Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Ugonlini Vivaldi was a  member of the Navigatori Class of Destroyer. She was one of twelve completed before the war. These destroyers had unique layout with three twin 4.7" gun mounts mounted on the bow, between the stacks, and on the rear superstructure of the ship. They were fast destroyers could make a maximum speed of 38 knots. In addition to her six 4.7" guns, the Navigatori class also mounted two 40 mm anti aircraft guns, four 21" torpedo in two twin mounts, and could carry 56 mines. 

Regia Marina has added yet another WW2 Destroyer to their lineup. This one like other recent releases is very well cast and has plenty of detailing.

Dimensions Length 107.7 m
Width 10.2 m 
Draught 4.2 m
Displacement 2380 tons normal
2657 tons full load
Speed 38 knots max
Range 3100 miles at 15 knots
Armament 6 x 4.7" (3 x 2)
2 x 40 mm
4 x 13.2 mm
2 x 21" torpedo
56 x mines
Compliment 173
The hull is nicely cast in waterline mode. The casting is done with resin feeder sprues along the bottom, so you will have very little sanding to do along the waterline. Most of the superstructure and the fore funnel are cast on. The surface detail is very well done overall there is a lot of fine detailing.
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The aft funnel and other superstructure parts are well done and include thin splinter shields and platforms. These are also cast with resin sprues that will reduce the amount of time you spend sanding and preparing the parts for assembly.
The weapons and fittings are very fine for resin and are nicely done. The gun shields are cast separate from the twin gun barrels. The life rafts are great with rope detail cast on. There are extras provided to make up for any breakage. The gun directors and other small parts are very well done, and overall the flash is minimal.
Two photo etch frets are provided with the extra details. The main one includes the railing and mine rails for the deck. They are relief etched and you will not need any after market parts to finish this kit. I like the canvas covered railings that are provided.
Propeller guards, platforms, and funnel grills are among the parts on the second fret. The anti aircraft gun mounts are also included.
The instructions could be better. The text is in Italian so it is difficult for me to read them. The illustrations do however answer most of my questions. Page three includes a nice exploded view that is very helpful in location the parts. I still feel that there is room for improvement here.
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While not a kit for the beginner, this is an impressive kit of a unique subject that you will not find anywhere else. If your a fan of the Italian Navy, then you will enjoy this accurate, well cast kit. It is listed for $42.00 US making it a bargain when you consider that it includes two photo etch frets.

 The complete Regia Marina line is available at Pacific Front Hobbies in the US