Pit-Road / Skywave 1/700 scale
Russian Sovrmenny Class Destroyer
ModelWarship.com Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Sovrmenny (Project 956) class of guided missile destroyers was designed for anti-ship operations and to complement the anti-submarine capabilities of the Udaloy class of destroyers. While primarily an anti- ship unit fitted with the Moskit missile system in two quadruple launchers, the Sovremennys also have anti- aircraft, anti-sub and shore bombardment capabilities. These ships, commissioned in 1985, are roughly the size of the United States Navy Ticonderoga class Aegis cruisers. In addition to the Moskit launchers, the Sovremennys also carry two Shtil surface-to-air missile launchers, two twin AK-130-MR-184 130mm turrets and four six-barreled AK-630 artillery systems. Anti-submarine defense is provided by two double 533mm torpedo tubes, two six barrel RBU-100 rocket launchers with 48 rockets and a Ka-27 helicopter.

This is an original Pit-Road Skywave series Sovrmenny Class Destroyer from the 90's. It was released as the Sovrmenny and Boevoy. The kit is now Out of Production (OOP) with the molds sold to Dragon and releases as the Sovrmenny with a lower hull and now PE. This review is for comparison purposes and for the modeler who wants to know what was in the original box should they find on floating around on E-Bay.

The molding is very nice with sharp detailing, that was state of the art in the 90's. Even by today's standard it is pretty good. The spur pictured is from the dragon kit, as mine has too many parts cut off to present here. The only difference in the Pit-Road sprue and the Dragon one is the inclusion of a Dragon logo. The one thing I don't like is the raised markings on the helo deck. Click images
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A Russian Weapons sprue is included with the guns and fittings for this ship. This is typical of the Skywave kits and you should have some extras items for other projects. click to enlarge
My decals have yellowed with age, but are not bad. Hull numbers and deck markings are provided as well as a Soviet Flag. click to enlarge
The instructions are 2 pages with a plan and elevation on the back of the box in the typical Skywave style. The instructions are exploded view and pretty good. They could use a few sub assembly views. But I don't think most modelers will have any problems with these.
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I have had this kit long enough to not remember where I purchased it. It was a very good kit in it's day, and still is not bad. But it is not as good as the Dragon upgraded version currently on the market.