard Wonderly
    1/500 FINA Tanker Reine Fabiola (Schreiber-Bogen) by Paul Helfrich

    Almost live from the IPMS Nationals in Kansas City (even more ship model pics)

    Ocean Liner Collection (Various) by Richard April
    Almost live from the IPMS Nationals in Kansas City (third and fourth day ship models)

    1/400 ORP Blyskawica (Mirage) by Chris Bloswick

    5-08-2006 IJN Friday
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Anthony Kochevar
    1/700 DKM Bismarck (DML) by Kostas
    Almost live from the IPMS Nationals in Kansas City (Second day ship models)

    03-08-2006 Subs on Thursday
    1/350 USS Alabama SSBN-731 (DML) by Dirk Mennigke
    1/400 DKM U-46 Type VIIB (Heller) by Pierre Fourneau
    Almost live from the IPMS Nationals in Kansas City (First day ship models)

    Another New Reviews for August:

  • Dragon Premium Edition USS Independance CVL-22 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • 01-08-2006
    New Reviews for August include:
  • Flagship Models CSS Neuse Confederate Ironclad ram (Resin kit) NEW
  • Hasegawa 1/350 IJN Yukikaze WW2 Destroyer (Plastic kit) New
  • Flagship Models 1/192 Confederate Ironclad details NEW
  • Flagship Models Civil War era flags large and small NEW

  • 31-07-2006
    Bronco Models 1/350 USS Seawolf SSN-21 (Plastic kit)

    1/144 Wasa (Airfix) by Paul Helfrich

    1/700 HMS Indomitable (IHP) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/400 DKM Admiral Graf Spee (Heller) by Konley Kelley New Images Added

    1/144 Romeo (Trumpeter) by Jason M. Stone
    1/125 DKM U-47 Type VIIB (Cutaway) (Revell) by Paul Helfrich

    1/400 USS Pine Island AV-12 (Revell) by Howard Davis IV First Submission
    1/700 Barbette Battleship Gangut, 1894 (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov

    26-07-2006 Russian-Japanese war Wednesday
    1/700 IJN Mikasa (Seals Models) by John Werler First Submission
    1/350 Suvorov (Eastern Express) by Mario Busto

    1/200 Smit Rotterdam (Revell of Germany) by Ralf Eickmeier
    1/700 USS Washington BB-56 (Aoshima) by Richard Wonderly

    Frankenfletcher or building the Trumpeter 1/350 USS The Sullivans by Ron Smith

    1/400 DKM S-150 (Heller) by Pierre Fourneau First Submission

    1/350 HMCS Chaudiere (Iron Shipwright Kitbash) by Ryan Cameron
    1/324 USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 (Revell) by Richard Wonderly

    1/700 HMS Queen (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 Likhoi (Combrig) by David LaPell

    1/400 Queen Mary 2 (Revell Germany) by Jason Marsh
    1/72 DGzRS Arkona SAR (Revell Germany) by Gordon Tse

    1/400 DKM Admiral Graf Spee (Heller) by Konley Kelley
    1/72 HMS Clematis K36 (Revell Germany) by Reid Vizcarra First Submission

    1/350 Varyag (Zvezda) by Mario Busto First Submission
    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Mini Hobbies) by Jason Marsh

    17-07-2007 large scale Monday
    1/72 USS Gridley DD-380 (Scratchbuilt) by Hernán Rubio First Submission
    1/192 CSS Chicora  Confederate Ironclad ram (Flagship Models) by Rusty White

    1/100 Minsk (Scratchbuilt) by Michel Elst

    1/700 Admiral Ushakov (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    Tracy White has started a new website Researcher @ Large. If your looking for photo's or info on US Ships, especially Pacific War ship, then give Tracy a call.

    1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43 (Scratchbuilt) by Jean-François Genette
    1/142 Trawler (Revell Germany) by Lennart Alvhult

    1/700 Kirov (DML) by Michel Elst First Submission
    1/350 USS Winston Churchill DDG-81 (Panda) by Richard April First Submission

    1/350 Spanish Torpedo Boat Orion (Wiener Modellbau Manufactur/Kitbash) by Germà Coenders
    1/700 Jaureguiberry (Dream Festival Workshop) by Bob Cicconi

    Dragon Models 1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 Premium Edition (Plastic kit) NEW

    1/400 HMS Victorious (Heller) by Stephen Allen First Submission
    1/350 HMS Invincible (Iron ShipWright) by Martin J Quinn

    1/350 USS Arkansas BB-33 (Iron Shipwright) by Philip LaVoie

    08-07-2006 Civilian Saturday
    1/200 Smit Frankrijk Harbor Tug (Revell of Germany) by Ralf Eickmeier
    1/400 MS Trinidad (Imex) by Richard Wonderly

    1/700 IJN Zuikaku and Yugure (Fujimi/Pit Road) by Javier Lopez First Submission
    1/700 HMAS Canberra (Combrig) by Jon Iverson

    06-07-2006 Back to the gallery
    1/400 DKM Graf Spee (Heller) by Gabor Sebestyen
    1/500 Black Swan Royal Navy sloop (Scratchbuild) by John Bange

    05-07-2006 Now back to the reviews
    Trumpeter 1/350 USS The Sullivans DD-537 (Plastic kit)  NEW
    Gold Medal Models 1/350 US Navy Modern ship details NEW

    04-07-2006 We interupt these reviews to bring you the following gallery updates
    1/970 USS Bainbridge DLGN-25 (Unknown) by Paul Helfrich
    1/700 The KuK sails again (WSW) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/142 North Sea Trawler (Revell) by Ralf Eickmeier

    New Reviews for July include:

  • AA Military Research Somers Class Destroyers Reference CD NEW
  • Fly Model 1/200 USS Saratoga CVA-60 (Paper Model)   NEW
  • Taubman Plans 1/384 USS Gridley DD-380 Plans

  • 02-07-2006
    New Reviews for Julyinclude:

  • HP Models 1/700 USS Franklin D Roosevelt CVA-42 (Resin kit)  NEW
  • 01-07-2006
    New Reviews for July include:
  • Regia Marina 1/700 Ugonlini Vivaldi Navigatori Class destroyer

