31-12-2009 Happy New Year
Scratchbuilding the USS Louisville in 1/350 scale by Pierre Marchal

1/540 USS Pine Island AV-12 (Revell) by Bob Nandell
1/700 USS Annapolis SSN-760 By Vladimir Yakubov

1/600 Seawise University (Airfix) by Bob Hoey
1/400 MV Dimitris Manios (Scratchbuild) by Yannis Carystinos

1/700 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Tamiya) by Fred Luhrs
1/400 Richelieu (Heller) by Gary Smith First Submission
1/400 DKM Scharnhorst (Heller) by Jan Varga

1/700 JMSDF Mineyuki DD-124 (Pit Road/Skywave) by Arthur Macon

1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Banner) by Mat Rechkemmer New Images Added

25-12-2009 Merry Christmas
1/350 HMS Widgeon (White Ensign) by Frank Spahr

1/350 The Fighting 84 - Grumman F-14 Tomcat (Trumpeter) by Gabor Sebestyen

1/700 Spanish Armada Frigate F81 Santa María (DML/Fujimi Kitbash) by Luis Crespo
1/700 USS New York LPD-21 (TTH Models modified) by Maurizio Chiaro
1/250 Fairmile C Motor Gunboat MGB328 1941 (Paper Model) by Horst Muerell

22-12-2009 Battleships!
1/350 IJN Mikasa ~1902-1904 (Hasegawa) by Timothy Choi
1/350 USS Massachusetts BB-59 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Revell Germany) by Kostas Katseas

1/200 USS Ethan Allen SSBN-608 (Renwal) by Phillip Gore
Scratchbuilding a Russian WWI submarine Bars in 1/700 scale by Vladimir Yakubov
1/144 Deep Diver (Unknown) by Alec Cap

1/150 RMS Queen Mary Cutaway (Scratchbuilt) by Chris Barry In Progress

Ocean Liner Models (Various) by Chris Hewitt

1/700 HMS Jupiter (B-Resina) by Bob Cicconi
1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by Yuri Logaziak
1/350 DKM Tirpitz 1942 (Tamiya) by Glavan Srdjan

17-12-2009 Submarines of Rodina
1/700 Akula I K-137 Pantera (Hobby Boss) by Rui Matos
1/700 Soviet Submarine K-21 (Kombrig) by Vladimir Yakubov New Images
1/700 K-461 Volk SSN Project 971 - Akula Class (Takara) by Vladimir Yakubov

1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 1942 (Dragon) by Matt Enochs
1/311 USS Southerland DD-743 (Scratchbuilt) by Phil Toy
1/700 Armored Cruiser Bayan II (Combrig) by Vladimir Yakubov New Images

1/350 USS Santee CVE-29 (Iron Shipwrights) by Richard Sliwka
Waterlining full hull kits in 1/350 scale by Kym Knight

14-12-2009 Carriers
1/700 French Carrier Foch (Hp Models) by Christoph Mentzel
1/350 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 (Trumpeter) by Guido Ciabatti First Submission
1/700 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 by Mark Mckinnis

1/350 USS Salem CA-139 (Classic Warships) by Keith Bender

1/200 IJN Yahagi (Scratchbuilt) by Ronald Chan New Images Added

11-12-2009 Happy Hanukkah!
1/350 USS Pinckney DDG 91 (Panda) by Adam Mcleish
1/700 Hikawa Maru (Aoshima) by Jim C. Smith
1/200 ROKS Sejong the Great DDG-991 (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun

1/700 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Witold Kosinski
1/350 HMCS Haida (Resin Shipyard) by George Warren
1/72 Vosper FAC (Tamiya) by Chris Hewitt

1/400 Yamal Icebreaker (Zvezda) by Kieran Griffith
1/77 Cutty Sark (Scratchbulit) by Piergiorgio Vavassori
1/500 Bon Homme Richard (Pyro) by David Smith

08-12-2009 First Tuesday
1/350 K-3 Project 627 (Zvezda) by Jacek Karolczak First Submission
1/144 Gepard class FAC P6121 (Revell Germany) by Nikos Brestas First Submission
1/350 Kniaz Suvurov (Zvezda) by Andrea Oneto First Submission
1/242 USS Herbert DD-160/APD-22 (Revell) by Curtis Barber First Submission

07-12-2009 Remember Pearl Harbor
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Banner) by Mat Rechkemmer
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (Dragon) by David Salvin First Submission
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (Dragon) by Witold Kosinski
1/700 IJN Hiryu (Aoshima) by Paul Helfrich

Special reviews for December 7th:

1/700 IJN Ashigara (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/700 HMS London (HP Models) by An Chu

04-12-2009 First Friday
1/350 USS Preble DDG-88 (Dragon) by Panagiotis Charalampakis First Submission
1/350 USS Cole DDG-67 (Trumpeter) by Matt DelRio First Submission
1/700 Royal Navy What-If Hybrids (Kitbash) by Bernhard Regner First Submission

03-12-2009 The IJN BB's of Kym Knight
1/350 IJN Kongo, September 1944 (Fujimi) by Kym Knight
1/350 IJN Ise, late 1944 (Fujimi) by Kym Knight
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Kym Knight

02-12-2009 More new reviews for December:

01-12-2009 New reviews for December: We are pleased to add Profile Morski Bill Waldorf Productions and JB Models to our list of sponsors.

1/192 HMS Duke Of York (Scratchbuilt) by Dennis Vella
1/200 RM Roma (Scratchbuilt) by Russell Clark

1/700 IJN Atago (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

1/35 LCVP Disembark (Various) by Luiz Felipe Werneck Penna

27-11-2009 More Bill Liebold
1/96 F-105 Spanish Aegis Frigate (Scratchbuilt) by Bill Liebold
1/96 F310 Norwegian Aegis Frigate (Scratchbuilt) by Bill Liebold

26-11-2009 Happy Thanksgiving
Two Bills
1/540 USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 (Revell) by Bill Willis
1/256 USS Wayne E. Meyer DDG-108 (Scratchbuilt) by Bill Liebold

1/144 Fast-patrol Type 143 Albatros and Type 206-A submarine (Revell Germany) by Luis Resende
1/350 UB-1 (U-boat Laboratorium) by Jim Baumann

1/700 HMS Scylla (WSW) by An Chu
1/350 IJN Tone 1944 (Yankee Modelworks) by Dirk Ponge
1/163 Robert E. Lee (Lindberg) by Bob Hoey

1/350 USCGC Bering Strait WHEC-382 (Iron Shipwrights) by Carl Musselman
1/600 HMS Exeter (Frog) by Bob Nandell
1/350 USS Aaron Ward DD-484 (Blue Water Navy) by Richard Sliwka

1/700 IJN Kashima (Aoshima) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Naka (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

1/700 Kilo, Project 877 Varshavynka (Hobby Boss) by Alexey Nikitin

1/700 Qiandaohu, Fuchi Class Fleet Replenishment Ship (Scratchbulit) by Chris King
1/700 Sierra II, Project 945A Condor (DML) by Alexey Nikitin
1/200 IJN Yahagi (Scratchbuilt) by Ronald Chan
1/200 Otlichniy Russian Missile destroyer (Trumpeter) by Joe Simon New Images Added

19-11-2009 Torpedo Boats
1/35 MTM Barchino (Italeri) by Lutz Fuhrmann
1/72 PT-109 (Revell) by Bradley O'Hagan

1/400 Richelieu (Heller) by Andy Vu
1/350 USS Indiana BB-58 (Blue Water Navy) by Keith Bender
1/350 IJN Maya (Aoshima) by Kym Knight

1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 June 1942 (Trumpeter) by Luciano Rizzato
1/72 RNLI Severn (Airfix) by Kieran Griffith
1/350 USS Barnegat AVP-10 1942 (ISW Kitbash) by Richard Sliwka New images added

