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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Mashu class combat support ships are an enlarged and improved version of the Towada Class ships. These new ships are very large at 13,500 tons with a length of 725 feet. With a 24 Knot speed they can keep up with today's Carrier Task Groups and transfer supplies in almost any condition. The large hanger deck allowed for VERTREP operations via Helicopter, and the ship can load simultaneously from both sides at high speeds. For self defense there are two Phalanx 20 mm CIWS. There are currently two in service with a third one planned.

FleetNet is a relatively new comer to the Resin Ship business. They are not without experience as they are responsible for the fine casting on the AKI Sangamon CVE. Owner Junpei Funayama has produced their own kit with this new kit of one of Japans newest additions to their fleet.
The hull is clean and sharp and very well cast. The ship features some very nice winch and other deck details. There are cast holes for locating the superstructure parts and the fit is extremely good. Chocks are cast in place and also well cast on my sample. The hull sits flat with no warp or distortion and is almost ready to paint right out of the box.
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The helo deck on the stern fits almost perfectly and the seam is almost invisible when the part is set in place.
The main bridge structure also features some sharp detailing. Even the square window openings are well cast. The aft superstructures includes some really amazing thin deck wings that are thin and flat. The corrugated hanger doors really stand out. The vent and door openings are more subtle and will benefit from a light wash when finishing to bring out the details.
All structures are cast with locating pins on the bottom that help align the parts. The parts are cast with small sprues that will need only minor touch up when removed.
There are a variety of small resin parts such as cranes, davits, and other parts that are well cast with only a small amount of light flash. The mast is cast as one part with all the attached platforms extremely well done.
A plastic parts sprue from the Pit-Road Towada is included to supply some of the extra parts. I applaud this manufacturer for not simply casting copies. These are well molded and and you will have several spare parts to add to your collection. 
A decal sheet with hull numbers for all three ships of this class is included. Helo deck markings are sharp and colorful.
The instructions are three pages with a parts list, and several sub-assembly views. A plan and profile drawing is on page three with noted parts placement. These are adequate to build this ship, but I would like to have seen some better views of the UNREP fittings for superdetailing. 
I was very impressed by the fit of these parts. I just had to see how this kit would look with some of the parts in place. 
The above three photo's show a primed version of this kit from the manufacturer.
These photo's show the kit built out of the box without any added after market details. As you can see it presents an impressive ship. It would look great alongside your JMSDF ships or her allies.
Photo's of the Manufactures Model built up
Conclusions: This is a great first effort from Fleet Net. The casting is very fine, and the fit is great. I look forward to more Fleet Net kits. You can purchase this kit from Pacific Front Hobbies, and White Ensign Models or direct from FleetNet. The kit has a retail price of $130.00 US a bit pricey for some, but typical of ships of this size and quality. More photo's of this kit can be found on the FleetNet website.