  • 30-06-2006 Lucky and unlucky Friday
    We are lucky to be able to add AA Military Research to our list of sponsors. They are providing CD-ROM's of packed full of rare and unpublished photo's for the modeler and historian.
    1/108 Lucky XI Tug (Revell of Germany) by Ralf Eickmeier
    1/100 DKM Tirpitz (Scratchbuilt) by Ray Collyer

    1/700 Khrabri Russian Gunboat (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/48 Swift Boat PCF-94 (Revell) by Ralf Eickmeier

    Building the Admiral Nahkimov in 1/700 scale as in 1889 by Jim Baumann

    27-06-2006 AXIS Tuesday
    1/100 DKM Bismarck (Scratchbuilt) by Ray Collyer
    1/700 RM Audace 1943 (L'Arsenal) by Giampiero Galeotti

    26-06-2006 Italian Navy Monday
    1/700 RM Muzio Attendolo (Regia Marina) by An Chu
    1/350 Raimondo Montecuccoli (Delphis Models) by Luciano Rizzato

    Building Thoroughbred Models / Sea Eagle C.S.S. Tennessee in 1/160 by David LaPell
    Baltops 06 Photo Feature by Dirk Mennigke

    24-06-2006 Small Warships Saturday
    1/700 HTMS Pinklao (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava
    1/72 RAF Air-Sea Rescue Launch Version 1944 (Airfix) by Ralf Eickmeier

    23-06-2006 Small Warships Friday
    1/72 RAF Air-Sea Rescue Launch Version 1941 (Airfix) by Ralf Eickmeier First Submission
    1/700 SC 110' (Loose Cannon) by Rob Weilacher

    The latest Pacific Front Hobbies Update has been posted.
    1/700 IJN Fuso 1938 (Pit-Road Hi-mold) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
    1/72 Dzerzhinsky (APS Models) by John Konda Updated

    Gold Medal Model 1/700 Lexington / Saratoga Photo Etch detail set NEW
    1/700 IJN Chikuma (Aoshima) by Vlad Cimpan
    1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell Monogram) by Richard Wonderly

    1/500 HMS Andromeda (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
    1/350 LCT 25 and a B-25 heading for the beaches of Normandy (Scratch and Trumpeter) by Dirk Mennigke

    19-06-2006 Monday U-boat triple header
    1/144 DKM U-2322 Type XXIII (ICM) by Kostas
    1/72 DKM U-995 Type VII C/41 (Revell Germany) by Chris Richardson First Submission
    1/400 Type IIC Coastal Submarine (Mirage) by Aidan Campbell First Submission

    18-06-2006 IJN vs USN Sunday
    1/700 USS Johnston DD-557 (Tamiya) by Hanchang Kuo
    1/700 IJN Taiho (Tamiya) by An Chu

    17-06-2006 Pre-dread Saturday
    1/600 P&O liner SS Canberra (Airfix) by Les Foran
    1/500 CAM Ship (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    16-06-2006  IJN vs USN BB Friday
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Noel Carpio
    1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Craig Lieberman

    1/700 IJN Iwate (Seals Models) by Oleg Khotko First Submission
    1/700 Infanta Maria Teresa (WSW) by Rob Kernaghan

    14-06-2006  IJN vs USN DD Wednesday
    1/700 USS Aaron Ward DD-483 (Pitroad) by Erik Welch First Submission
    1/700 IJN Asashimo (Hasegawa) by Zhang Hongmin First Submission

    1/72 Dzerzhinsky (APS Models) by John Konda First Submission
    1/96 USS Barry DDG-52 (Scale Shipyard) by Paul Simpson
    1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Mark Deakin Completed

    1/200 HMS Lance (Scratchbuilt) by Adrian Kacz First Submission
    NIKO Models 1/700 USS Sampson DD-394 (Resin kit preview)

    1/700 Bravy, Kotlin-Prototype (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/700 USS Maine (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi

    1/350 USS Alaska CB-1 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/384 DKM Bismarck R/C (Lindberg) by Les Foran

    NIKO Models 1/700 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Resin kit preview)
    1/700 USS Santee CVE-29, USS San Jacinto CVL-30,and USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 (Aki/DML) by Rob Weilacher
    1/350 Akula SSN (Alanger) by Oleg Dantchenko First Submission

    1/350 USS Texas BB-35 (Commanders) by Bob Harris
    1/700 HMCS K 357 Riviére du Loup (HP-Model) by Christian Bruer

    1/500 HMS "Generica" a River Class Frigate (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
    1/700 IJN Hashidate (Seals Models) by David Griffith
    1/700 HMS Bedouin (Samek) by Mike McCabe

    1/700 Panzerschiff design study #5 (Scratchbuilt) by Jean-François GenetteFirst Submission
    1/400 USS Liberty AGTR-5 (Revell Kitbash) by Bob Royes First Submission

    Merchant Ships of the World by Roel Van de Velde
    1/150 Le Phoenix (Heller) by Bill Code

    04-06-2006 Cold War Sunday
    1/700 Vice-Admiral Drozd (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/600 HMS Fearless (Airfix) by Chee Wee Sim

    03-06-2006 HMS Saturday
    One more Review for June:

  • Armada 1/350 HMS Vega V/W Class Destroyer (OOP Resin kit)
  • We now resume regular gallery updates
    1/250 HMS Hood (Scratchbuilt) by Louis Standfield First Submission
    1/350 HMS Janus (White Ensign) by David Griffith

    New Reviews for June continue:

  • White Ensign Models 1/350 Aircraft detail sets
  • JAG Collective 1/700 USS Virginia CGN upgrade set (Resin)
  • 01-06-2006
    New Reviews for Juneinclude:
  • 1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood 1941 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Trumpeter 1/700 USS Baltimore CA-68 1943 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hancock CV-19 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • HP Models 1/700 U-83 Type VII b German Submarine 1941-43 (Resin kit) NEW
  • JAG 1/700 CVX Future Stealth Carrier (Resin kit)
  • Heller 1/400 HMS Hood (OOP Plastic kit)
  • Lion Roar 1/350 18" (460 mm) Japanese Turret upgrade set  NEW
  • Flagship Models USS Tarawa Photo CD  NEW
  • Classic Warships Warship Pictorial #4 USS Texas Updated and Revised
  • Ship Craft #3 Yorktown Class Carriers
  • Shipcraft upcoming book previews

