Reviewed by Peter Van Buren
A few words on this kit and the build.  I will leave it to you all to decide how good or bad the finished ship looks, but let me just say it was more work than I enjoy. Like everyone else I am glad to see some modern ships in 1/350, but Panda has a ways to go before they are able to claim to be high quality makers.
Assembling the Burke was a lot like using Legos to build a ship, given all the seams there were to fill to get that solid look the real Burkes have.  The PE included with the kit was essentially unusuable, being made of such steel that it was impossible to cut cleanly with a mere X-acto knife.  I scrapped the (incomplete) decal sheet entirely.  The decals were the wrong colors in many instances and thick enough to resemble Persian rugs laid on the model. 
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So, the model you see has Gold Medal Models' PE from their Modern USN Ship set, as well as decals from JAG.  There is a lot of super glue you  hopefully can't see filling many seams you also hopefully can't see, and the dust I inhaled may take a year off my life at the end.
I'll conclude saying that I enjoy having a 1/350 Burke in my collection, and that I am pretty pleased with the final results, but that I did not enjoy building this kit in the same way that a well-made product from JAG or one of the other first-tier makers is a pleasure to interact with.