16-11-2009 Sailing Away
1/60 President frigate (Mantua) by Piergiorgio Vavassori
1/75 French Xebec c.1750 (Revell) by Manuel Espinosa
Sailing Ships Collection (Airfix) by David Smith
1/96 Cutty Sark (Revell) by Juan Felix

1/700 DKM Tirpitz (Trumpeter) by Witold Kosinski
1/700 IJN Katsuragi (Aoshima) by Erick Navas
Even More new reviews for November:

14-11-2009 More new reviews for November:

13-11-2009 Friday the 13th reviews for November:
67 Years ago Task Force 67.4 sailed into Iron Bottom Sound to face off in a point blank shootout with the Japanese Navy. Today we feature some of the kits that can be used to build those ships that fought on that Friday the 13th. 12-11-2009 Yamato-a-go-go
1/200 IJN Yamato Ten-Ichi-Go (Nichimo) by Vlad Petnicki
1/200 IJN Yamato 1941 (Nichimo) by Volker Engler
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Anton Kurchatkin

11-11-2009 Remembrance Day/Veterans Day
2009 IPMS UK National show by Jim Baumann
1/72 Lest We Forget (Airfix/Scratchbuilt) by Alec Cap

10-11-2009 Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!
Building the HMS Courageous in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann
Telford 2009 By Dave Wooley

1/96 CSS Alabama (Revell Germany) by Phillip Gore
1/72 Loch Ness (Scratchbuilt) by Alec Cap
1/75 San Filipe (Amati) by Piergiorgio Vavassori

1/700 HMS Hood (Tamiya) by Witold Kosinski
1/700 IJN Kasumi (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Auxiliary Patrol Boat (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/72 Elco PT boat Crane (Scratchbult/Revell) by Frank J. Andruss Sr. First Submission
More new reviews for November:

1/700 IJN Yugumo (Mini-Craft/Hasegawa) by Anthony Kochevar
1/400 B-123 Alfa SSN (Maquette) by Marek Targowicz
1/700 HMS Brilliant (WEM) by George Pãk, MD

05-11-2009 First Thursday
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 and USS Essex CV-9 (Tamiya/Trumpeter) by Brendan ScullyFirst Submission
1/700 USS Antietam CV-36 (Dragon) by Paul S. Teixeira First Submission
1/400 RMS Titanic (Academy) by Laurent Sciarretti First Submission
1/570 HMHS Britannic (Revell) by Manuel Espinosa First Submission

HMS Illustrious in October 09 as part of the Centenery of the Fleet Air Arm by Dave Wooley

03-11-2009 More new reviews for November:

02-11-2009 More new reviews for November: 01-11-2009 Reviews for November:

1/700 IJN Furutaka (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/350 USS Barnegat AVP-10 1942 (ISW Kitbash) by Richard Sliwka
1/350 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Trumpeter) by Ryan Labieniec

1/200 Osmotritelnyy (Trumpeter) by Oleg Dantchenko
1/350 IJN Chokai (Aoshima) by Jean Barby First Submission
1/350 USS Minnesota BB-22 (ISW) by Philip LaVoie

1/350 USS Fanshaw Bay CVE-70, 1944 (Yankee Model Works kitbash) by Ed McDonald
1/700 HMS Victorious (Aoshima) by Paul Stewart
1/72 DKM S-100 Schnelleboot (Revell Germany) by Angel Angelov and Silvia Angelova

27-10-2009 Destroyers
1/700 Boevoi (Combrig) by Tom Lindsay
1/350 USS England DE-635 (Trumpeter) by Timm Smith
1/700 IJN Ukuru (Pit-Road) by Anthony Perrotta

Building the 1/350 YS Masterpieces USS Brooklyn ACR-3 by Peter Plattner

1/700 IJN Katori (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

24-10-2009 Battleships Too!
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Witold Kosinski
1/700 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas

23-10-2009 Battleships
1/128 HMS Queen Elizabeth (Scratchbuilt) by Roger Antrobus
1/700 RM Roma (Regia Marina) by Piergiorgio Vavassori
1/250 SMS Von der Tann (HMV) by Thomas Klünemann

1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Ryan Labieniec
1/700 IJN Chikuma 1912 (104 Kosakubu) by Gone Asiatic
1/350 Operation Enduring Freedom 2001 (DML) by Capt. Glavan Srdjan

21-10-2009 New Guys
1/700 DKM Prinz Eugen (Tamiya) by Witold Kosinski First Submission
1/700 USS Wasp LHD-1 (Revell Germany) by Yuriy Volkov First Submission
1/350 USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. DD-850 (ISW) by Gil Costa First Submission

20-10-2009 Tuesday Subs
1/700 IJN I-14 (Skywave) by Bob Cicconi
1/350 Imperial Japanese Army Transport Submarine MARU-YU (YU-1001) (Fujimi) by Andrzej Zurawski
1/125 U-99 Type VIIB (Revell Germany) by Brett Simmons First Submission

1/700 USS West Virginia BB-48 (Waveline) by Bob Dedmon
1/500 La Marie Galante (Heller) by Paul Helfrich
1/144 Sea Shadow (Revell) by Alec Cap

JerseyCon 2009, Day Two by Devin Poore

JerseyCon 2009, Day One by Devin Poore

1/700 HTMS Tayanchon ASPC-532 (scratchbuilt) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/700 JMSDF Shirane (Skywave) by Paul Helfrich
1/700 RFA Fort Austin (Scratchbulit) by David Smith

1/700 USS Eldorodo LCC-11 (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Nandell
1/700 Modern PLAAF Command & Control and Transport Aircraft (Takara/Pitroad) by Chris King
1/250 Fairmile A Motor Launch ML-103 (1941) (Paper Model) by Horst Muerell

14-10-2009 New Guys on Wednesday
1/35 U-boat Type XXIII (Scratchbuilt) by Luiz Felipe Werneck Penna First Submission
1/700 DKM Admiral Graf Spee (Fujimi) by Dhitii Norasedthirakul First Submission
1/700 IJN Mutsuki (Pit Road) by Marco Magrini First Submission

Kelly Quirk's and his award winning 1/350 USS Truman CVN-75
IPMS Vancouver Fall Show 2009 by Timothy Choi

12-10-2009 New Guys on Monday
1/450 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Gernot Hug First Submission
1/700 FN Jean Bart (Trumpeter) by Scott Sim First Submission
1/700 HMS Montagu (Combrig) by John Hinde First Submission

1/700 IJN Kirishima (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/350 IJN Nomi (Pitroad) by Max Hecker
1/700 IJN Akishimo (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/700 HMS Argonaut (White Ensign) by An Chu
1/350 Imperial Japanese Army Transport Submarine MARU-YU (YU-1) (Fujimi) by Andrzej Zurawski
1/350 USS Wiseman DE-667 (Trumpeter) by Dan Keck

Building the Dragon 1/350 USS Gearing by Keith Bender

1/700 USS Gato SS-212 (HobbyBoss) by Paul Helfrich
1/700 USS Ingraham FFG-61 (DML) by Joerg Kuhnert
1/400 HMS Illustrious (Heller) by Paul Stewart

06-10-2009 Battleship Tuesday
1/700 SMS Friedrich der Große 1914 (Combrig) by Bernd Villhauer
1/350 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Peter Hoskins
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Rick Cotton
1/350 Bismarck (Revell) by Kostas Katseas

05-10-2009 Carriers
1/200 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Scratchbuilt) by Volker Engler
1/700 USS Belleau Wood CVL-24 (Dragon) by Fred Luhrs
1/600 HMS Ark Royal (Airfix) by Paul Stewart

1/700 IJN I-36 (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN I-171 (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Konley Kelley
1/700 IJN Kinugasa (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

More new reviews for October:

Reviews for October:

1/350 SMS Konig (ICM) by Thomas Klünemann First Submission
1/600 USS Wasp CV-7 (Aurora) by David Flynn
1/700 USS Biddle CG-34 (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Nandell

