1/700 Lexington/Saratoga
Photo etch set by Gold Medal models
The new Trumpeter 1/700  Lexington represents yet another new addition to the "Divine scale". A nice kit as is, but many of us our not content to build out of the box anymore. Especially with the great aftermarkets sets available to give them a more realistic appearance. This one like it's larger 1/350 equivalent adds those fine details that modelers crave. Relief etched  out of .003" stainless steel, this set has some very fine and forgiving details. Stainless  steel is harder and has more spring to it than Brass, so it is less likely to be permanently damaged by thick fingers. This set has all the standard goodies such as railings, ladders, and watertight doors. It also includes some really nice custom fitted items such as the platform bracing, bridge details, and even a scale size Captain Frederick E. Sherman.
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The safety nets are relief etched and a huge improvement over the thick plastic ones in the kit. New funnel grills are scale sized as is the CXAM-1 radar assembly. 
Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
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Gold Medal Models has even included a detail item that will make a lot of modelers happy. 20 mm gun shields to work with the existing gun mounts in the Trumpeter kit, As you may know, they forgot to include gun shields in the kit. I suspect many modelers will chose to use the GMM No. 700-21 20 mm Oerlikon cannon set as it is more accurate and it doesn't stand 8' tall like the kit parts. Loren Perry recommends that you  slice off about 1/32" from the bottom of each plastic gun mount if you chose to use them.
Other notable items in the set include:
  • Detailed yardarm.
  • boat details and cradles for the whaleboats and utility boats.
  • Life raft netting and paddles.
  • Cable reels.
  • 5" 25 cal. gun mount details.
  • Elevator railings.
  • Ships screws.
  • Aircraft propellers. If you need pre-war aircraft details check out the 1930's 1/4 Airwing set
  • Arresting gear sheaves and barricade wires.
  • Palisades AKA windbreak.
  • Boat pocket railings.
  • Inclined ladders.
  • DF antenna.
  • Gun tub braces.
  • Crane hooks.
The instructions as usual are well written and illustrated. They show the assembly process in several well illustrated detail views. The PE assembly as well as how those parts fit in with the kits plastic parts is shown. I really like this style of instructions, with the railings shown in place on views of the kit. The isometric 3D style drawings are easy to understand. Even some technical details and historical notes are included. A plan and elevation view with some of the safety rails and netting locations is also included.
This is an excellent set for anyone who want to do a quality Lexington of Saratoga. It is set number #700-32 and has a retail price of $14.00 US. A great price when you consider the value it adds to your kit.

Captain Frederick Sherman says; "This is the ultimate upgrade for your Lexington Class Carrier, don't sail into battle without it".

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