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Ark Model 1/75 Field Express Work Ship (Multimedia kit)   New
Bille 1/1250 Bulk Ore Carrier Nekar Ore (Metal Miniature)   New
Combrig 1/700 United States Ironclad Dunderberg 1865 (Resin kit)   New
Dragon 1/700 Sovremenny Russian Destroyer (Plastic kit)   New

Pit-Road 1/700 Boevoy Russian Destroyer (OOP Plastic kit)

Aoshima 1/700 IJN Kuroshio WW2 Destroyer Upgrade (Plastic kit) Upgraded
Photo Etch Reviews
Regia Marina 1/700 US Navy 50 Cal. Machine guns  New
Voyager Model 1/700 USN WW2 Common Parts  New
1/350 Lion Roar Super Detail North Carolina Update Conversion Set  New
Miscellaneous Accessories
Gator Masks 1/700 USS Pittsburgh Ms-33 Camo paint mask.   New
Regia Marina 1/350 CNC Machined Gun Barrels for Vittorio Veneto Battleships
  • #AF045 Twelve 152 mm (6") Secondary guns   New
  • #AF046 Nine 381 mm (15") Main guns  New
Book and Reference Reviews
1/384 Benham Class Destroyer plans from Loyalhanna Dockyard
Warship Modeler 4th Quarter 2005  New
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