1/350 Soya Antarctica Observation 1st Corps (Hasegawa) by Andrzej Zurawski
1/700 IJN LST (Tamiya) by Alec Cap

Scratch-building ( almost!) the Turret ship Blotberg in 1/700 by Jim Baumann

1/700 IJN Minegumo (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Taiyo (Aoshima) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Unryu (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

More reviews for September:

24-09-2009 Royal Netherlands Navy, or Koninklijke Marine
1/350 Hr.Ms. De Ruyter (Scratchbuilt) by Maarten Schönfeld and Hans Bosma
1/350 Hr.Ms. Evertsen (Aritec) by Henk T. Vreeburg First Submission

1/700 USS Alchiba AKA-6 and USS Ralph Talbot DD-390 (Battlefleet/Midship) by Bob Cicconi
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Banner) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 HMS Illustrious (Aoshima) by Paolo Yuen

1/400 DKM Graf Spee (Heller) by Benedetto Iezzi
1/200 USS Ethan Allen SSBN-608 (Renwal) by Mario Grima
1/700 IJN Auxillary Transport (Tamiya) by Alec Cap

I-CON 2009, sponsored by IPMS Des Moines / Hawkeye Modelers by Carl Musselman

1/700 IJN Wakatake (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Yamashiro (Aoshima) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Yubari (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

1/1250 USS Ticonderoga CG-47 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas
1/1250 USS Vincennes CG-49 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas
1/1250 USS Princeton CG-59 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

1/700 A.R.A. Moreno (Scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/700 JMSDF LCACs (Tamiya) by Alec Cap
1/350 SS Alblasserdyk (Revell Germany Kitbash) by Maarten Schönfeld
1/400 DKM Prinz Eugen (Heller) by Benedetto Iezzi

17-09-2009 Das 1/72 Boot!
NEWS: Dragon announces a 1/350 German Battlecruiser DKM Scharnhorst 1943.
1/72 DKM U-253 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Benedetto Iezzi
1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Mario Grima
1/72 DKM U-552 Type VIIC (Revell Germany) by Phillip Gore

1/720 Seapower (Testors/Scratchbuilt) by John Leyland
1/400 DKM Bismarck (Heller) by Benedetto Iezzi
1/700 Type VIIC Attack (Hasegawa) by Alec Cap New Images Added

More reviews for September:
Master Models has started a new line of 1/700 barrels.

15-09-2009 First Submissions!
1/400 DKM Altmark (Scratchbuilt) by Benedetto Iezzi First Submission
1/540 USS Saratoga CV-60 (Revell) by Bruce Bogdan First Submission
1/450 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Phillip Gore First Submission

14-09-2009 RIP Werner
1/350 IJN Nagara (Aoshima) by Kym Knight
1/700 DDX-1001 (Gear Precision/The Technology House LTD) by Chris King
1/700 USS Tracer AGR-15 (Trumpeter) by Fred Luhrs

A visit to the Islands of Malta and Gozo- by Jim Baumann

1/1250 USS Spruance DD-963 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

11-09-2009 Battleship Friday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Tim Froggatt
1/700 IJN Yamato and IJN Tatsuta (Tamiya/Hasegawa) by Luis Resende
1/350 DKM Tirpitz (Tamiya) by José Luís Guerner
1/600 HMS Iron Duke (Airfix) by Ralf Roggeveen

Imperial Japanese Navy Mogami Class Light Cruiser Mikuma - August 1938 by Claudio Matteini
1/72 PT-324 Patrol Boat (Revell) by Keith Bender
1/350 IJN Yukikaze - 1945 (Hasegawa) by Dan Keck

More reviews for September:

08-09-2009 First Submissions!
1/700 Kursk SSGN (Tamiya) by Yannick Le Bris First Submission
1/700 HMS Glamorgan and HMS York (Skytrex/Dragon) by Sam Ross First Submission
1/350 HMCS Brantford (ISW) by Tim Cotey First Submission
1/700 HMS Rodney and HMS Electra (Tamiya) by Luis Resende First Submission

1/700 IJN Isokaze (Takara) by Alec Cap
1/700 Georgios Averoff (YS Masterpieces) by Peter Fulgoney
1/100 USS Arizona BB-39 (Digital Navy) by Mark Taylor

1/1250 USS Arthur W. Radford DD-968 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

1/1250 USS Henry W. Hill DD-986 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

1/50 Catalan (Imai) by Rod Millard
1/350 Enterprises Under Sail: A Sloop and a Yatch (Scratchbuilt) by Philip LaVoie
1/350 K-329 Belogrod (Zvezda) by Kieran Griffith

1/700 Enlarged Arleigh Burke Cruiser (Dragon) by Dave Johnson
1/700 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Tamiya) by Mark McKinnis
1/720 USS Eisenhower CVN-69 (Italeri) by Kostas Katseas

1/35 PG-117 Soviet Patrol Boat (M.I.G.) by Alec Cap
1/700 Trawler Livia (Battlefleet) by Frank Spahr
1/700 Modified Ticonderoga Cruisers (Dragon) by Dave Johnson

New reviews for September include:

Meet the Vendors from the IPMS Nationals-VIDEOS!

1/1250 USS Kidd DD-993 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN I-6 Submarine (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 Part 6: The Completed Model.

1/400 HMS Hood (Lindberg) by Les Foran
1/600 HMS Hood and HMS Repulse, World Cruise 1924 (Airfix) by John Drabier
1/700 USS Florida BB-30 (Niko) by Bernd Villhauer

1/700 Kriegsmarine Supply/Repair Barge (Battlefleet) by Frank Spahr
1/700 HTMS Prasae (Loose Cannon) by Nye Nava
1/35 RN 50-foot Steam Pinnace (Billing Boats) by Edward Pinniger

25-08-2009 Continuting coverage of the 2009 IPMS Nationals
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Images by Rick E. Davis
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Images by Bob Craig
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Judging

1/700 USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 (Fujimi) by Mark McKinnis
1/720 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Revell) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 JDS Ohsumi (Tamiya) by Alec Cap

1/700 IJN Nachi (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

22-08-2009 IPMS Nationals
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike, Day 3
A Build Up of Academy's new 1/350 DKM Graf Spee

21-08-2009 IPMS Nationals
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike, Day 2

20-08-2009 IPMS Nationals
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike, Day 1
Sneak Peek at MRC's upcoming 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-01!
A look at Academy's new 1/350 DKM Graf Spee
Some of the vendors, and some familiar faces, at this year's Nats.

19-08-2009 Liners!
1/446 RMS Majestic (Airfix/Revell Kitbash) by Fred Koster
1/600 SS Canberra (Airfix) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 RMS Titanic (Academy) by Kim Young Seuk First Submission

1/700 HTMS Ravi (Loose Cannon) by Nye Nava
1/700 Moskva (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 IJN Harbour (Various) by Alec Cap

1/700 IJN Mogami 1944 (Tamiya) by Anthony Kochevar
1/700 IJN Oyodo (Fujimi) by Bradley O'Hagan
1/96 HMS Grey Goose (John Piper Models) by Edward Pinniger

1/700 IJN Shinano (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Mutsuki (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

14-08-2009 USN DD's
1/350 USS Laffey DD-459 (DML) by Mark Taylor
1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 (Dragon) by Edward Pinniger
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Anthony Perrotta

13-08-2009 USN Carriers
1/500 USS Guadalcanal LPH-7 (Aurora) by Bob Nandell
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Philip LaVoie
1/720 USS America CV-66 (Italeri) by Kostas Katseas

12-08-2009 First Submissions!
1/700 "Super Slava" Cruiser (Trumpeter Kitbash) by Dave Johnson First Submission
1/400 Queen Mary 2 (Revell) by Bob Hoey First Submission
1/700 Victor III, Project 671RTMm (DML) by Alexey Nikitin First Submission
1/700 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Chris Lai First Submission

