Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Midway was the first of a new class of carriers designed to address the shortcomings of the Essex class. These 45,000 ton giants would include enough anti aircraft firepower to discourage any aircraft from attacking and those that got past that would have to penetrate the armored flight deck protecting the hanger deck. Laid down in late 1942, the Midway commissioned too late to take part in World War Two. Two other sister ships were built, the Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Coral Sea. These ships were to play an active role in the post war years.

With upgrades including an angled deck these carriers served right up into the Cold War. It is in the earlier as built condition with the straight flight deck and heavy armament that David Angelo of Loose Cannon Models has produced this new monster of a kit. The Revell Coral Sea was one of the first kits I ever built. But it was a box scale kit and I am sold on 700 scale waterline kits. So this kit not only brings back memories, but it allows me to show off it's imense size next to the smaller ships in my collection.

This is one large kit, dwarfing even the battleships you may have in your collection. The hanger deck is cast open in case you want to do some interior detailing. The casting is pretty good, but some areas are a little soft on the detail. There is plenty of cast on details all around the hull, and the anchor chain is well done.  Click images
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The superstructure is cast as mostly one piece and has some pretty good surface detail. You will have to do a little bit of sanding at the base, but otherwise there wasn't any flash to be found on my sample.
The flight deck is etched acrylic so you really can detail that hanger deck if you like. The surface detail included tie downs, and catapult tracks. The superstructure location is etched onto the surface, a nice touch.
The platforms that surround the flight deck are cast as individual parts. They include splinter shield bracing and support bracing underneath.
The gun tubs are cast with thin externally braced splinter shields. There are a whole bunch of 20 mm gun pedestals, as well as director tubs and many other small parts. There is a bit of flash on these but it is thin and easy to remove.
The single 5" gun mounts are cast with detail on all sides, something you wont find in those Skywave weapons sets. Some of the 40 mm gun mounts have incompletely formed barrels. In this case I would use the Skywave replacement parts found in Sets E6 and E9
The kit includes 10 each of the Helldiver and Corsair. At first glance the aircraft look much like those in the Hasegawa Aircraft sets, but upon closer inspection you will notice that they include recessed panel lines and separate landing gear. 
The kit included two brass photo etched frets. One for the ship, and one for the airwing. The main fret is relief etched, a first for Loose Cannon, I think. This really accents the structural framework of the various parts giving it a 3D appearance. 
The second fret is also relief etched and includes the propellers and landing gear for the aircraft.
Decals are provided for the Midway and Roosevelt. Deck striping is nicely registered in yellow. There are a number of other marking on the sheet. A second sheet has the aircraft markings. These are all well registered and nice enough that you wont need any aftermarket sets.
The instructions are pretty extensive and show the ship in several subassemblies. In addition the Midway and Roosevelt are shown in plan and elevation with decal and painting instructions. The latter are printed on larger sheets so you can see the detail clearly.

Photo of manufactures buildup.


A huge new kit and one that will really enhance your Carrier collection. This is kit #67 USS Midway retailing for $225.00, a bit pricely, but worth it for this complete kit. One has to wonder if we will see a follow up angle deck version in the future. This kit is available at well stocked hobby shops and where ever Loose Cannon products are sold. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.