1/700 Spanish Minesweeper Ebro M 22 (Pit-Road) by Luis Crespo

1/700 HTMS Ratcharit (Scratchbuilt) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

1/700 Sealift at the Pier (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Nandell

1/700 Thai fishing boat (Scratchbuilt) by Nattapon Bunsiwwong

1/150 Mayflower (Heller) by Ellen Griffith First Submission
1/350 SS John W. Brown (Trumpeter) by Steve Hart First Submission

1/500 USS San Diego CL-53 (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
1/700 USS Alaska CB-1 (Samek) by Sylvain Auger

25-12-2007 Merry Christmas
1/700 USN Floating Drydock ARD-2 (Corsair Armada) by Nektarios Koufopoulos

1/700 KuK Szent Istvan (WSW) by Jeff Sharp
1/570 HMS Prince of Wales (Revell Germany) by Les Foran
1/350 USS Saratoga CV-3 (Trumpeter) by Steve Booher
1/720 USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Revell Germany) by Nektarios Koufopoulos

1/200 Charles W. Morgan (Academy) by Les Foran

1/700 Kiev (Trumpeter) by Juan Carlos Pérez

21-12-2007 Battleship Friday
1/350 HMS Hood (Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 HMS Nelson (Tamiya) by Bernd Villhauer
1/270 Henri IV (Scratchbuilt) by Sandro Paretti First Submission
An unnamed manufacturer has asked us to find out what kits you'd like to see; please vote in the polls in our Forum;

20-12-2007 DKM Thursday
1/700 DKM Z-Classe Destroyer (Tamiya) by Soonho Choi
1/700 DKM Scharnhorst (Tamiya) by Nanond Nopparat First Submission
1/350 DKM Bismarck (Tamiya) by Sylvain Auger

1/70 ARA Almirante Guillermo Brown D10 (Scratchbuilt) by Juan Carlos LagoFirst Submission
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Artur Oslizlo
1/350 SMS Emden (Revell Germany) by Hoga Lam First Submission
1/72 USS Lizardfish SS-373 (Revell) by Mario Grima

18-12-2007 Red Banner Fleet Tuesday
1/700 Moskva (Trumpeter) by Pedro Carreras First Submission
1/700 Sovremenny (DML) by Paul Helfrich
1/700 Udaloy (Pit-Road) by Juan Carlos Pérez
1/700 Krivak (Pit-Road) by Juan Carlos Pérez

17-12-2007 HMS Monday
1/600 HMS Ajax (Airfix) by George A. Georgopoulos
1/350 HMS Prince of Wales (Tamiya) by Alexander Glass First Submission
1/400 HMS Victorious (Heller) by Phil Reeder

1/700 Aircraft Collection, Part 16: An-22 (Scratchbuilt) by John Sears

3"/50 AA Walkaround by Chris Crowder

14-12-2007 Liner Friday
1/200 Rex (Scratchbuilt) by Chris Barry First Submission
1/1200 Cruise Ship Aida (Revell Germany) by Carsten Schwenck

13-12-2007 A Tale of Two Cumberlands
1/700 HMS Cumberland (Combrig) by David Griffith
1/700 HMS Cumberland (Combrig) by Frank O'Neill

12-12-2007 A Pair of Belgranos
1/400 ARA General Belgrano (Scratchbuilt) by Santiago Ezcurra
Building a 1:50 model of the ARA General Belgrano by Jim Baumann

1/350 USS Nebraska BB-14 (Iron Shipwright) by Wolfgang Kring First Submission
1/700 USS South Dakota BB-49 (IHP) by Jeff Sharp
1/25 Sydney Harbour Ferry Sirius (Scratchbuilt) by Michel Elst
1/700 HNS S-148 Class (PT Dockyard) by Nektarios Koufopoulos

1/700 HNS Elli (Garage) by Nektarios Koufopoulos
1/700 USS Franklin CV-13 in trouble (Tamiya) by Andy Bradshaw
1/500 USS Frank Knox DD-742 (Scratchbuilt) by John Bange
1/700 USS Iowa BB-61, USS Missouri BB-62, USS New Jersey BB-63, USS Wisconsin BB-64 (Mini Hobbies) by Erick Navas New Images Added

International Model Boat Show, near Leamington Spa, England, 9 to 11 November 2007 by Edward Pinniger

Venice Maritime Museum Walkaround by Bill Keough

07-12-2007 Remember Pearl Harbor
1/350 USS Arizona BB-39 (Banner/Trumpeter) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 USS Arizona BB-39 (DML) by Tony Bunch
1/700 IJN Shokaku (Tamiya) by Ricky Goyetche First Submission
AA-Military Research Big 5 Battleships Plans CD NEW

1/350 Varyag (Zvezda) by Artur Oslizlo
1/350 Varyag (Zvezda) by Peter Van Buren
1/700 IJN Furutaka (Hasegawa) by Bob Cicconi
1/350 IJN Yamato (Tamiya) by Erick Navas New Images Added

1/180 SS Great Western (Airfix) by Jun-ya Nanao First Submission
1/350 USS Fletcher DD-445 (Tamiya) by Martin J. Quinn
1/400 DKM Scharnhorst (Heller) by Gary Gobel New Images Added
1/700 USS Tarawa LHA-1 (Mini Hobbies Models) by Erick Navas New Images Added

1/700 IJN Ushio 1935 (Pit-road) by Jeff Lin
1/700 USS Sacramento AOE-1 (JAG) by Nektarios Koufopoulos
1/700 Armed yacht Almaz (Combrig) by Tom Lindsay
1/400 FNS Richelieu (Heller) by Erick Navas New Images Added

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02-12-2007 More new reviews for December:

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