Skywave / Pitroad

1/700 US Weapons set #E-9
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Following up on their earlier #E-6 weapons set, this one is geared for Newer Light Cruisers and Destroyers. This set has many of the items needed to finish a Gearing or Cleveland Class cruiser. Infact this sprue is included in the USS Cleveland and Allen M. Sumner and Gearing kits by Skywave.
There are two identical sprues included with this set. The molding is quite good with very little flash.  The 6" main gun turrets are very nice and give the modeler an option if they don't like the ones included on some resin kits. The twin 5" 38's are also quite good, much better than those in the US Battleships that are available in 700 scale, so this set is essential in refitting one of those kits.
Simple instructions are  included on a separate sheet with english translation showing the assemble of the various parts with painting notes for the modeler. While many of the parts are better represented with brass photo etched sets, this set give the modeler a choice in their building projects.
Some of the parts included in this set are:
  • 6" Triple gun turrets with seperate barrels and sitting hoods
  • 5" 38 Twin mounts
  • 1.1 anti aircraft guns
  • 40 mm double, and quad mounts
  • 20 mm single guns
  • torpedo launchers in quintuple style (separate shelters are included)
  • boat cranes
  • catapults
  • flag bags
  • search lights
  • gun tubs and director tubs in various sizes
  • misc. life boats and rafts
  • gun directors for 6", 5" and smaller guns
  • misc. radar's for airsearch and fire control
  • seaplane with seperate floats and propeller
  • depth charge racks
  • paravanes
  • floater nets
This set was designed to provide common parts for some of their kits, but includes many parts to help the 1/700 builder. It is still available and has such a variety of weapons and accesories that it is a must have for your spare parts box.