1/350 HMS Hood
Ultimate Photo Etch Set
by White Ensign models
The new Trumpeter Hood has been one of the most anticipated 1/350 kits to hit the market. Not long after the kit hit the market the folks at White Ensign Models were the first to release a photo etch set. White Ensign may have had an unfair advantage as they had the most accurate and detailed Hood available in their fine resin kit, now out of production. That kit had photo etch with it, but rather than dust off that old set, their chief designer Peter Hall, set out to produce an even better set incorporating the very latest in highly detailed relief etching. This set lives up to the standard of quality that we have come to enjoy from White Ensign Models. 
Fret 1
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The first fret is relief etched on a 5-1/2" x 7" .004 brass sheet. It includes many of the typical ship details such as funnel grills, and cable reels. Railings and ladders and other standard parts are included throughout. But what really makes this set is the many super detailing items such as the .5" MG Fittings and the 4" Gun parts, the etching on these are really well done. The UP launchers fittings are for the insane detailers. The replacement rigging details are well done and are a vast improvement over the thick plastic kit parts.

This fret includes:

  • Forward Director Arm Stays
  • 284 Gunnery Radar Antenna
  • 279 Radar Antenna Mast
  • 279 Radar Antennas
  • 279 Radar Antenna Mast Platform
  • Wireless House Antennas (Short)
  • Spotting Top Anenmonmeter
  • Optical AA Director
  • Semaphores
  • 10" Signaling Lamps
  • 9" Rangefinder
  • 40" Searchlight Lens Crosses
  • 20" Signaling Lamps
  • UP Launcher Fittings
  • .5" Machine Gun Fittings
  • 4" Gun Fuze Setting Machine
  • 4" Gun Layers' Seats
  • 4" HA/LA Gun Mounting Plates
  • 4" HA/LA Gun Mounting Lights
  • Paravane Parts
  • Crane Hook Replacements
  • Crane Hook Pulley Spacers
  • Main Crane Rigging (Pre-formed)
  • Main Crane Pulley Blocks
  • Main Crane Pulley Wheels
  • Main Crane Pulley Wheel Spacers
  • Small Boat Crane Hooks
  • Small Boat Crane Rigging
  • Night Lifebouys
  • Night Lifebouy Racks
  • Funnel Cap Grills
  • Vent Grills of various types
  • Leadsmans' Platforms
  • Admiral's Barge Fittings
  • 35' Motor Boat Fittings
  • 25' Motor Boat Fittings
  • 27' Whaler Oars and Rudders
  • 32' Cutter Oars and Rudder
  • Bulkhead and Superstructure Mounted Cordage Reels
  • Hawse Pipe Cover Grills
  • Hawser Reels
  • Accommodation Ladder Handrails
  • Accommodation Ladders (Long and Short)
  • Ladder Opening Railings
  • Fore Deck Ladder Handrails
  • Fore Deck Ladders
  • Quarterdeck Ladders
  • Accommodation Ladder Davits
  • Quarterdeck Ladder Handrails
  • Accommodation Ladder Handrails (Short)
  • Superstructure Ladders
  • Inclined Ladders for Shelter Deck
  • Loading Davits
  • Forward Loading Davit Rigging
Close ups of the fret details
Fret 2
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Close ups of the fret details
This second fret is larger measuring 7" x 11-1/4" also relief etched but using .055 brass. The doors and hatches are very sharply etched with some really intricate door frame detailing. The starfish assemblies look great and will look fantastic when assembled. They will vastly improve the scale appearance of your Hood. Even the boat cradles look great, it's almost a shame to cover them up by placing the ships boats in them. But at least the boats you place their will look even better with the details  that will spruce them up as well. 
  • Spare 2 and 3 Bar Railings
  • Custom Fitted Railings for most Platforms
  • Bow Railings
  • Forward .5" MG Platform railing
  • .5" MG Ammo Stowage Hatches
  • 8 Barreled Pom-Pom Railings and Fittings
  • Anchor Chain
  • Anchor Chain Stoppers
  • Degaussing Cables
  • Vertical Ladders
  • Aft 4" Gun Splinter Shields
  • Aft 4" Gun Platform Replacement
  • Anchor Chain Blake Stoppers
  • Spotting Top Wire Antenna Spreader
  • Tompion Covers
  • Mainmast Starfish Assembly
  • Foremast Starfish Assembly
  • Quarterdeck Hatch Assembly
  • Quarterdeck Hatch Assembly
  • Ships Name Letters
  • 'X' Turret Platforms
  • Wide Pattern Watertight Doors open and closed
  • Standard Pattern Watertight Doors Open and Closed
  • Foredeck Loading Hatch Assembly
  • Admirals Window Hatch Inners, Outers, and Frames
  • Ammo Loading Hatch Assembly
  • Deck and Vent Hatches
  • Signal Halyard Trunk Hatches
  • 27' Whaler Davits
  • 27' Whaler Thwarts
  • 42' Sailing Launch Thwarts
  • 42' Sailing Launch Cradles
  • 16' Dinghy Thwarts 
  • 16' Dinghy Cradles
  • 32' Cutter Thwarts
  • 32' Cutter Cradles
  • 25' Motor Boat Cradles
The instructions are very extensive 9 pages of well detailed drawings and assembly guides. They are very well written and illustrated and leave little doubt about how the brass works in with the rest of the parts of the kit. These are some of the best instructions on the market.

Conclusions: The etching and attention to detail on this set is extremely good. A definite must have for a serious Hood builder. This is set number PE 3514 with a price of £42.51, or about 80 US Dollars. Well worth it when you consider how this set will take your model and make it a masterpiece.

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