Telford 2006 coverage by Jim Baumann
The eagerly awaited annual highlight of most UK modellers and many from all of Europe and further afield was once again held in three large halls at the Telford International Center within which a large, spacious food court served hot meals, hot /cold snacks, beverages of all kinds, amply furnished with tables and chairs. This allowed tired feet to take a rest, busy shoppers to inspect their latest purchases(!) and meet friends over a cup of tea whilst still being 'at-the-show'...

Very popular were the young ladies with the tea and coffee trollies, a great bonus for traders and visitors alike who could slake thirst whilst unable (or unwilling!) to leave the fray.... !

As expected the weather was not untypical for late November in the UK , cold and frosty at night and merely cold but mixed during the day; however in no way was the state of the climate outside the show halls of any interest to the many thousands of modelmakers who attended this years show to look, meet old friends and buy, buy, buy.... the vendors I spoke to reported a successful show- many a happy-looking modeller was to be observed clutching an carrier bag brimming with new, old or rare kits close to his chest!!

As usual a very large international contingent from as far afield as the USA, Canada Portugal, Malta, Italy, Japan , Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, South Africa ,Austria, Greece, France ,Holland, Germany and many more; as well as what seemed like myriad's from the UK!!

There was a vast variety of models shown both in type and quality. It was really great to see so many modellers from the MW message board enter their fine models in the competition as well as display them on the club and SIG stands. Hopefully we will soon see these beautiful ship models photographed and described more extensively here at MW in the future.

As usual at any model show aircraft of all shapes and sizes took up much of the exhibition space, and there were many fine be-winged models on display along with many great model cars, trucks, figures of all descriptions, superb examples of AFV modeling and so much more.

Modelmaking is by its very nature often an introverted and solitary past-time; it was good to be in the exclusive company of like-minded individuals before having to return to real life…!

The main ship model orientated vendors present were :

White Ensign Models whose stand appeared swamped almost all of the time by eager buyers.

Equally busy were L’Arsenal, who were selling an interesting selection of old and new products .Alongside were Lela Presse booksellers who did brisk trade in rare and unusual naval books. YS Masterpieces had their classic kits on sale on a separate stand in the same row.. Also seen were some interesting new products from Austrian producer WMM.

AFV specialists Accurate Armour had some ship orientated items on display which were well executed. RC Cammett had a new large scale semi-kit on sale with stunning PE sheets

The photographs are uncaptioned – if anyone has specific queries PM me and quote the picture Number—I may be able recall most things and scales….

The (volunteer!) staff of the IPMS UK has to be congratulated on hosting the fine Scaleworld event so professionally , year after year in such a prestigious venue.


See you all next year…* 10 / 11 November 2007*








































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