  • 31-05-2006 North Carolina Wednesday
    1/350 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Trumpeter) by David Griffith
    USS North Carolina BB-55 Walkaround by Avery Boyer

    1/72 Golden Hind (Airfix) by Paul Helfrich

    29-05-2006 Memorial Day
    Let's take a moment and remember those who gave their lives for the defense of their country.
    1/500 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (Revell Kitbash) by John Bange

    1/350 Kursk SSGN (Revell Germany) by Andreas Sunarso

    1/350 HMCS Cordova (Iron Shipwright) by Ryan Cameron
    1/700 Aircraft Collection, part 10 (PitRoad and Kitbashes) by John Sears

    1/350 F-36 Vencedora (Scratchbuilt) by Paco
    1/500 RM Zara (Tauro) by John Bange

    1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Krcmar Zdenek First Submission
    1/700 USS Wilkes Barre CL-103 (Skywave) by Paul Helfrich

    24-05-2006 Russian Air/Sea Wednesday
    1/400 Alfa SSN (Maquette) by Andreas Sunarso
    1/700 Aircraft Collection, part 9 (PitRoad and Kitbashes) by John Sears
    More photo's are posted frequently in the picture post section of the forum.

    1/700 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
    1/600 DKM Scharnhorst (Airfix) by Bill Keough

    1/720 USS Franklin CV-13 (Revell) by Brendan Ibbs First Submission
    1/700 RM Scipione Africano (Niko) by An Chu
    1/350 MS Ore Monarch (Scratchbuilt) by Lennart Alvhult Updated
    Looking for info on a specific ship or ship class? Check out the Calling All Ship Fans forum.

    1/700 HMS Royal Oak (WSW) by Jim Baumann
    1/220 USS Oregon BB-3 (Glencoe) by Les Foran
    Don't forget to check out the many online builds in the Scratchbuilding Forum

    1/400 DKM Graf Spee (Scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra First Submission
    1/350 USS Intrepid CV-11 (Trumpeter) by Steve Booher

    1/6000 Steaming Towards The Battle of the Three Navies 1916 (Noble Minatures) by Kieran Griffith
    1/400 S-100 Schnellboot (Heller) by Andreas Ruckdeschel
    1/72 U-753 (Revell Germany) by William Powell

    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by Dominico Gotinga First Submission
    1/700 ROCN Feng Yang FF-933 (AFV Club) by Li Wai Kit
    FS Duquesne Walkaround by Roel Van de Velde

    1/350 APA-152 USS Latimer (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/400 Viking ship (Glencoe) by Paul Helfrich
    1/17 English Carronade (Mantua) by Bruce Scott

    16-05-2006 Turn of the Century Tuesday
    1/700 HMS Africa (Combrig) by Peter Fulgoney
    1/400 Aurora (Maquette) by Richard Wonderly
    1/350 SMS Markgraf (ICM) by Rainer Michalek

    1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Ken Summa

    Building the Combrig  Tsarist Battleship Andrei Pervozvanny in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann

    1/600 HMS Belfast (Airfix) by Les Foran
    1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell) by Les Foran Updated

    12-05-2006 Battlewagon Friday
    1/426 USS Arizona BB-39 (Revell) by Les Foran
    1/400 Potemkin (Aurora) by Noel Carpio
    1/700 HMS Erin (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan

    1/350 USS Eisenhower CVN-69 (Trumpeter) by Steve Booher First Submission
    1/350 USS Nimitz CVN-68, 1981-1982 (Trumpeter) by Riccardo Benco First Submission
    1/500 USS Honolulu CL-48 (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    1/700 RM Giuseppe Garibaldi (Regia Marina) by An Chu
    1/700 HTMS Lat Ya (Regia Marina) by Nye Nava
    1/600 Queen Elizabeth 2 (Airfix) by Patrick Camilleri

    1/350 USS Lexington CV-2, May 1942 (Trumpeter) by Craig Lieberman First Submission
    1/245 LST-325 (Lindberg) by Les Foran

    1/350 INS Vikrant Air Defense Ship (Scratchbuilt) by Kieran Griffith
    1/350 HMS Jervis (White Ensign) by Andrew Ayling First Submission
    1/350 LSM-233 (Commanders) by Dirk Mennigke

    1/350 Typhoon SSBN (CN) by Fred Poon
    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by Hawke Lee

    1/500 USS Augusta CA-31 (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
    1/400 De Grasse (Heller) by Richard Wonderly First Submission

    1/700 IJN Yahagi (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva
    1/72 DKM U-203 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Kuba Hebda
    1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Hawke Lee

    04-05-2006 IJN Thursday
    1/35 IJN Yamato movie model on display in Kyoto, Japan by Doug Hallet
    1/350 IJN Mikasa (Hasegawa) by Chuck Oberg
    1/700 IJN Natori (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva

    03-05-2006 Four Continent Wednesday
    1/700 USS Ticonderoga CG-47 (Minicraft) by Paul Helfrich
    1/700 IJN Fubuki (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva
    1/400 Le Redoutable SSBN (Heller) by Kuba Hebda
    1/96 ARA Hercules (Lindberg kitsmash) by Kieran Griffith

    02-05-2006 First Tuesday
    1/700 USS Lexington CV-16 (DML) by Dade Bell First Submission
    1/700 Wreck of USS Indianapolis (Matchbox) by Bill Keough First Submission - In Progress
    1/350 K-19 SSBN (Zvezda) by Alexey Kluchko First Submission
    1/232 SSRN Seaview (TV series 1964-1968) (Lunar Model) by Dalton PiccolottoFirst Submission

    New Reviews for May include:

  • Flagship Models 1/192 CSS Manassas (Resin kit) NEW
  • Trumpeter Long and Short Hull Essex Class Carriers
  • Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS Alaska CB-1 (Resin kit)
  • Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS Salem CA-139 (Resin kit)
  • Paul Bender's "On the Picket Line" USS Sigbee 1945 22" x 29" Print
  • Pictorial Histories Two Ocean Battleship USS Nevada BB-36

  • 30-04-2006 IJN Sunday
    1/700 IJN Tone (Aoshima) by Waldo Silva
    1/700 IJN Yubari, 1923 (Tamiya) by Steve Shrimpton

