HP-Models 1/700 CVA-42
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt
HP-Models Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Franklin D. Roosevelt was on of three Midway Class Carriers. Completed after the war, these were the largest warships built at the time. With armored decks and plenty of anti aircraft guns ringing the flight deck, these carriers were the ultimate aircraft carrier designs. The FDR was active in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the late 40's and early 50's. In 1954 the FDR underwent a SCB-110 modernization that gave her a hurricane bow and angled flight deck. These modernization's would keep this carrier active for the next 20 years. It is in this later configuration that HP Models has depicted the ship.
The hull is one piece molded in the waterline style. A complete hanger deck is included to store your air wing. The detail is pretty good and the structures are sharp and well defined. During the 50's the ships retained her 5" gun mounts and there are plenty of gun tubs ringing the deck. The hanger doors are cast closed and you will have to cut them out yourself if you want to model them open.  Click images
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Overall the casting on this part is very good, and you will have very little to clean up on this casting.
The flight deck is one piece with pretty good detail. The deck is cast with a slight over pour that will need a bit of sanding. The forward elevator will also have to be opened up as there is a thin layer of flash covering it. Some of the platforms around the flight deck had some breakage, but nothing major that can't be fixed. 
The Island is broken up into several sections to allow for more detail to be cast on. The casting is pretty good and only some minor sanding will be needed. The radar masts have a thin film of flash at the parting line, but this too will be minor cleanup. 
It should be noted to those who are new to resin ships that the thin resin film or flash is not a sign of a bad casting. This film helps to protect the fine details lets the mold fill out completely. You  can trim it away with a sharp hobby knife.
The small parts are cast on a thin resin wafer. The detail looks pretty good, but these parts will need a little more work to separate from the resin over pour. 
Two different types of aircraft are included. They are the Douglas A-3d Skywarrior (x 4) and the McDonnell F-3 Demon (x 6). These are well cast with nice surface detail and in the case of the Skywarrior, separate engines, and landing gear.  The FDR did operate other aircraft, but those are available in the various aircraft sets. I am glad to see these rare aircraft included in the kit. 
A decal sheet is included with typical US Navy flags printed on paper. These are pretty good, but it would have been nice to have some flight deck markings and aircraft decals.

There is no photo etch with this kit.

An eight page set of instructions includes plan and elevation drawings, and exploded assembly views. There are also two sheets that have some nice aircraft drawings that are greatly appreciated. 
Finally an angled deck modern carrier for your cold war fleet. This is the first one offered of the Midway class carrier in 1/700 scale. The kit is pretty well cast and appears to match the style of the FDR well. You will have to purchase a separate photo etch set for the radar's. I wish these had been included in the kit, but I am still happy to see a modern Midway on the market.

Pacific Front has this kit listed as ."US Navy Aircraft Carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt (1957, w/Angled Deck) RE-STOCK.195.00" in their latest update.  It has proved to be a popular item and I suspect now that you have seen it, you too will be wanting one for your cold war fleet. Grab yours today before they go out of stock again. To see what this kit can become refer to Christoph Mentzel 's buildup review of this ship.

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