1/350 HMS Hood
reviewed by Timothy Dike
With all the new warships on the market, it's nice to see a the new Revell Queen Mary II released in 1/400 scale. It is a nice kit with plenty of detail, but the molded handrails included in the kit are extremely oversize and must be replaced. This new set by Gold Medal Models addresses that shortcoming and many more with the large set. Etched out of .005 brass, there are plenty of railings to use on your kit. They are all numbered to correspond to the kit instructions where possible. This will make it much easier to build your liner.
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The railings are pre sized and shaped to work with the actual kit. You should not have to measure and cut anything. The railings include relief etched details such as life ring brackets to hold the included separate life rings. There are also railings for the swimming pools, and jacuzzis. To keep the passengers occupied there are basket ball hoops, and nets for the tennis courts complete with tennis rackets. Passengers can then relax on the deck furniture or get a tan on the tanning lounges.
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Also included on the fret:
  • pre sized and pre shaped railing
  • special handrails for swimming pools and jacuzzis
  • special guardrails for spare propeller blades
  • dedicated handrails for all stairways including stairwell railings
  • vertical ladder
  • life rings
  • inflatable lifeboat gantries in two styles
  • hand wheels for inflatable lifeboat cranes
  • pool patio lights
  • cafe rails
  • cafe furniture (chairs and tables)
  • tennis court net and four racquets
  • basketball backboard and hoop assemblies
  • shuffleboard sticks for optional shuffleboard decals supplied in Revell kit
  • 3-D relief etched clocks in several styles and two sizes
  • over 300 pieces of deck furniture in several styles
  • CCTV cameras
  • 3-D relief etched figure of Captain Ron W. Warwick
The instructions as usual are well written and illustrated. They show the railing locations with numbers that correspond to kit instructions. The many subassemblies are shown in detail views. A plan and elevation view also show where to place the deck furniture and other accessories.
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This is an excellent set for anyone who wants to really make their Queen Mary 2 a real luxury liner. It is set #450-9 with a list price of  42.00 US. A great price when you consider the extra value it adds to your kit. It looks like Loren has thought of everything you could possibly detail this ship with. Now all you need are a bunch of 400 scale passengers to board for their next cruise.

You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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