    1/700 RM Raimondo Montecuccoli (Regia Marina) by An Chu
    1/600 HMS Roxborough (Airfix Kitbash) by Rod Ulrich

    28-04-2006 Variety Friday
    1/72 DGzRS Arkona SAR (Revell Germany) by Raymond Camilleri
    1/700 IJN Atago (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva
    1/250 USS Burton Island AG-88 (Revell Germany) by Derek Derks
    1/600 DKM Bismarck (Aurora) by Joe Rocha

    27-04-2006 HMS Thursday
    1/600 HMS Orpheus, 1918 (Airfix Kitbash) by Rod Ulrich First Submission
    1/700 HMS Rodney (Tamiya) by Gordon Y.W. Wang
    1/700 HMS Bluebell (White Ensign) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 HMS Renown (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi
    We are pleased to announce two new sponsors. First is Paul Bender a well known Naval Artist who is now offering his prints online. Check them out at Bendermaritime.com. Next for you Civil War buffs is Old Steam Navy where you can get large scale Ironclads produced with the latest in CAD technology.

    1/700 USS Callaghan DDG-994 (DML) by Chi Maoshu First Submission
    1/96 USS Ruben James FFG-57 (Scale Shipyard) by Eric Bertelsen First Submission
    1/700 HTMS Phutthayodfachulalok (AFV Club) by Nye Nava
    1/720 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Revell Germany) by Tim Reynaga New Images Added

    Lion Roar 1/350 IJN Yamato Super-detail update set NEW
    1/245 BRP Laguna LT-501 (Lindberg) by Jeffrey Pizarro First Submission
    1/500 HMS Hero (Modelcraft) by Jim Zee

    1/700 IJN Zuikaku (Tamiya) by Waldo Silva
    1/200 IJN Maya R/C (Scratchbuilt) by Ronald Chan New Images Added
    1/700 HTMS Phutthaloetlanaphalai (AFV Club) by Nye Nava

    1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by David LaPell
    1/700 HMVS Cerberus (Combrig) by David LaPell Updated

    1/700 Tupolev G5 MTB's (Scratchbuilt) by Peter Fulgoney
    1/72 A Day In Port (Revell Germany/Scratchbuilt) by Mike Golden

    21-04-2006 IJN First's
    1/700 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Waldo Silva First Submission
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Rainer Michalek First Submission
    1/700 I-68 (Hasegawa) by Robert Kuo First Submission

    20-04-2006 Thursday old kit magic makeovers
    1/720 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Revell Germany) by Tim Reynaga
    1/400 T-2 Esso Glasgow (Revell Germany) by Lamar Jones
    1/700 USS Philippine Sea CV-47 (Hasagawa) by Bill Rue

    Dragon 1/700 Premium Edition USS San Diego Atlanta Class Light Cruiser NEW
    1/700 French Battleship Jaureguiberry (Dream Festival Workshop) by Gone Asiatic
    1/400 Alfa K-123 SSN (Maquette) by Paul Helfrich

    1/400 Aurora (Maquette) by Louis Carabott
    1/700 Cristobal Colon (Modelkrak Kitbash) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 ORP Wicher, 1936 (Niko) by Mike McCabe

    17-04-2006 Battleship Monday
    1/350 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Trumpeter) by Frank O'Neill
    1/400 Battleship Potemkin (Maquette) by Tommy Ballantine First Submission
    1/700 HMS London (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan

    16-04-2006 Easter Sunday Cruise
    1/500 HNMS De Ruyter (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
    1/700 RM Bolzano (Delphis Models) by An Chu First Submission

    15-04-2006 Sub Saturday
    1/350 Dimitri Donskoi SSBN (DML) by Les Foran
    1/700 Kursk SSGN (Tamiya) by Carsten Schwenck
    1/570 SSRN Seaview (Polar Lights) by Atle Ellefsen

    14-04-2006 Cruising into Friday
    1/350 French Cruiser George Leygues 1946 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/350 USS Gettysburg CG-64 (Italeri) by Klaus Kolbe
    1/240 USS Olympia (Revell) by Paul Helfrich

    Captain Kidd a.k.a Wappen Von Hamburg (Lindberg) by Donnie Driskell First Submission
    1/700 IJN Isokaze (Aoshima) by Brilliant Tang
    1/108 Tug Lucky XI (Revell Germany) by Klaus Kolbe

    1/250 Chinese Beiyang Fleet cruiser Jingyuan (Zhendefu) by Les Foran
    1/400 DKM U-1105 Type VII C U-Boot (Mirage Hobby) by Andreas Sunarso
    1/400 DKM T-28 Torpedoboote (Heller) by Klaus Kolbe

    11-04-2006 USN vs IJN Tuesday
    1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Trumpeter) by Neil McJunkins First Submission
    1/700 IJN Harbor (Tamiya/Fujimi) by Fred Poon
    1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Mini Hobby Models) by Erick Navas

    Please welcome Al Ross of Coastal Forces Plans as our newest sponsor. They specialize in plans of small combatants such as PT-Boats, and other small craft.
    The latest Pacific Front Hobbies Update has been posted.
    1/72 Swift Boat (Revell Germany) by Klaus Kolbe
    Titan II a 1920's VIC Coaster (Scratchbuilt) by Simon Orrell
    1/500 HMS Berwick (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    1/700 Russian cruiser Bayan (Kombrig) by David LaPell
    1/400 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Mirage Hobby) by Andreas Sunarso
    1/700 DKM Gneisenau and DKM Admiral Scheer (Mini Hobby Models/Fujimi) by Erick Navas

    Building the Saunders-Roe 45 'Princess' class Flying boat in 1/500 scale by Jim Baumann
    1/350 Batavia (Revell Germany) by Raymond Camilleri
    1/400 Redoutable SSBN (Heller) by Fred Poon

    1/700 IJN Minegumo (Skywave) by Bob Cicconi
    1/350 DKM Bismarck (Mini Hobby Models) by Erick Navas
    1/35 PIBBER- an Apocalypse Now Tribute (Tamiya/Verlinden) by Carsten Schwenck

