Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Light Weapons Set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Probably not as well known as the Skywave line of ship accessories, Hasegawa also makes a replacement weapons sprue. The weapons and fittings on this sprue are the result of recent upgrades to their product line. Older kits have been retooled to the finer standards of today.
This set includes the Heavy weapons commonly found on the Japanese ships. There are two sprues with the top and bottom shown in the scan on the right. Among the items included are:
  • Type 89 12.7 cm Twin High Angle Gun
  • 12.7 cm Single gun
  • 12.7 cm Twin gun type B
  • 12.7 cm Twin gun type c/d
  • Type 2 Float Plane (Rufe)
  • Type D Small Reconnaissance Seaplane (Glen)
  • Fighter Seaplane Kyofu (Rex)
  • Special Attack Seaplane Seiran
  • Submarine's 14 cm Single gun
  • Submarine's 10 cm High Angle gun
  • 8 cm High Angle gun
  • Type 96 25 mm Triple Machine gun
  • Type 96 25 mm Twin Machine gun
  • Type 92 Quadruple Torpedo Tube
  • Type 90 Triple Torpedo Tube
  • Triple Torpedo Tube
  • Type 13 GO Radar (A)
  • Type 13 GO Radar (B)
  • Type 22 GO Radar
  • Radio Antenna
  • Type 94 Depth Charge Launcher
  • Paravane Right
  • 10 m Motor Launch
  • 7 m Motor Boat
  • 7 m Cutter
  • Radial Davit
  • Quadrant Davit
  • 70 cm Searchlight
  • Anchor (small)
  • Smokestack
  • Decal sheet with Aircraft markings
Instructions consist of two sheets with a Bill of Materials on one side and explode views of the parts on the other. 

The back of the box show illustrations of the various parts in color.


A nice set that greatly improves on the quality of those early waterline kits. Available for $9.99 from Trident Hobbies. Check out their complete line of accessories on their website.

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