Part 3 of the Konig Full Buildup review by Andy Elwood is ready

Added images of John Wilkes's Battle Damaged HMS Sheffield

Added images of Andy Elwood's 1/350 DKM Bismarck

Added images of Lester Abbey's 1/700 Scale USS Helena CL-50

The IJN Task Force that attacked Pearl Harbor

Part 2 of the Konig Full Buildup review by Andy Elwood is ready

Added images of Michael Taylor's  USS Taylor DD-468 and DKM Bismarck
Added images of Michael Taylor's RN, IJN, and USN Dioramas

New Reviews for December include

  • Tamiya's New 1/700 Scale USS Indianapolis Heavy Cruiser
  • Matchbox 1/700 USS Indianapolis Heavy Cruiser
  • Tamiya 1/700 Scale Bogue Class Escort Carrier
  • Classic Warships 1/700 Scale USS Portland resin kit
  • White Ensign Models 1/350 scale SMS Konig Photo etch set
  • Tom's Modelworks 1/700 Escort Carrier Photo etch set
  • Loose Canon 1/700 scale Dual 5"-38 Turrets in resin
  • Squadron Signal Publications Escort Carriers in Action
  • Warships Perspectives #3 Flower Class Corvettes

  • 28-11-2000
    Added images of Sami Arim's 1/700 HMS HOOD  (Tamiya plastic kit)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Added images of Mark Allen Horn's 1/350 Scale SMS Emden (Revell plastic kit)

    Added the new ModelWarships.com  message board

    Added images of Kelly Quirk's 1/400 Enterprise CVN-65 (Arii plastic kit)

    Added images of Michael O'Brien's 1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya)

    Added images of Ron Dickenson's 1/350 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Blue Water Navy)

    Added images of Andy Elwood's 1/350 HMS Prince of Wales to the Battle Ship Gallery

    Added a special diorama feature "the Sands of Iwo Jima" by Ron Dickenson

    Added images to the Gallery of Andy Elwood's 1/350 Scale USS Ward
    New Reviews for November include;

  • Blue Water Navy's USS Atlanta Light Cruiser a 1/350 Resin kit
  • Gold Medal Models SMS Konig Photo Etch detail set
  • Gold Medal Models 1/350 Scale Cable Reels Photo Etch detail set
  • White Ensign Models 1/700 Dockyard Mateys Railroad equipment for your dockside diorama
  • Warships Perspectives #2 Atlanta Class Cruisers of WWII By Glenn Arnold
  • The Floating Drydocks USS Juneau detail book
  • Columbia Pictures DAS BOOT is now on DVD
  • Andy Elwood begins a multi part series on building ICM's new 1/350 scale Konig

    Andy Elwood take's "Best of Show" and "Best Naval" award with his Blue Water Navy USS California at the October 28th Model Show and Contest held at the Combat Air Museum at Forbes Field, Topeka, KS. Congratulations Andy!

    Added images of Rusty Whites 1/350 MB Models Samuel Roberts FFG-58

    Building the USS Cushing DD-376 Part 1

    The Guadalcanal feature has been expanded to include:

  • The USS Helena CL-50 in Action
  • First Contact (The melee begins in Iron bottom Sound)
  • Introducing Andy Elwood, Our new 1/350 Editor and his stunning ships.
  • USS Yorktown
  • USS Arizona
  • USS California
  • USS Missouri
  • IJN Kirishima
  • HMS Hood
  • DKM Tirpitz
  • Guadalcanal bibliography (a list of reference books and websites)

    We visit the National Military Heritage Museum in St. Joseph, MO.
    Special coverage of the 10th Annual Military Model Contest and Show
    withExtended Ship Coverage

    New Reviews for October include;

  • "US Cruisers an Illustrated Design History" by Norman Friedman
  • Warship Perspective, Camouflage Volume 1 Royal Navy 1939-1941.
  • A look at a Dragon's 1/350 Scale USS Ticonderoga Aegis Class Cruiser.
  • A look back at a Classic resin kit, Imperial Navy's 1/700 Scale HMS Repulse.
  • Matchbox 1/700 USS San Diego Plastic Kit
  • Pit Road's 1/700 US Aircraft set #1 Bombers, B-17's, PBY's C-47, etc.
  • Classic Warships 1/700th Scale Photo-etched USN Destroyer Small weapons set.

  • 01-09-2000
    September News
    The Guadalcanal feature has been expanded to include
  • Building the USS Helena CL-50 part 1.
  • Prelude to Battle (events leading up to the Classic Naval clash).
  • Kelly Quirk show us how he built his USS Enterprise in 1/350 Scale.

    The ModelWarships Gallery is open and ready for your submissions.

    New Reviews for September include;

  • A look at one of the original Ship Modeling Publications Plastic Ship Modeler
  • Warship Perspective, Camouflage Volume 1 Royal Navy 1939-1941.
  • DML/Dragon's 1/700 USS Independence CVL22 light Carrier
  • Fujimi USS Lexington CV2 in 1/700 Scale
  • Kobo Hiryu's 1/700 Scale Resin USS Drayton, a Mahan Class Destroyer
  • The Floating Drydocks USS Cushing DD376 Blueprints

  • 01-08-2001
    August News

    A new Guadalcanal Feature has begun with three new articles;

  • Introduction and overview
  • Quick kit availability reference for building the 13  ships in 1/700 scale
  • Building the USS Monssen in 1/700 scale
  • We visit Freedom Park in Omaha, NE. Home of the USS Hazard AM-240, and the USS Marlin SST-2.

    New Reviews for August include;

  • A new Ship Modeling magazine Model Ship Journal.
  • DML/Dragon's 1/700 USS Oakland CL95 Light Cruiser.
  • Wavelines 1/700 Scale USS Baltimore.
  • Gold Medal Models USN Cruiser Destroyer set.
  • The Floating Drydocks USS Helena CL50 plans
  • Sprue nippers and Squadron miniature scissors
  • A 1/700 Scale Ship Review locator.

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