On Monday, August 28, 2006, after delivering some models to the Battleship New Jersey Museum, a friend and I were fortunate to get a behind the scenes tour of the legendary Battleship New Jersey.  Descending below the armored deck, Docent Harry Carlson took us on a two hour tour into the lowest levels of one of the Navy's most decorated warships, into areas not open to the public.  Here are some pictures of what we saw.   Any errors in the descriptions are mine - I took a lot of pictures but not any notes!  Thanks to Scott Kodger of the Battleship New Jersey Museum for arranging the tour, and to Docent Harry Carlson for his time, expertise and for his service to his country in the United States Navy.

Give my regards to Broadway!
Broadway is the main corridor that runs down the center of the ship below the armored deck.   Off Broadway are the fire rooms, engine rooms, fire control stations, CIC, radio rooms and other vital spaces that were protected by the ships armor.







  Powder Room  

  Turret Two's Rotating Structure  




Restoring the World War 2 Radio Room
The original radio room was converted in the 1980's to a generator room.   Using equipment taken from the heavy cruiser  USS DesMoines, volunteers are attempting to restore the room to it's 1940's appearance.  It was in this room that the now famous message from Admiral Nimitz to Admiral Halsey was received during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October, 1944.

Other communications equipment has been rescued from the ex-DesMoines, here some of it sits in another compartment, awaiting restoration.

Aft Steering Station



Machine Shop
The machine shop looks pristine.  In fact, the docent said some of the equipment is still used to help with the upkeep of the museum!


Docent Harry Carlson with Joseph Smith