November 13th 1942, thirteen Ships are sent in to the hold the line, and prevent another devastating bombardment of the Marines defending Henderson Field. Up against an enemy fleet that included two Japanese Battleships. The American fleet included just two Heavy Cruisers, three Light Cruisers and eight Destroyers. Two of the Light Cruisers, the USS Atlanta and USS Juneau were designed to fight enemy aircraft not surface ships. Besides the five Cruisers there were eight Destroyers including the brand new USS Fletcher and USS O'Bannon, both equipped with the best radar then available to the USN. Also with the Fleet now called Task Group 67.4, were four Benson/Gleaves Class Destroyers, the USS Laffey, USS Aaron Ward, USS Barton, and the USS Monssen. The USS Sterrett, a Benham Class DD, and the old USS Cushing, a Mahan Class DD, that were all hastily assembled to hold off an enemy fleet of two Battleships, one Light Cruiser, and eleven Destroyers.

All of the kits necessary to build these ships in 1/700 scale are available. For details check the quick reference guide.

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