Voyager Model 1/700 PE set
for US Navy Ships

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models has produced a handy set that includes many common parts that are left out of other 1/700 detail sets. 
Jump nets are commonly hung from the boat davit lines to make it easier to man the boats. These are provided in single and double styles. Another common component is the handwheels that operate various equipment on a ship. Ships such as the Pit-Road Benson Class Destroyers have these in several places along the sides next to the funnels as in this example. These can be used to add detail to all kinds of deck equipment. Life ring racks are included thought these are not common on most US Navy ship that I know of.
Close up of Fret A
The second fret includes the safety netting commonly applied to the deck railings.  Two sizes of ladder stock is included, the large about right to use for replacing bridge windows on older DD's. Oars for your ships boats and platforms to attach to the sides of you ship will come in handy.
Closer ups up Fret B
The instructions show the some of the parts and how they fold or go together. 
This set will handy to have around for detailing your 1/700 US Navy Ships. Check the Voyager website for a list of distributors that carry their products.