Aoshima 1/700 IJN Destroyer Kuroshio

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Tassafuronga was the last major naval battle around Savo Island in the Guadalcanal region. The IJN Kurishio was one of the key players in that battle. A member of the successful Kagero class, these six gun destroyers packed a powerful punch, with their three twin turrets and their deadly long lance torpedoes. This kit by Aoshima, one of the original WaterLine Series Manufactures has upgraded their old kit to help compete with those on the market today. 
The hull appears to be from the original release. I don't have one of the originals to compare it to, but I am told it is an improvement over the original and much more accurate. It does features some pretty good molding. The one standout feature is the diamond plate tread molded on. This is pretty nice, but a bit over scale. The kit is waterline with a flat hull bottom with a space for the included weight. The molded on superstructure parts are pretty plain in detailing, but the included photo etch set takes care of that.  Click images
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The superstructure parts are not bad, but a little soft on the details. Some items like the funnel caps will need some plastic surgery to make them look good. The masts are fairly thin and most parts are usable. The weapons on this sprue are not up to today's standards, but that is not a problem as a new sprue is included with better parts.
This is the newer weapons sprue included in most of the big 4 waterline manufactures kits and also available separately as the IJN Light weapons set. These were included to compete with Skywave who was selling more accurate weapons sprues to upgrade these older kits. The weapons and fittings on this sprue will be used in place of most on sprue B. They are a big improvement and have much finer detailing. 
This relief etched fret helps remedy the other shortcomings of the kit. Lack of superstructure details is partially fixed by the addition of new hatches and doors. Boat davits, depth charge racks, and new mast parts are a dramatic improvement over the plastic counterparts. There are even some nicely etched gun platforms that will help enhance the kit. There are also a bunch of cable reels with nicely relief etched parts. No railings are included, though we probably all have plenty of those in our spare parts box. I do like the bridge window frames that were included.
The decals appear to be the same one included in the original release. They include flags, and plenty of aircraft markings that you can save for other projects. The white markings don't show up very well against the white sheets so the numbers are not visible in this scan.
There are two separate instruction sheets, one for the kit, and one for the weapons set. They are adequate to build this ship.
It is nice to see this kit upgraded and kept affordable. This is kit #: AOS03483 1/700 IJN DD Kuroshio Battle of Tassafuronga listed for 2,000 yen, or about $17.05 USD. A pretty good price for a kit with photo etch. Check out this and other ships on Hobby Link Japan's searchable website.