    06-04-2006 Modern Navy Thursday
    1/96 HMS Welshman (Dean's Marine) by Paul Simpson
    1/350 USS Gary FFG-51 (Corsair Armada) by Dirk Mennigke
    1/230 USS Skipjack SSN 585 and USS Scorpion SSN 589 (Revell Germany) by Paul Helfrich

    05-04-2006 Russian Wednesday
    Gold Medal Models 1/350 Borodino/Varag 2 in 1 Photo etch set NEW
    Kipperbox Model Accessories 1/700, 350, & 200 scale Soveremenny Decals NEW
    1/144 Kilo SSK (Trumpeter) by Fred Poon
    1/700 Novgorod (Modelkrak) by David LaPell

    Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale Part 2
    HMS Vengeance: the last Colossus class Aircraft Carrier in service by John Rodriguez Asti updated
    1/72 KUK U5 Holland Type C (Wiener Modelbau) by Mario Grima
    1/130 HMS Surprise (Lindberg Kitbash) by Don Ferguson In Progress-Update

    More Reviews for April include:

  • Samec 1/700 HMS Vanguard British Battleship (Resin kit preview) NEW
  • JCS 1/400 USS Helena CL-50 (Paper model)
  • 02-04-2006
    More Reviews for April include:
  • Midship 1/700 3 classes of Destroyers (Plastic kits)
  • 01-03-2006
    New Reviews for April include:
  • Niko Model 1/700 French AA Cruiser Guichen (Resin kit) NEW
  • Yankee Modelworks 1/350 IJN Akizuki (Resin kit)
  • Voyager 1/700 IJN Catapult shiki 2 Go 5 Gata  NEW
  • C.A.P. AERO 1/1250 EA-6B Prowler (Metal Aircraft)
  • Gator Mask 1/700 USS Yorktown camo mask
  • Warship Modeler #5 is here
  • Pictorial Histories Destroyer Escorts of WW2

  • 31-03-2006
    1/400 S.S. Ideal X (Revell Germany) by Fred Koster First Submission
    1/720 DKM Deutschland (Italeri) by Kostas
    1/720 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Revell Germany) by Jeremy Spencer
    Srn4 Hovercraft walkaround photo's by Jim Baumann
    1/700 HMS Commonwealth 1918 (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/20 PT-41 Torpedo Boat (Scratchbuilt) by Pat Matthews Completed

    1/700 IJN Diorama (Fujimi) by Paul Neuhaus First Submission
    1/350 USS Gearing DD-710 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal
    1/350 DKM Bismarck (MiniHobby) by Jeremy Spencer New Photo Added

    28-03-2006 British Tuesday
    1/700 HMS Perseus (scratchbuilt) by John Rodriguez Asti
    1/720 HMS Hood (Italeri) by Kostas First Submission
    1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Anthony Tow

    27-03-2006 Russian Monday
    1/700 Pyotr Veliky (Trumpeter) by Kieran Griffith
    1/142 Soviet North Sea "Trawler" (Revell Germany) by Jim Zee
    1/700 Aircraft Collection, part 8 (Various) by John Sears

    1/240 USS Olympia C-6 (Lindberg) by Les Foran First Submission
    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Mini Hobby Models) by Erick Navas
    1/700 USS John C. Butler DE-339 (Pitroad) by Christian Bruer

    1/700 IJN Kirishima (Hasegawa) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
    1/400 DKM T-28 Torpedoboote (Heller) by Guillermo Martinez
    1/72 DKM U-96 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Jess Montgomery

    1/700 USS Frank E. Evans DD-754 (JAG) by Christian Bruer
    1/700 JDS Osumi (Tamiya) by Nye Nava
    1/350 USS Ticonderoga CG-47 (DML) by Hawke Lee

    23-03-2006 Popular and Obscure Thursday
    1/350 HMCS Grilse (Combat Subs) by Ryan Cameron First Submission
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Erick Navas
    1/350 DKM Bismarck (MiniHobby) by Jeremy Spencer

    Russian Sovremenny Class DD by Dirk Mennigke
    1/700 HMS Dreadnought (Combrig) by Hanchang Kuo
    1/700 HMCS Snowberry (HP Model) by Christian Bruer

    Greek Hydra FFG (Meko) Walkaround by Michael Foo
    1/700 North Atlantic Convoy (Battlefleet, LCP, Pit-Road, & WSW) by Christoph Mentzel
    1/350 Liberty Ship 1945 (Scratchbuilt) by Pierre Marchal First Submission

    1/350 USS Harder SS-257 (Pitroad Combat Sub) by Walter Magnavice Jr.First Submission
    1/400 Battleship Potemkin (Maquette) by Louis Carabott

    1/200 Paper Model Fleet (Various) by Joe Krenzer
    1/450 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Fred Poon
    1/540 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill WillisNew Images Added

    18-06-2006 Sub Saturday
    1/144 U 32 Type 212A (Revell Germany) by Sean Hert
    1/700 HMS/M Thrasher 1943 (Toms Modelworks/Loose Cannon) by Mike McCabe
    1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Dermot Boyle

    17-03-2006 Cruiser Friday
    1/500 USS Flint CL-97 (Revell Kitbash) by John Bange
    1/200 IJN Maya R/C (Scratchbuilt) by Ronald Chan
    1/350 USS Arkansas CGN-41 (Scratchbuilt) by Philip LaVoie

    16-03-2006 USN BB Thursday
    1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Scott Gavenlock First Submission
    1/720 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Revell Germany) by Jim Zee
    1/700 USS Missouri BB-63 (Trumpeter) by Paul Helfrich

    15-03-2006 Ironclad Wednesday
    Flagship Models 1/192 CSS Palmetto State Richmond class ironclad ram (Resin kit) NEW
    1/700 Rochambeau (Combrig) by Peter Fulgoney

    1/72 Tug Lucky XI (Revell Germany) by Raymond Camilleri
    1/200 USS Wisconsin BB-64 (Sterling) by Don RC Updated

    1/200 KuK Helgoland (Model Card) by Joe Krenzer
    1/72 British Vosper M.T.B. (Revell Germany) by Raymond Camilleri

    12-06-2006 New Guy Sunday
    1/720 USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 (Italeri) by Raymond Camilleri First Submission
    1/570 RMS Titanic (Revell Germany) by Raymond Camilleri

