CG-47 Ticonderoga

The Ticonderoga Class Cruiser was a major step forward in Fleet defense. The Ticonderoga was the first of a  new class of Cruisers built on the Spruance class hull. The heart of the ship is it's Aegis Combat Control Center. The system is a true 3D command and control setup able to track multiple targets all around the ship and direct other ships and aircraft to the threats. These ships have become an important part of any Carrier Battle Group, of Task Force. 
The Dragon kit is a welcome addition to the 1/350 line of ships. It is a pretty good size model at about 20" long. There are several sprues full of parts and they are molded cleanly with very little flash. I have no blueprints to compare this kit to, but it looks just like the drawings in Friedman's US Cruisers an Illustrated Design History
This kit will build the first five ships of this class as they were fitted with 2x Mk.26 missile launchers, Newer ships  have the more efficient  VLS (Vertical Launch System) in place of the missile launch rails. 

This kit has a lot of detail possibilities with several different Photo-Etch sets available to super detail it. Flagship Models has it's Ticonderoga / Spruance Class Detail Set designed specifically for this kit that includes two bar, three bar, bow rails, yardarm foot rails, helipad nets, SPS-40, SPS-49 radar and helicopter rotors  and crewmen. Gold Medal Models also has a set that will work on this kit, it's #350-12 for 1/350 Modern USN Warships. Their set has rails, ladders, radar's, flight deck nets, and other items including screws for the Spruance and Ticonderoga class ships. Tom's Modelworks has set #3501 for the railings, but their modern radar set is still several months off.
The instructions are well written and consist of several pages showing the many subassemblies and finish with a painting guide. Even without the addition of aftermarket details this kit will build a great kit right out of the box. Not only that but is priced less then some 1/700 scale kits making it a great bargain.