1/144 Gepard class FAC (Revell) by Edward Pinniger
1/700 IJN Yamato 1944 (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/72 Vosper MTB (Airfix) by Alec Cap

10-08-2009 USN in the Age of Sail
1/450 Bonhomme Richard (LifeLike) by Paul Helfrich
1/93 USS Constitution (Mamoli) by Steve Kemple
1/130 USS Hartford (Aurora) by Edward Pinniger

1/350 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Super Yamato "The Phantom Weapon" (Fujimi) by Erick Navas

1/350 HMS Barham 1941 (Scratchbuilt) by Dino Carancini
1/400 HMS Lion (JSC Kitbash) by Philip Gill
1/300 Chinese Light Cruiser Chong Qing ex-HMS Aurora (CC Lee) by Doug Hallet

More reviews for August include:

1/192 USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413 (Bluejacket) by Steve Kemple
1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484, Tokyo Bay 1945 (DML) by Timm Smith
1/128 HMS Hood (Fleetscale) by Mark Peach

1/192 USS Coral Sea CVE-57 (Bluejacket) by Steve Kemple (First Submission)
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst with U-Boot (Tamiya and Hobby Boss) by Kostas Katseas
1/18 Sam Crocker's Stone Horse (Scratchbuilt) by Bruce Neumann In progress

03-08-2009 In Her Majesty's Service
1/400 HMS Illustrious 1943 (Heller) by Louis Carabott
1/350 HMS King George V (Tamiya) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/250 Fairmile A Motor Lauch ML100 (Paper Model) by Horst Muerell

1/700 IJN Natori (Tamiya) by Alec Cap

New reviews for August include:

1/350 Doolittle Raid (Various) by Kym Knight
1/100 Soleil Royal (Heller) by Sven von Bremen First Submission
1/350 USS England DE-635, 1944 (Trumpeter) by Ed McDonald
1/700 HMS Volunteer (Tamiya) by Don McKeand

1/700 IJN Mizuho (Aoshima) by Alec Cap
1/350 USS Lake Erie CG-70 (DRA) by Douglas Conrady
1/700 USS Essex CV-9 (Trumpeter) by Anthony Perrotta

29-07-2009 Destroyers
1/350 Jorje Juan D25 (Modified Trumpeter) by Fran Romero
1/700 HMS York (D98) (DML) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/700 HMS Wallace (Tamiya Kitbash) by Don McKeand

28-07-2009 Battleships!
1/700 USS Missouri BB-63, 1991 (Trumpeter) by Paolo Yuen
1/700 12 Apostolov, Russian barbette BB (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
1/400 Dunkerque (Heller) by Ted Bunn

1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/250 Passat (Revell Germany) by Carlos Eduardo Buchweitz
1/75 Niña (Heller) by Maximiliano Guimarães
1/150 Golden Star (Mantua) by Piergiorgio Vavassori

26-07-2009 More Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Mikazuki (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Yugumo (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Ryujo (Fujimi) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN Hiei (Fujimi) by Erick Navas

25-07-2009 Erick Navas' Subs
1/700 IJN I-16 Submarine (Tamiya) by Erick Navas
1/700 IJN I-58 Submarine (Tamiya) by Erick Navas
1/144 U-201 Submarine (Revell) by Erick Navas

1/700 Zhdanov (Combrig) by Andrey Zhukov
1/700 HMAS Australia (Combrig) by Min Hin Chong
1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 (DRA) by Nanond Nopparat
1/350 HMS Starling (White Ensign) by Anthony Polychroniadis

23-07-2009 US Seapower
1/700 USS Antietam CV-36 (Dragon) by Mark McKinnis
1/700 USS Nimitz CVN-68 (Trumpeter) by Juan Carlos Pérez
1/88 USAF 94 Air/Sea Rescue Boat (Lindberg) by Michael Maynard
1/350 Refueling at Sea - USS New Jersey BB-62 and USS Spruance DD-963 (Tamiya and Dragon) by Jorge Martinez

22-07-2009 Gallery of Firsts
1/570 RMS Titanic (Revell) by Bradley O'Hagan First Submission
1/350 USS Shangri-La CV-38 Sept.-Oct. 1945 (Trumpeter) by Timm Smith First Submission
1/700 Collection (Various) by Ronald Yoshioka First Submission
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Dave Wick First Submission

1/400 HMS St. Albans (Mirage) by Edward Pinniger
1/700 Type VIIC Attack (Hasegawa) by Alec Cap
1/700 HMS Warspite (WEM) by Kostas Katseas
1/200 Battle of Hampton Roads - USS Monitor vs. CSS Virginia (Verlinden) by Jorge Martinez

20-07-2009 Die Kriegsmarine
1/600 DKM Prinz Eugen (Airfix) by George A. Georgopoulos
1/400 Schnellboot und Räumboot der Kriegsmarine (Wilhelmshavener) by Pablo Cicero
1/400 Operation Cerberus - The Channel Dash (Heller) by Jorge Martinez

1/700 Aircraft Collection, Part 21; 100 Years of American Bombers, 1935-2035 (Various) by John Sears

More reviews for July include:

1/700 USS Arapaho AT-68 (Battlefleet) by David Bilek
1/200 Le Suroit (Heller) by Peter Van Buren
1/8 SS Portland (Bluejacket) (Scratchbuilt) by Leonard Xuereb

1/420 Le Phénix (Heller) by David Smith
1/600 Queen Elizabeth 2 (Airfix) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 IJN I-1 Submarine (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

15-07-2009 Battleships!
1/200 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Scratchbuilt) by Song Jung Gun
1/700 HMS Hood (Tamiya) by John Drabier
1/350 Richelieu, 1943 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig

14-07-2009 Cruisers
1/700 IJN Chokai 1944 (Pit Road) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
1/350 USS New Orleans CA-32 (Trumpeter) by David Hill
1/200 USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (Scratchbuilt) by Mario Beyer New Images Added

1/700 SMS König 1914 (Kombrig) by Bernd Villhauer
1/400 HMS Hood (Heller) by Edward Pinniger
1/700 IJN Kashii (Aoshima) by Erick Navas

1/200 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Scratchbuilt) by Mario Beyer New Images Added

1/350 Borodino (Zvezda) by Edward Pinniger
1/700 IJN Hosho (Fujimi) by Erick Navas

10-07-2009 USN Carriers
1/700 USS Wasp LHD-1 (Revell) by Juan Carlos Pérez
1/542 USS Wasp CV-18 (Revell) by Les Foran
1/540 USS Forrestal CVA-59 (Revell) by Bob Nandell
1/400 USS Card CVE-11 (JSC) by Philip Gill

09-07-2009 More Firsts!
1/700 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Tamiya) by Kenji Kudo First Submission
1/100 Transport Hydrofoil VS-8 (Scratchbuilt) by Leonard Xuereb First Submission
1/600 USS Hornet CV-8 (Aurora) by David Flynn First Submission / In Progress

1/72 RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch (Airfix) by Massimo D'Antilio
1/250 Harbour Defence Motor Launch ML1285 (Paper Model) by Horst Muerell
1/700 USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7 (Revell) Juan Carlos Pérez

07-07-2009 First Tuesday
1/200 IJN Kirishima (Scratchbuilt) by Yasuo Tomoi First Submission
1/350 USS Arthur W. Radford DDG-968 (DRA) by Andrzej Zurawski First Submission
1/400 V 105 (Mirage) by Marek Targowicz First Submission

More reviews for July include:

1/350 SMS Konig (ICM) by Edward Pinniger

04-07-2009 Happy Independence Day
1/72 USS Flasher SS-249 (Revell) by Mark Musty
1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Edward Pinniger

1/700 USS Iowa BB-04 (Niko) by Bob Cicconi
1/700 IJN Kiso (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

1/160 LCI(L)-78 (Lindberg) by Edward Pinniger
1/32 LCT-763 (Scratchbuilt) by Don RC
1/700 LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney (Trumpeter) by Juan Carlos Pérez