    11-06-2006 Adversaries Saturday
    1/350 USS Allen M. Sumner DD-692 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ken Summa
    1/144 DKM U-2540 Wilhelm Bauer Type XXI (Mini-Hobbies) by Andreas Sunarso

    10-06-2006   350 Friday
    1/350 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Iron Shipwright) by Luciano Rizzato
    1/350 Orel (Zvezda) by Francisco P. de Nanclares
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Luigi De Maria New Images Added

    09-03-2006    More March Midship madness
    1/700 Benson-Livermore and Gridley class USS McCall (Midship/Skywave) by Rob Weilacher
    The Ship Collection of Chuck Smith First Submission
    Building the NNT HMS Queen Mary in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann

    08-03-2006    North Atlantic HMS HMCS Wednesday
    1/72 HMCS Snowberry (Revell Germany) by Dermot Boyle First Submission
    1/72 HMCS Sackville (Revell Germany) by Max Cosby
    1/700 HMS Duke of York (Matchbox) by Jim Zee

    07-03-2006 Russian Tuesday
    1/700 Kuznetsov (Trumpeter) by Yves Beaulande
    1/700 Pyotr Veliky (Trumpeter) by Paul Helfrich
    1/700 Aircraft Collection P1 (Pit-Road and scratchbuilt) by John SearsUpdated

    06-03-2006 Cruiser Monday
    1/700 IJN Agano (Tamiya) by Fred Poon First Submission
    1/350 RN Pola (MiniHobby) by Gordon Y.W. Wang

    05-03-2006 In Harbor Sunday
    1/700 Pearl Harbor 1941 (Corsair Armada & Waveline) by Christoph Mentzel
    1/700 HTMS Sattakut (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava

    04-03-2006 200 scale Saturday with a new kit bonus
    Niko Model 1/700 USS Bebas DE-10 Evarts Class DE NEW
    1/200 USS Wisconsin BB-64 (Sterling) by Don RC
    1/200 IJN Fuso (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun

    03-03-2006 First Friday
    1/350 USS Shea DM-30 (Yankee Modelworks) by Sean Hert First Submission- In Progress
    1/350 USS Bush DD-529 (Tamiya) by Richard H. Smith First Submission
    1/500 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    02-03-2006 USA Thursday
    1/700 USS Boxer LHD-4 (Revell Germany) by Brian Avellino First Submission
    1/200 USS Lafayette SSBN 616 (Revell Germany) by Paul Helfrich
    1/700 Vietnam-era USAF Aircraft (Fujimi/Pit-Road/DML) by Mac Henry

    New Reviews for March include: March Midship Mahan Madness

  • MidShip Models 1/700 USS Mahan Class Destroyers
  • MidShip Models 1/700 USS Cassin DD-372 Mahan Class DD (Plastic kit) NEW
  • MidShip Models 1/700 USS Dunlap DD-384 (Plastic kit) NEW
  • Delphis Models 1/700 Italian Cruiser RN Cadorna NEW
  • Combrig 1/700 HMS Renown (Resin kit) NEW
  • Lion Roar 1/350 IJN Mikasa Upgrade set NEW
  • Voyager 1/700 WW2 IJN Watertight Door set NEW
  • Voyager 1/700 WW2 US Navy common parts set
  • C.A.P. AERO 1/1250 Aircraft (Metal Aircraft)
  • Squadron Signal German Battleships of WW2 in action

  • 28-02-2006
    1/700 IJN Kinu (Fujimi) by Gordon Y.W. Wang
    1/700 HTMS Prab (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava
    1/500 HMS Compass Rose (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    1/700 IJN Jintsu (Fujimi) by Bob Cicconi
    1/350 USS Reuben James DD-245 (White Ensign) by Ken Summa
    1/700 Aurora (Combrig) by Frank O'Neill

    1/125 Calypso (Revell) by Paul Russell First Submission
    1/400 SMS V106 Torpedo Boat (Mirage Hobby) by Bernd Villhauer
    1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Mini-Hobbies) by Andreas Sunarso

    So you want to build a 1/350 Lexington Part 3 by Tracy White
    1/500 DKM Adm. Graf Spee (Revell Germany Kitbash) by John Bange
    1/500 IJN Maya (Nichimo) by Mario Grima

    1/400 ORP Mazur (Mirage) by Gordon Y.W. Wang First Submission
    1/700 USS Olympia C-6 (Combrig) by Peter Fulgoney
    Fleet Air Arm Model Show at Yeovilton by Jim Baumann

    23-02-2006 First Look Thursday
    Pacific Front February Update added
    FleetNet 1/700 Fast Combat Support Ship AOE-425 Mushu (Resin kit) NEW
    FleetNet has been added to our list of Sponsors
    1/350 HMS Kelly and HMS Starling (White Ensign Models) by Michael Taylor
    1/350 USS Kidd DD-661 (Tamiya) by Dirk Mennigke

    22-02-2006 500 Scale Wednesday
    1/500 IJN Takao (Nichimo) by Mario Grima
    1/540 USS Bon Homme Richard CVA-31 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis
    1/500 HMS Arethusa (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange

    21-02-2006 Two Firsts Tuesday
    1/700 Supertanker Patricia B. (Scratchbuilt) by John Sears
    1/700 Aircraft Collection P7 (Pit-Road and scratchbuilt) by John Sears
    1/150 DKM U-123 Type IXB (Academy) by Andreas Sunarso First Submission

    20-02-2006 Battlewagon Monday
    1/700 HMS Conquerer (Combrig) by Bob Cicconi
    1/700 SMS Hindenburg (HP Model) by Christian Bruer
    1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Luigi De Maria

    19-02-2006 Destroyer Sunday
    MidShip Models 1/700 USS Mahan DD-364 1942 (Plastic kit) NEW First look
    1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Chuck Oberg
    1/400 Clemenceau and Dusquene: UNREP (Heller) by Derek Derks

    18-02-2006 CV Saturday
    1/350 Admiral Kuznetsov (Trumpeter) by Peter Hall First Submission
    1/540 USS Shangri-La CVA-38 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis New Images Added

