MSM Review
The Chesapeake Bay is a new generation ocean going container ship built in 1995. She is operated by the P&O Container line. These ships are designed to load train loads of containers on their decks. This one displaces about 36,000 tons. These ships load containerized cargo to be offloaded in ports with huge cranes onto either special open frame trailer chassis to be hauled by trucks across the highways or onto rail road flat cars and double stacks. Many of the consumer goods (and models) are transported this way. 
Bille, well known in the world of collectable miniature ships makes this ship and a wide variety of other types.

The ship comes pre painted in the P&O scheme with a deck load of blue containers. Both the painting and detailing is well done on this sample. The containers are randomly stacked for a more realistic appearance. Deck detail is well done and better than some ships in larger scales. If you want a ship without containers Bille also make them with empty deck loads. 

The bridge is pretty well detailed and even has some nice stairs on the starboard side. Bridge windows stand out well and the life boats are painted bright orange.

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For comparison I have posed the ship with another Bille new release, the Neckar Ore.
A simple instruction sheet is included with specifications of the ship.

Nicely painted and ready to display,  the only thing I am considering doing to mine is painting some of the containers different colors to better reflect a more diverse loading. Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. Check out their complete line of Bille and other 1/1250 ships on their new website.