New reviews for July include:

1/700 DKM Prinz Eugen (Tamiya) by John Drabier
1/240 USS Jacob Jones DD-130 (Revell) by Fred Luhrs
1/700 DDG-51 USS Arleigh Burke (Pit-Road) by Juan Carlos Pérez

29-06-2009 Small Guys
1/700 HMS Rochester (Scratchbuilt) by Don McKeand
1/35 M.T.M. Barchino (Italeri) by Massimo D'Antilio
1/72 S-100 (Revell) by Edward Pinniger

1/700 USS California BB-44 (Waveline) by Rob Kernaghan

Installing 1/700 Photoetch Aircraft Rails and Turntable Details by Anthony Kochevar

26-06-2009 Carriers
1/700 Minsk (Trumpeter) by Eugene Kotusov
1/700 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 (Trumpeter) by Paolo Yuen
1/350 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Yankee Modelworks) by Philip LaVoie

25-06-2009 Battlewagons
1/192 HMS Warspite (Scratchbuilt) by Dennis Vella
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Paul Neuhaus
1/570 HMS King George V (Revell) by Erick Navas

Building the USS Aprapaho AT-68 in 1/700 scale by David Bilek

23-06-2009 Gator Navy
1/720 USS Tarawa LHA-1 (Revell Germany and DML) by John Leyland
1/700 USS Geneva APA-86 (Loose Cannon) by David Waples
1/35 LCM-3 (Verlinden) by Patrick Johnston

Destiny with Defeat Truk Lagoon 1942 in 1/350 by Kym Knight

1/700 IJN Kongo (Fujimi) by Jose Soca

1/72 DKM E-Boat (Airfix) by Paolo Yuen

1/700 USN Base Diorama (Battlefleet/Loose Cannon) by Patrick Johnston
1/700 DKM Admiral Graf Spee (Fujimi) by John Drabier

18-06-2009 Ships of the Rising Sun
1/700 JMSDF Ohsumi (Tamiya) by Emre Sirol
1/250 IJN Yamato (Amati) by Piergiorgio Vavassori
1/250 IJN Hashidate (Zhengdefu kitbash) by Edward Pinniger

1/700 LPG/C Donau (Scratchbuilt) by Roel Van de Velde
1/700 COSCO Atlantic Jamaican Container Ship (Loose Cannon Productions) by Chris King
1/700 RFA Sir Bedivere (Scratchbuilt) by David Smith

1/700 CG-47 USS Ticonderoga (Pit-Road) by Juan Carlos Pérez
1/600 HMS Edinburgh (Airfix) by Erick Navas
1/700 USS Randolph CV-15 (DML) by Mark Mckinnis

15-06-2009 Sailing Ships
1/96 USS Constitution (Revell) by Maximiliano Guimarães First Submission
1/55 Hansa Cog (Revell) by Edward Pinniger
1/96 US Brig Niagara (Scratchbuilt) by Paul Helfrich

1/10 YTL-710 (Scratchbuilt) by Pat Matthews New Images Added

13-06-2009 Spooks
1/350 First Spook Sub, on Eternal Patrol(Yankee Modelworks) by Tony Bunch

12-06-2009 More Destroyers
1/350 USS Duncan DD-485 (Dragon) by Martin J. Quinn
1/700 IJN Shirayuki (Tamiya) by Erick Navas
1/700 USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2 (Revell) by Juan Carlos Pérez

11-06-2009 Cold War / Modern Destroyers
1/350 USS Zumwalt DDG-1000 (Scratchbuilt) by Sam Snavely Sr First Submission
1/350 BAP Quiñones (MW-Models) by Maarten Schönfeld
1/700 USS Cochrane DDG-21 (Pit-Road) by Juan Carlos Pérez

10-06-2009 Wartime USN Destroyers
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Les Foran
1/350 USS The Buchanan DD-484 (DML) by Dirk Mennigke
1/700 USS Cushing DD-797 (Tamiya) by Pete Randall
1/350 USS Swanson DD-443 (DML) by Michael Winters New Images Added

09-06-2009 Focus on 700th
1/700 Aircraft Collection, Part 20; XH-17 Flying Crane (Scratchbuilt) by John Sears
1/700 Gremyashchy (DML) by Heiko Schittek
1/700 PLAN Type 054A Jiang-Kai II Stealth Frigate (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King

1/64 HMS Diana (Scratchbuilt) by Roger Antrobus
1/200 Smit Nederland (Revell) by Edward Pinniger
1/350 Lost Scrapyard (Iron Shipwrights) by Alexander Grass

1/48 US Coast Guard Rescue Boat (Glencoe) by Christian Groth

06-06-2009 65th Anniversary of D-Day
1/700 HMS Bluebell (WEM) by Andrew Johnson
HMS Bluebell escorted LST's from England to the beaches.

05-06-2009 Submarines
1/700 USS Pampanito SS-383 (Hobby Boss) by Hanchang Kuo
1/700 Typhoon SSBN, TK-208 Dimitri Donskoi (Hobby Boss) by Joerg Kuhnert
1/200 USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-619 (Revel) by Philip Gill

Scratchbuilding a Russian 1916 Cruiser-Minelayer Project in 1/700 scale by Vladimir Yakubov
1/700 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Tamiya) by Lewis Goh
1/350 USS Washington BB-56 (Trumpeter) by Roger Torgeson

03-06-2009 Glorious Firsts of June
Congrats to Michael Winters , Modelwarship's 1000th Gallery Contributor!

1/350 USS Swanson DD-443 (DML) by Michael Winters First Submission
1/250 Oldenburg, Imperal German Navy accomodation hulk (Pro-Modell/Gremir) by Michael Kaintoch First Submission
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Jan-Erik Johansson First Submission
1/350 IJN Ise (Fujimi) by Sethapong Mongkolsawat First Submission

A new review and feature for June:

Building the British Tramp Steamer Drumgeith 1906 by Jim Baumann

01-06-2009 Gallery/Review double feature
1/700 HMS Helsingborg, Visby class (L`Arsenal) by Brett Morrow

New reviews for June include:

1/350 HMS King George V, 1943 (Tamiya) by Evans Pappas

1/350 PGM-9 (ISW) by Jonne Uotila

1/350 HMS Cleopatra (Scratchbuilt) by Phil Reeder
1/700 RM Light Cruiser Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta (Delphis Models) by An Chu
1/700 USS Ingraham FFG-61 (DML) by Mathew Tuck

28-05-2009 Sailing Ships
1/60 Halcon (Scratchbuilt) by Philip Gill
1/180 Sovereign of the Seas 1637 (Airfix) by Mario Grima
1/64 HMS Agamemnon (Scratchbuilt) by Roger Antrobus First Submission

27-05-2009 USN Destroyers
1/350 USS Scott DE-214 (Trumpeter) by Kyle Delisle
1/350 USS John S McCain DDG-56 (Panda) by Adam Mcleish
1/350 USS Buchanan DD-484 (DML) by Marc Wendel

1/700 HMS Liverpool (Dragon) by Bob Nandell
1/700 HMAS Vampire (Tamiya) by Bill Keough
1/110 South Goodwin Lightship (Eastern Express) by Edward Pinniger

25-05-2009 Cruisers of the Rising Sun
1/350 IJN Kasuga (Combrig) by Yuri Logaziak
1/700 IJN Aoba (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/700 Third class cruiser IJN Katsuragi (Seals Models) by Gone Asiatic

1/75 Roman Bireme (Heller) by Arthur Macon

1/72 Composite Patrol Vessel (Scratchbuilt) by Aidan Sweeney

22-05-2009 Battleships; Queens of the Seas
1/350 USS Montana BB-67 (Tamiya Kitbash) by Michael Poirier First Submission
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Yuri Logaziak
1/600 HMS Hood (Airfix) by Paul Stewart
1/600 HMS Marlborough (Airfix) by Erick Navas