    17-02-2006 Undersea and Patrol Friday
    1/700 Vosper MTB (Skywave) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/700 D-2 Narovodolets Soviet Submarine 1929 (Combrig) by Peter Fulgoney
    1/178 USS Rasher SS-269 (Revell-Monogram) by Don RC

    16-02-2006 WW2 German Warship Thursday
    1/700 DKM Prinz Eugen (Tamiya) by LittleP
    1/127 DKM Prinz Eugen (Scratchbuilt) by Ray Collyer
    1/400 DKM Graf Spee (Heller) by Jeremy Spencer

    15-02-2006 USN Wednesday
    Building the 1/700 HP Models USS Roosevelt CVA-42 by Christoph Mentzel
    1/540 USS Saratoga CVA-60 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis
    1/125 USS Laffey DD-724 (Lindberg Conversion) by Don RC New Images Added

    14-02-2006 USN WW 2 Tuesday
    Trumpeter 1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Plastic kit) NEW
    1/500 USS North Carolina BB-55 and USS Washington BB-56, Sister ships (Renwal) by John Bange
    1/500 USS Birmingham CL-62 (Scratchbuild) by John Bange New Images Added

    13-02-2006 Modern Monday (theme'd updates are back)
    1/700 JMSDF Aokumo (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava
    1/540 USS Coral Sea CVA-43 (Revell) by Bill Willis New Images Added
    1/400 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Otaki) by Jean Louis Couston Updated

    12-02-2006 I can't think of anymore update themes Sunday
    1/700 Bditel'nyj, Port Arthur (Kombrig) By Vladimir Yakubov
    1/146 HMS Howe (Fleetscale) by Ray Collyer
    British 'O' Class Destroyer photo reference

    11-02-2006 Sailing into Saturday
    1/96 HMS Victory (Shipyard Paper Model) by Christoph Suchy
    1/350 Santa Maria (Heller) by Philip LaVoie
    1/100 Spanish Galleon (Imai) by Rod Millard

    10-02-2006 Cold War / Modern Navy Friday
    1/350 USS Canberra CAG-2 (ISW) by Kenneth Mackenzie
    1/350 USS New Jersey BB-62 (Tamiya) by Jim Chiu
    1/700 Spanish Armada Frigate F81 Santa María (Fujimi Kitbash) by Luis Crespo
    1/350 USS Philippine Sea CG-58 (Italeri) by Rino de Silvio

    09-02-2006 Prewar and turn of the century Thursday
    Yellow Wings  Silver Planes and Mahogany Decks by Martin J. Quinn
    1/700 IJN Mikasa (Sealsmodels) by Li Wai Kit
    1/192 HMS Victoria (ISW) by Kenneth Mackenzie New Images Added

    08-02-2006 Dockside Wednesday
    1/350 MS Ore Monarch (Scratchbuilt) by Lennart Alvhult Updated
    1/700 JMSDF Murakumo (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava
    1/700 U-boat Bunker (Hasegawa/Pit-Road/Tamiya) by Dong-hwan Seo

    07-02-2006 WW II Battlewagon Tuesday
    1/700 IJN Ise (Hasegawa) by Lars Juel Mosbaek First Submission
    1/700 USS South Dakota BB-57 (Hasegawa) by Nathanael Jansen
    1/600 HMS Repulse (Frog/Airfix) by Steve Power

    06-02-2006 WW II Sub Monday
    1/144 DKM U-2540 Type XXI (Revell Germany) by Tudor Adrian First Submission
    1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Mike Coleman First Submission
    1/700 Submarine Minelayer L-3, May 1945 (Combrig) by Vladimir Yakubov
    1/700 DKM Type XXIII U-boat (Pit-Road) by Dong-hwan Seo

    05-02-2006 CV Sunday
    1/350 USS Lexington CV-2 (Trumpeter) by Martin J Quinn
    1/540 USS Ranger CVA-61 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis
    1/700 IJN Taiho (Bachmann/Fujimi) by Paul Helfrich

    04-02-2006 Sub Saturday
    1/350 USS Ohio SSBN-726 (DML) by Hawke Lee First Submission
    1/700 USS Skipjack SSN-595 (JAG) by Vladimir Yakubov
    1/350 USS Virginia SSN-774 (Yankee Modelworks) by Axel Aboulker

    1/540 USS Midway CVA-41 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis
    1/700 USS Lexington CV-2 (Fujimi) by Seung Il, Bang
    1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Keith Hufnagel
    1/500 HMS Exeter (Scratchbuild) by John Bange

    1/700 DKM S-196 (Skywave) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/350 Santa Maria (Heller) by Dong-hwan Seo

    More Reviews for February include:

  • Ark Model 1/75 Field Express Work Ship (Multimedia kit)  New
  • Regia Marina 1/700 US Navy 50 Cal. Machine guns  New
  • 01-02-2006
    New Reviews for February include:
  • Bille 1/1250 Bulk Ore Carrier Nekar Ore (Metal Miniature) NEW
  • Combrig 1/700 United States Ironclad Dunderberg 1865 (Resin kit) NEW
  • Dragon 1/700 Sovremenny Russian Destroyer (Plastic kit)NEW
  • Pit-Road 1/700 Bit Russian Destroyer (OOP Plastic kit)
  • Aoshima 1/700 IJN Kuroshio WW2 Destroyer Upgrade (Plastic kit) Upgraded
  • Voyager Model 1/700 USN WW2 Common Parts
  • Gator Masks 1/700 USS Pittsburgh Ms-33 Camo paint mask.NEW
  • 1/384 Benham Class Destroyer plans from Loyalhanna Dockyard

  • 31-01-2006
    1/700 USS Gary FFG-51 (Fujimi) by Nye Nava
    1/700 USS Shark SSN-591 (JAG) by Vladimir Yakubov
    1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Philip LaVoie

    1/700 IJN Isokaze (Aoshima) by Huang Ming-hsiang
    1/700 I-370 vs. PT boats (Hasegawa/Skywave) by Dong-hwan Seo

    Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale
    1/350 USS Essex CV-09 (Trumpeter) by Douglas Conrady First Submission
    1/540 USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB 42 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis

    1/700 DKM Torpedo Attack! (Skywave/Hasegawa) by Soonho Choi First Submission
    1/700 IJN Shikinami (Tamiya) by Ralph Kuo
    1/440 Atlantic Star (Heller) by Dong-hwan Seo
    1/350 USS Antietam CG-54 (DML) by Keith Hufnagel

    Warship Modeler 4th Quarter 2005 is out.
    1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Andrew George First Submission
    1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Frank Ilse
    1/540 USS Wasp CVS-18 (Revell) by Gerry Reilly
    1/700 IJN Junyo (Tamiya) by John Shum

    We are pleased to add LionRoar of China to our list of sponsors.
    LionRoar 1/350 USS North Carolina update set with PE, Metal Barrels and Props.

