MSM Review
Review by Timothy Dike
The Liberian flagged Neckar Ore is a 320,000 ton Bulk Carrier. Similar to the supertanker, this ship is configured to carry non liquid commodities such as Iron Ore and other raw materials. Ships of this type are common sailing back and forth across the worlds oceans.
Bille, well known in the world of collectable miniature ships makes this ship and a wide variety of other types.

The ship comes pre painted as she was in 1997 in a red and cream scheme with a colored stack. The deck detail is well done and better than some ships in larger scales. The huge cargo hatches and their tracks are nicely detailed and the deck has plenty of surface detailing. The bridge is pretty well detailed and with it's massive wings protruding to the sides of the ship. Little things like the spare anchor and anchor chain are are nice touches. A helo landing markings are painted on one of the midship hatches.

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This ship is huge and I couldn't help but pose it with some of my other ship. Note the size difference with the Argos USS Normandy (CG 60) and the Bille Chesapeake Bay Container ship
A simple instruction sheet is included with specifications of the ship. Since there is no assembly, this is all you need.

Nicely painted and ready to display. It gives you a good size comparison alongside other ship. This is kit #Bi 137 Neckar Ore Bulk Carrier listing for $104.95 Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. Check out their complete line of Bille and other 1/1250 ships on their new website.