21-05-2009 Carriers
1/350 IJN Mogami (Tamiya) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 USS Bogue CVE-9 (Tamiya) by Carlos Eduardo Buchweitz
1/720 USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 (Italeri) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Tamiya) by Lewis Goh First Submission

20-05-2009 Work Boats
1/200 Smit Houston (Revell Germany) by Peter Van Buren
1/400 Rescue Station Stornoway (Airfix) by Derek Derks
1/10 YTL-710 (Scratchbuilt) by Pat Matthews
1/250 Harbour Defence Motor Launch ML1031 (Paper Model) by Horst Muerell

19-05-2009 Da, Rodina!
1/350 Varyag (Zvezda) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 Varyag (Zvezda) by Yuri Logaziak
1/700 Kerch (Combrig) by Joerg Kuhnert
1/700 Leningrad, Soviet ASW Cruiser (Combrig) by Paul Helfrich

18-05-2009 Battleship Monday
1/350 HMS Rodney, 1943 (Scratchbuilt) by Phil Reeder
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/500 BB-55 USS North Carolina (Revell) by James Herndon
1/700 BB-55 USS North Carolina (Trumpeter) by James Herndon

OMACON '09 IPMS-Ft. Crook, Omaha NE May 16, 2009 by Carl Musselman

1/700 HMS Jaguar (Fine Waterline) by Rob Kernaghan

1/700 Doblestny, Krivak I (Skywave) by Mathew Tuck
1/350 SMS Emden (Revell of Germany) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 USS Camp DER-251 (Skywave) by Fred Luhrs

14-05-2009 IJN Thursday
1/350 IJN Nagato (Hasegawa) by Rainer Michalek
1/700 IJN carrier Zuiho 1944 Cap Engano (Hasegawa) by Christoph Mentzel

One more new review for May:

13-05-2009 New Kit Wednesday
More new reviews for May include: 12-05-2009 Flattop Tuesday
1/700 IJN Shoho at Coral Sea (Hasegawa) by Christoph Mentzel
1/700 HMS Ark Royal (Fujimi) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 USS Tun Tavern, a What If Supercarrier (Scratchbuilt) by Ryan Labieniec

11-05-2009 Old USN BB Monday
1/700USS Colorado BB-45 (Loose Cannon) by Mark Mckinnis
1/350USS West Virginia BB-48 (Yankee Modelworks) by Robert McGhee
1/350USS Arizona BB-39 (Mini-Hobby) by Mark Taylor
1/48USS South Dakota BB-57 (Scratchbuilt) by Pieter Bakels First Submission/In Progress

10-05-2009 CV Sunday
1/700 IJN Kaga 1942 (Hasegawa) by Lars Juel Mosbaek
1/350 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Alec Cap

09-05-2009 Essex class weekend special
More new reviews for May include:

Additional images have been added to the Veteran Models review on the 1/350 5" 38 Cal. Open mount as used on the Essex class.

08-05-2009 Mighty Mo
1/700 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Paolo Yuen
1/350 BB-63 USS Missouri (Tamiya) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/350 BB-63 USS Missouri (Mini-Hobby Models) by James Herndon

07-05-2009 First Thursday
1/82 USCG Patrol Boat (Lindberg) by Bob Bartlett First Submission
1/400 HMS King George V (Heller) by Anthony Perrotta First Submission
1/700 Noto Maru (Pit Road) by Jim C. Smith First Submission

1/350 CV-11 USS Intrepid (Trumpeter) by James Herndon
1/350 CV-14 USS Ticonderoga (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 HMS Ark Royal (Revell Germany) by Paul Stewart

1/350 USS Essex CV-9 (Trumpeter) by Brian MacLeish
1/700 USS Yorktown, CV-10 (Trumpeter) by Mark Mckinnis
1/700 USS Randolph CV-15 (DML) by Paolo Yuen

IPMS Dr. Alexander Lippisch Chapter of Cedar Rapids, Iowa Model Show and Contest on Saturday, May 2, 2009 by Carl Musselman

1/700 Collection (Various) by Frantisek Kut
1/350 USS Lansdowne DD-486, 1945 (DML) by Ed McDonald

Another new reviews for May include:

New reviews for May include:

Building the 1/350 USS Lansdowne DD-486, 1945 By Ed McDonald
IPMS Plastic Surgeons of Des Moines, Iowa 15th Annual Model Contest by Carl Musselman

1/350 USS Lassen DDG-82 (Trumpeter) by Bill Liebold
1/700 HMS Fury (Tamiya) by Don McKeand

1/72 Vosper MTB (Revell) by Guilherme Santos
1/600 HMS Victorious 2008 (Airfix) by Kieran Griffith

1/550 Henri IV (Scratchbuilt) by Gregory Shoda
1/700 HMS Hood 1941 (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas
1/720 USS Indiana (Revell) by Mario Grima

More new reviews for April include:

1/360 Coastal Renaissance (Scratchbuilt) by Mike Ng

1/350 USS The Sullivans DDG-68 (DML) by Dirk Mennigke
1/500 HMS Revenge (Frog) by Mario Grima

1/700 DKM Tirpitz (Trumpeter) by Gareth Millroy
1/700 USS Bootes AK-99 (Pit-Road) by Frantisek Kut
1/400 Type IXA (Mirage) by Mario Grima

1/350 USS Duluth CL-87 (Yankee Modelworks) by Philip LaVoie
1/700 USS Essex CVA-9 (Iron Shipwrights) by Christoph Mentzel
1/400 Duquesne Vs. Type VIIC (Heller) by Jorge Martinez

1/350 Kursk, Oscar II (Zvezda) by Jean-Michel Pierron First Submission
1/700 IJN Suzuya (Tamiya) by Emre Sirol First Submission
1/350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Tamiya) by Mike Dawson First Submission

Ships of Model Fest 2009, sponsored by West Central Missouri IPMS Chapter by Carl Musselman

1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Mike Cavel

1/700 Submarine Collection (Pit-Road and Hobby Boss) by Anthony Kochevar

1/192 Cutty Sark (UPC) by Bill Code
1/60 Pinta (Amati) by Momcil Kaltchev
1/96 USS Kearsarge (Revell) by Don RC

Building the USS Quick DD-490 in 1/350 scale (Dragon) by Bob Cicconi

1/350 Kursk (Zvezda) by Jonne Uotila
1/35 German Hecht type Midget Submarine (Verlinden) by Mario Grima
1/350 USS Minneapolis-St Paul SSN-708 (BWN) by Philip LaVoie

1/72 Vosper MTB (Airfix) by Massimo D'Antilio First Submission
1/250 RMS Titanic (Amati) by Piergiorgio Vavassori First Submission
1/144 DKM U-2360 Type XXIII (Trumpeter) by Carles Joan Cabezón FuertesFirst Submission

1/700 RFS Nastoychivyy (DML) by Ernesto Bersabal Jr.
1/700 HMS Liverpool (Pitroad) by Heiko Schittek
1/350 Suvorov (Eastern Express) by Mario Grima

12-04-2009 Happy Easter!
1/700 Georgios Averoff (YS Masterpieces) by Momcil Kaltchev Updated

1/388 SS Great Eastern (Revell) by Mario Busto

1/700 Away all Boarders (Various) by John Leyland
1/700 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71 (Italeri) by Bob Nandell
1/48 Oakley class lifeboat "The Royal Thames" (Alanger) by Christian Groth

Building KuK; SMS Wien at the Spithead Fleet review 1897 by Jim Baumann

1/96 USS Turner Joy DD-951 (BaD Models) by Robert Rodriguez
1/450 SS Norway 1990 (Glencoe) by Pascal Flavignie
1/700 HMS Campbeltown (B-Resina) by Frantisek Kut

1/700 USS Core (Tamiya) by Frantisek Kut
1/500 HMS Royal Sovereign (Eastern Express) by Mario Grima

MosquitoCon 2009 Ship Photos by Devin Poore

1/72 Whaleback Diorama (Various) by Alec Cap

1/350 JMSDF Kongo DDG-173 (Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren

New reviews for April include:

New reviews for April include: Your webmaster is trying to win a 6 month free test drive of the new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Check out my video application. Your comments are welcome.

