The Franklin D. Roosevelt was the second member of the Midway-class carriers. She was laid down at 01.Dec.1943 at the New York shipyard and commissioned on the 27.Oct.1945. Too late for playing a combat role in WWII. The Midways were the first US carriers with an armored flight deck After WWII the three Midway carriers were the most powerful carriers of the US Navy. In the middle and late 1950ís all three ships were reconstructed in a program SCB 110 which paralleled that specified for the Essex-class carriers. Midway and Franklin D. Roosevelt had their flight decks modified to incorporate an angled landing area and had their flight deck gear replaced to accept heavier and larger aircraft. Three C11 steam catapults were installed, stronger arrester gears and their lifts were reconfigured. The Franklin has got an new pole mast on the top of her enlarged island to carry the new and improved radar's. Also the open bow was sealed.

This configuration was the basis for the new HP models kit of the Franklin. D. Roosevelt carrier

The Kit:

The kit doesn't have many resin parts. The hull, the flight deck, pole mast, mast, four parts for the island, one platform for the stern, two mk37, three lifts and the 5 inch and 3 inch weapons.
All of the parts are clean without an warping or bubbles. The fitting of the parts is good.
Also the kit includes four A3D Skywarriors and six F3 Demons aircraft.
In comparison to the JSP Midway kit and the Loose Cannon Midway kit first it seems that the HP Roosevelt kit was a little too small.
But I saw that the JSP Midway was over scaled a little and in comparison to the LC kit there were in fact only minor differences.
The hull from waterline to the flight deck of the HP Roosevelt was a little to low. ( 1.2mm ) according to the data of the Terzibatschitsch book US carriers. ( flight deck high 15.9m in 1/700 this is 2.27 cm the kit is 2.15 cm ).
This is the construction drawings: The first two pages shown below.
So I have added a polyester plate and have sanded it. Also I have added a bulge as noted on the drawing above right. (34,5m for the SCB 110 and 36,9m after )

The catwalks are nice but also a little too small. I have them cut away and added a small plastic strip.

The kit has as usual from HP no PE parts!  For the details I have used PE from different companies especially the super carrier set from GMM.( SPS 8a and SPS 12 ).

My air group consist of F8 Crusaders, F3 Demons, A4 Skyhawks, A1 Skyraiders, and A3 Skywarriors.

I have built the USS F.D. Roosevelt CVA 42 as she has looked in 1959-60.

I think after 1960ís she has lost her 3 inch AA guns and some of her 5 inch guns. Also the radar equipment has changed: SPS 30 and SPS 43 instead of SPS 8a ,SPS12 and SC radar before.
Overall it is a nice kit. One of the biggest 1/700 scale resin ships. The price is high and it is frustrating that the kit has no PE for radar, crane and so on. The price in Germany is today 180 Euros or nearly $200 us.

Reviewed 14-02-2006