    1/500 USS Phelps DD-360 (Scratchbuild) by John Bange
    1/72 IJN Yamato (Scratchbuilt) by Rolf Busetto First Submission-In Progress

    1/700 IJN Sakura (Tamiya) by Ralph Kuo
    1/700 IJN Ayanami (Special Type Mark II) (Tamiya) by Steve Shrimpton
    1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (MiniHobby) by Ted Bunn
    1/350 USS Alaska CB-1 (Yankee Model Works) by Mike Czibovic

    Regia Marina 1/350 CNC Machined Gun Barrels for Vittorio Veneto Battleships

  • #AF045 Twelve 152 mm (6") Secondary guns
  • #AF046 Nine 381 mm (15") Main guns
  • 1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Keith Hufnagel 50 New Images added
    1/500 USS Ranger CV-4 (Scratchbuild) by John Bange

    1/350 F-101 Alvaro De Bazan (Scratchbuilt) by Paco
    1/700 USS Nassau LHA-4 (Fujimi) by Nye Nava
    1/700 Admiral Ushakov (Trumpeter) by Jae-Hyun Park First Submission

    1/360 Super Yacht Magdalena (Scratchbuilt) by Mike Ng
    1/350 MS Ore Monarch (Scratchbuilt) by Lennart Alvhult New Images Added
    Jolly Roger Pirate Ship (Lindberg) by Marty Shay

    Added Pacific Front Hobbies 1/1250 Estate Sale Listing.
    1/700  Battleship Caio Duilio 1943 (Regia Marina) by Christoph Mentzel
    1/700 USS Hancock CV-19 (Hasegawa) by Seung Il, BangFirst Submission
    1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Dirk Mennigke
    1/500 USS Birmingham CL-62 (Scratchbuild) by John Bange

    1/700 IJN Tokiwa (Seals Models) by Bob Cicconi First Submission
    1/700 Russian Destroyer Bditelni (Combrig) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/720 USS Pennsylvania BB-38, 1916 (Revell-Germany kitbash) by Paul Helfrich

    1/72 DKM U-69 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Dwight EmeryFirst Submission
    1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Torsten HofmeisterFirst Submission
    1/350 K-19 Hotel I SSBN (Zvezda) by William Powell

    1/400 Le Corse and LCT 9084 (Heller) by Derek DerksFirst Submission
    1/700 USS Chancellorsville CG-62 (Fujimi) by Nye Nava First Submission
    1/350 Osmotritelnyy (Trumpeter) by Carsten Schwenck
    1/300 USS Remembrance (Scractchbuilt) by Kieran Griffith New Images Added

    1/700 IJN I-400 (Pit-Road) by Ralph Kuo
    1/700 USS Tennessee BB-43, 1940 (Hi-Mold) by Frank O'Neill
    1/700 IJN Kumano (Tamiya) by Jason Mak New Images Added

    1/700 Russian FFG Novik (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/400 ORP Burza wz.44 (Mirage Hobby) by Dong-hwan Seo

    1/72 HMS Asphodel K56 (Revell Germany) by Paul Simpson
    1/700 Neustrashimy (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/350 USS Iowa BB-61 (Tamiya) by Mark Deakin

    1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Ed Keegan First Submission
    1/72 DKM U-209 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Mike Kloppenburg First Submission
    1/400 SMS V106 Torpedo Boat (Mirage Hobby) by Dong-hwan Seo

    1/96 HMS Argyll F-231 (Sirmar) by Paul Simpson
    1/700 Kerch, Kara Class (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
    1/300 USS Ramsey DEG-2 (Monogram) by Paul Helfrich

    Regia Marina 1/350 Italian Toti Class Submarine (Resin kit) NEW
    1/96 USS Stark FFG-31 (Sirmar) by Paul Simpson
    1/700 IJN Harbor, WWII (Tamiya/Pit-Road) by Dong-hwan Seo

    1/192 HMS Victoria (ISW) by Kenneth Mackenzie In Progress
    1/350 HMS Abercrombie (Scratchbuilt) by Tony Lawrence First Submission
    1/130 HMS Surprise (Lindberg Kitbash) by Don Ferguson In Progress - First Submission

    1/700 HMS Warspite (White Ensign) by Vlad Cimpan
    1/1200 DKM Tirpitz (Revell) by Jim Zee First Submission

    1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by David Kao
    1/200 BAP Huascar (Basa Peru) by Erick Navas

    Building Revell´s Esso Glasgow by Frank Spahr
    1/150 Amerigo Vespucci (Heller) by Josué de Silva First Submission
    1/350 MS Ore Monarch (Scratchbuilt) by Lennart Alvhult In Progress

    1/700 USN Harbor, WWII (Tamiya/Pit-Road) by Dong-hwan Seo
    1/540 USS Shangri-La CVA-38 (Revell Kitbash) by Bill Willis

    1/35 US Navy SEALs (AFV Club) by David Kao First Submission
    1/15 LCVP (Scratchbuilt) by Simon Orrell First Submission
    1/700 US Amphibious Task Force (JAG/Pit-Road) by John C. Goodacre

    1/700 IJN Nagato 1944 (Aoshima) by Jeff Lin
    1/146 IJN Yamato (Scratchbuilt) by Ray Collyer

    Building the WSW 1/700 KuK Sankt Georg by Jim Baumann

    1/700 HMS Ariadne (Matchbox) by Rob Kernaghan
    1/500 HMS Battleship (Kitbash/Scratch) by John Bange

    Pacific Front Hobbies New Update posted
    1/700 USS Olympia (WSW) by Gone Asiatic
    1/700 USS Missouri BB-63, 1991 (Trumpeter) by Ernesto Bersabal Jr.

    New Reviews for January include:

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