New reviews for April Fools day include:

1/72 RAF Rescue Boat (Airfix) by Alec Cap
1/144 Kilo class SSK (Trumpeter) by Mark Musty

1/400 INS Sindhurakshak (Maquette) by Gurcharan Sidhu First Submission
1/700 HMS Royal Sovereign (Combrig) by John Barnum
1/700 IJN Hyuga (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Oyodo (Fujimi) by Erick Navas

1/700 IJN Taiho (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

1/45 Roman Warship 50 BC (Academy) by Rod Millard
1/60 HMS Speedy, 1828 (Scratchbuilt) by Philip Gill First Submission

1/700 HMAS Vampire (Tamiya) by Frantisek Kut
1/700 IJN Takao (Aoshima) by Jorge Martinez
1/700 IJN Momi (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/350 USS North Carolina (Trumpeter) by Mario Grima
1/700 IJN Tatsuta (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas
1/144 Type XXI (Revell) by Mark Musty

1/700 USS Winston S. Churchill DDG-81 (DML) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong
1/350 IJN Chokai, 1942 (Aoshima) by Peter Hoskins
1/250 SMS Bodrog (Wilhelmshavener) by Tamás Herger

23-03-2009 Light Cruisers
1/700 HMS Danae 1942 (Niko) by Peter Fulgoney
1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by Ralf Roggeveen
1/700 USS Salem CL-3 (Loose Cannon) by Bob Cicconi

1/350 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Trumpeter) by James Herndon

1/700 HTMS Kram Wreck (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava

1/350 USS Langley CV-1 (ISW) by Peter Van Buren
1/542 USS Forrestal CV-59 (Revell) by Didier Langlois
1/72 USAHS St. Olaf (APS Models) by John Konda

19-03-2009 More Firsts
1/350 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Bernard Chan First Submission
1/350 USS North Carolina BB-55 (Trumpeter) by James Herndon First Submission
1/600 HMS Belfast (Airfix) by Paul Stewart First Submission

Modelwarships Exclusive first look at the new Dragon USS Gearing!

1/256 USS Freedom LCS-1 (Scratchbuild) by Bill Liebold
1/350 USS Alywin FF-1081 (ISW) by Robert McGhee
1/700 Forbin (D620) (Veteran Models) by Hanchang Kuo

17-03-2009 First Submissions- Sailing Ships
Happy St.Patrick's Day!
1/150 Royal Louis (Heller) by Alain Personnic First Submission
1/96 CSS Alabama (Revell) by Marinko Brkic-Tot First Submission
1/225 HMS Victory (Revell Germany) by Giuseppe Cisternino First Submission

1/700 HTMS Kut (Pit-Road) by Nye Nava
1/400 HMS King George V (Heller) by Peter O'Donnell
1/700 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Tamiya) by David Griffith

1/700 IJN Auxiliary Patrol Boat (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

Battleship Game by Keith Bender

1/350 Alarm Starboard! - HMS Phoebe November 1943 (ISW) by Andrew Ayling
1/700 Surigao Sisters (Hi-Mold/Aoshima) by Jose Soca

1/350 PLAN Shi Lang (Trumpeter) by Kieran Griffith
1/700 USS San Jacinto CVL-30 (DML) by David Griffith

1/350 DKM U-300 Type VIIC/41 (Flagman) by Petr Osipov
1/700 USS Fletcher DD-992 (Arii) by James Bongiovanni First Submission
1/250 British 105ft Motor Minesweeper (CFP) by Horst Muerell First Submission

1/350 Kirov (Trumpeter) by Keith Bender
1/700 HMAS Sydney (NNT) by David Griffith
1/542 USS Oriskany CVA-34, 1975 (Revell) by Jeremy Jones First Submission

1/700 HMS Starling (White Ensign) by David Griffith
1/200 La Sirene (Hellers) by Mario Grima
1/350 USS Providence SSN-719 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ken Kissner

1/700 Admiral Popov's Unique Namesake by Vladimir Yakubov

1/225 USS Oregon BB-3 (Glenco) by Don RC

1/547 USS Midway (Revell) by Mario Grima
1/700 USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Mark Mckinnis

1/700 HMS Repulse (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/144 USS Seawolf SSN-21 (Trumpeter) by Mark Musty

1/700 IJN Ariake (Fujimi) by Erick Navas
1/700 USS Fargo CL-106 (Niko) by by Christoph Mentzel

More new reviews for March include:

More new reviews for March include: 01-03-2009
New reviews for March include:

The John Prothero-Thomas Collection

1/700 USS Essex CV-9 1943 (DML) by Mark Mckinnis
1/700 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Tamiya) by Richard J. Price
1/350 Kuznetsov and Sovremenny (Trumpeter) by Louis Carabott

Tom Harrison of Tom's Modelworks passed away today.
Fleet Air Arm Model Show at Yeovilton by Jim Baumann

1/130 FGS Luebeck F214 (Scratchbuilt) by Kai Eberle
1/350 USS Minneapolis CA-36 1944 (Trumpeter) by Philip LaVoie
1/700 HMS Broadsword F88 (Scratchbuilt) by David Smith

24-02-2009 Battleships
1/300 Oktyabr'skaya Revolutsiya (Maly Modelarz) by Paul Helfrich
1/350 USS Arizona (Mini Hobby Models) by Mario Grima
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 (DML) by Nanond Nopparat

23-02-2009 Destroyers
1/700 USS Chafee DDG-90 (DML) by Heiko Schittek
1/700 RFS Bystry (DML) by Mathew Tuck
1/700 USS Cushing DD-797 (Tamiya) by Nanond Nopparat
1/350 Sovremenny (Trumpeter) by Louis Carabott

1/72 DGzRS Hermann Marwede, SAR (Revell Germany) by Christian Groth First Submission
1/108 Harbour Tugboat (Revell Germany) by Tudou Lan First Submission

New reviews for February include:

1/600 HMS Suffolk (Airfix) by Chee Wee Sim
1/600 USS St. Paul CA-73 (Aurora) by Bob Nandell
1/700 USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Tamiya) by Jorge Martinez

1/350 MV Hellenic Star (L'Arsenal) by Anthony Polychroniadis
1/700 Hospital ships (Scratchbuilt) by David Smith
1/400 La Seine (Heller) by Alec Cap
1/350 RMS Titanic (Minicraft) by Jorge Martinez

18-02-2009 Subs
1/350 USS Sturgeon SSN-637 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ken Kissner
1/220 USS Lionfish SS-298 (Revell Monogram) by Alec Cap
1/144 DKM U-96 Type VIIIC (Revell Germany) by Mark Musty

17-02-2009 Firsts
1/700 HMS Dreadnought, 1906 (Combrig) by Ilya Lifanov First Submission
1/35 LCVP (Italeri) by David Waples First Submission
1/700 USS Saratoga CV-3 (Trumpeter) by Tom Keane First Submission

1/700 Still Waters (Hobby Boss) by Neal Clarke First Submission
1/400 Typhoon SSBN (Revell Germany) by Mark Musty First Submission
1/350 USS George Washington SSBN-598 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ken Kissner

1/72 IJN Yamato (Scratchbuilt) by Rolf Busetto New Images Added

1/350 USS Skipjack SSN-585 (Yankee Modelworks) by Ken Kissner

1/400 ORP Mazur (Mirage) by Dave Stone
1/700 HMS Eskimo 1939 (Scratchbuilt) by Fan Bai
1/192 HMS Hardy (Scratchbuilt) by Dennis Vella

1/700 USS Enterprise CV-6 Diorama (Trumpeter/Skywave) by Chris Sullivan First Submission
1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 (Trumpeter) by Han-Pinn, Ong

