Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
Modern US Navy ships fans now have an updated detail set for their fleet. Loren Perry has somehow found the time to update his Modern US Navy Ship set to accommodate the Panda 1/350 Arleigh Burke Destroyer. The old set was usable for the new kit, but was not up to the current standards that Gold Medal Models has become known for. So the set was redesigned, complete with state of the art relief etching on this brass sheet. The awesome radar assemblies alone will make the ship stand out in a crowd. All the standard parts are there such as the US Navy style railings. Bow railings that angle upwards to match the deck curvature are provided. Included are many of the latest GMM parts such as cable reels, and those great watertight doors.
Note: the fret below is scanned in gray scale to allow for higher resolution pictures.
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The set will still accommodate the Dragon Spruance and Ticonderoga. So you can also build a Tico to sail alongside your Burke. The set still includes Helo safety netting to fit the different ship types, but now they are finer and even more realistic. 
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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This new set includes enough parts to fit out a couple of ships. Some of the parts included are listed below: 
  • railing in several styles including special rails for Arleigh Burke and other classes
  • vertical and inclined ladders
  • yardarm footrails for Arleigh Burke and other classes
  • radar's including the:
    • SPS-6
    • SPS-8
    • SPS-10/SPS-67
    • SPS-12
    • SPS-29/SPS-37
    • SPS-40
    • SPS-48
    • SPS-49 antennas
    • TDY-1 ECM antenna
    • two other styles of smaller ECM antennas
    • D.F. Antennas
  • Cable Reels
  • Stokes Litters
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Watertight
  • Doors in closed and open positions
  • Main and Tail Helicopter Rotors for two SH-60 Seahawks
  • Helicopter Deck Safety Nets for Spruance, Ticonderoga, and Arleigh Burke-class ships
  • several lengths of simulated stud-link anchor chains.
The instructions as usual are excellent, with a variety of well drawn sub assembly views. Parts locations are clearly indicated as well as how the parts integrate with the plastic ones. The instructions also show some of the other ship classes that the set will fit, such as the Forrest Sherman DD's and Belknap Cruisers
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This new and improved set is available for $42.00 US. A great price for a set that can be used to detail two ships. I have seen many quality built up ships using the older set, now you can build an even better one with this new and improved set. I applaud Loren Perry, for not only being able to keep up with all the new ship kits coming out, but also for taking the time to make a great set even better. Bravo Zulu to Gold Medal Models for another quality product. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.