US Cruisers
an Illustrated Design History
by Norman Friedman

Probably the best reference book for US Cruisers this book covers it all. From the early days of the United States Navy with it's first Steel Hulled cruisers to the Missile age vessels now in service. You will find it in this extensive book. This book is published by Naval Institute Press and has almost 500 pages, with over 300 illustrations and featuring line drawing in plan and profile views of some of the Ships mentioned  by A. D. Baker  III, and Alan Raven. Chapter 1
This is not just a technical reference book, it is a History of US Cruiser designs, from the concepts that never left the drafting boards, to the factors that influenced the armament and roles of the Cruiser. It is interesting to note some of the Bureau of Ships proposals of what future cruisers would be built like. This book covers how these designs were affected by the Naval treaties and wartime lessons learned.  Chapter 11 view
It is an excellent resource for the ship modeler with photo's from different time periods. There are photo's and notes from the upgrades and refits that some ships went through. The book is laid out with chapters devoted to such subject as the London Treaty, dealing with the designs that resulted from the limitations put on countries at that time.  Some chapters deal with some of the important classes of cruisers that made there mark in history.  Damage assessments and evaluation of ships sunk or damaged during the war are covered as well, as well as design changes that resulted from what was learned.  USS San Francisco comparison
So whether you are interested in the History of US Warships and there design, or need a handy reference to help build and accurate model. This is a book that should be on your shelf. This book is listed as out of print but can still be found at some of the better book stores such as Warship Books. USS Brooklyn plans
You can get this book from some of the specialized book stores including Warship Books

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