Building the IJN Yaeyama post 1902 by Jim Baumann

1/150 Batavia (Revell Germany) by Krzysztof Piotr Sokolowski First Submission/In Progress
1/384 SS/USS Kroonland (Scratchbuilt) by Richard Wonderly

09-02-2009 Cruisers
1/200 USS Salt Lake City CA-25 (Scratchbuilt) by Mario Beyer
1/350 IJN Takao (Aoshima) by David Gatt

1/520 HMS Winnipeg (Scratchbuilt) by Kieran Griffith

1/72 RAF Rescue (Airfix) by Chris Hewitt

06-02-2009 "K" Battleships
1/350 IJN Kongo (Fujimi) by David Gatt
1/350 IJN Kongo (Aoshima) by Peter Hoskins First Submission
1/350 SMS König (ICM) by Edson Luiz Saraiva dos Reis First Submission

1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Brian MacLeish
1/700 Hikawamaru (Hasegawa) by Chris Hewitt
1/500 Lé Dagda MRV (Arii) by Kieran Griffith

1/700 USS Princeton CG-59 (DML) by Heiko Schittek
1/700 USS Astoria CA-34 (Trumpeter) by Rainer Michalek
1/700 HMS Exeter (Matchbox Kitbash) by Mike McCabe

1/720 USS Nassau LHA-4 (Italeri) by Paul Helfrich
1/700 HMS Starling (White Ensign) by An Chu

1/700 Democratie (Fleet Net) by Bob Cicconi
1/240 HMS Campbeltown (Revell Germany) by Alec Cap
1/200 BAP Huascar (Plastix) by Erick Navas New Images Added

New reviews for February include:

USS Laffey (DD-724) and USCG Ingham walkaround by Jorge Martinez

1/700 HMS Milne, 1942 (White Ensign) by An Chu
1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 (Trumpeter) by Alec Cap
1/700 IJN Haruna (Fujimi) by Erick Navas

1/700 DKM Bismarck (Trumpeter) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 SMS Grosser Kurfurst (ICM) by Alec Cap
1/400 HMS Hood (Heller) by Erick Navas

1/350 USS Taylor FFG-50 (Academy) by Jeong Hoon, Lee
1/350 IJN Nippon Maru (Lee) by Alec Cap
1/700 IJN Myoko (Hasegawa) by Erick Navas

1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (Tamiya) by Nanond Nopparat
1/700 Model in the Nutshell (Scratchbuilt) by Fabrice Marie

1/350 USCG Castle Rock WEHC-383 (ISW) by Michael Taylor
1/700 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Bruno Lorente

1/700 USNS Grapple ARS-53 (Scratchbuilt) by Chris King

1/400 DKM Type VII C/41 (Mirage) by Alejandro Núñez

23-01-2009 Destroyers
1/700 USS William D. Porter DD-579 (Skywave) by Bill Liebold
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 1942 (Tamiya) by Philip LaVoie
1/700 USS John S. McCain DL-3 (Loose Cannon) by Carl Musselman
1/700 HMS Sheffield (Revell Germany) by George Pék, MD

22-01-2009 Sailing Ships
1/125 Thonier Armor (Heller) by Fabrice Marie First Submission
1/96 USS Constitution (Revell) by Neagu Danyel
1/250 Roman Warship 50BC (Academy) by Arthur Macon
1/72 Trireme (Zvezda) by Walter Taylor

21-01-2009 Ships of the Rising Sun
1/350 IJN Akagi (Hasegawa) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 IJN Hatsuharu (Aoshima) by Erick Navas
1/96 JMSDF Atago DDG-177 (Scratchbuild) by Bill Liebold
1/700 IJN Fuso AA refit (Hypothetical) (Aoshima) by Luke Bucci First Submission

1/350 USS San Francisco CA-38 1942 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 IJN Shimakaze (Tamiya) by Erick Navas
1/700 HMS King George V (Tamiya) by Kostas Katseas
1/96 USS Ely PCE-880 (Scratchbuilt) by Steve Kohls

Scratchbuilding USS Brister DE-327 « Trim but deadly » by René Hieronymus

1/700 USS Boxer CV-21 1945 (Hasegawa) by David Hlusak

1/700 IJN I-400 (Hobby Boss) by Erick Navas

1/700 USS Sampson DDG-102 (DML) by Carl Musselman
1/96 PT-41 (Scratchbuilt) by Steve Kohls
1/350 Tamiya Battleships (Tamiya) by Alec Cap
1/700 IJN Musashi (Tamiya) by Erick Navas

15-01-2009 Defenders of Rodina
1/350 Admiral Panteleyev, Udaloy Class DDG (Trumpeter) by Douglas K. L. Chan
1/700 RFS Pyotr Veliky (DML) by Mathew Tuck
1/350 Knyaz Suvorov 1905 (Zvezda) by Robert Apfelzweig
1/700 Delta III SSBN (DML) by Filipe Ramires

14-01-2009 First Submissions
1/100 SMS Beowulf (Viva Scale Models) by Ivan Tirinov First Submission
1/700 IJN I-14 (Pitroad) by Serhan Oflas First Submission
1/144 DKM Type XXIII U-boat (ICM) by Miklós Büte First Submission
1/218 Houjian class FAC (Zhengdefu) by Zenden Ng First Submission

13-01-2009 720th Carriers
1/720 USS Enterprise CVAN-65 (Revell Germany) by John Leyland
1/720 DKM Graf Zeppelin (Revell Germany) by Erick Navas
1/720 USS Forrestal CV-59 (Italeri) by Kostas Katseas
1/350 USS Saratoga CV-3 (Trumpeter) by Robert Apfelzweig

1/700 IJN Mikuma & IJN Asashio at Battle of Midway (Tamiya/Skywave) by Steven J. Corvi
1/350 DKM Tirpitz (Tamiya) by Alec Cap
1/700 USS South Dakota BB-57 (Hasegawa) by Kostas Katseas

1/350 USS Missouri (Tamiya) by Henry Quon

1/72 Magyar Folyami Ladik (Scratchbuilt) by Tamás Herger

1/700 HMS Otus S18 (Resin Shipyard) by Jim Baumann
1/125 DKM U-99 Type VII/B (Revell Germany) by Dave Stone
1/96 USS Kraken SS-370 (Scratchbuilt) by Steve Kohls

1/700 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Dave Stone
1/350 IJN Kongo (Fujimi) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 HMS Duke of York (Tamiya) by Bob Nandell
1/192 FS Jean Bart (Scratchbuilt) by Russell Clark

1/350 HNLMS Haarlem (M853) (L'Arsenal) by Peter Van Buren
1/142 Atlantis Trawler (Revell Germany) by Bill Dunn
1/700 DKM Graf Spee (Fujimi) by Santiago Ezcurra
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Alec Cap New Images Added

06-01-2009 Congrats to Erick Navas!
1/700 IJN Zuikaku (Fujimi) by Erick Navas New Images Added
1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by Erick Navas New Images Added
1/400 DKM Prinz Eugen (Heller) by Erick Navas New Images Added
1/350 HMS King George V (Mini Hobby Models) by Erick Navas New Images Added
1/350 USS Missouri BB-63 (MiniHobbies) by Erick Navas New Images Added

05-01-2009 New Guys on Monday
1/96 USS The Sullivans DD-537 (Scratchbuilt) by Steve Kohls First Submission
1/700 HMS Liverpool (DML) by Stefano Matteucci First Submission
1/350 HMS Vega, 1918 (Armada) by Stephen Allen

USS North Carolina BB-55 walkaround by Jorge Martinez

USCG Taney Walkaround by Mario Grima

1/96 USS The Sullivans DD-537 (Scale Shipyard) by Don RC
1/700 IJN Kirishima (Hasegawa) by Kostas Katseas

01-01-2009 HAPPY NEWYEAR
New reviews for January include:

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