reviewed by Timothy Dike
Modelers have rejoiced about the new aircraft sets that Trumpeter has provided for their Nimitz class carriers. It is a real plus to have them available separately. It is a real plus to have details for them available separately as well. This new set from Gold Medal Models provides one fourth of the parts to do a complete airwing. So if you don't plan on packing your carrier deck with aircraft, you won't be stuck buying a whole bunch of extra details you may not need. This set is relief etched out of brass sheet and features those mission critical details that will prepare your 700 scale aircraft for service.
Fret scanned in grayscale to allow more detail with a smaller file size.
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Loren Perry has really gone the extra mile on this set. Notice the relief etching on the leading and trailing edges of the rotor blades and the edges of the rotor caps for the SH-3 Sea Kings. This subtel touch helps give the blades and cap a more 3D appearance. Also note that some of the wheels are designed to be folded together to double the thickness.

   In addition, over 80 underwing bomb racks in six styles for several aircraft and 14 Sidewinder missile racks for A-7 Corsairs are
   supplied. Tailhooks for several aircraft are furnished (some models of aircraft don't need them because their hooks are completely
   concealed when not in use) and boarding ladders for A-6, EA-6B, and F-4 aircraft are also included. Also furnished are eight (8)
 refueling probes for A-6 and EA-6B aircraft. Cabin doors and SAR winches are supplied for the SH-3 Sea Kings. Extended nose gear
  struts for F-4 Phantoms are also furnished for aircraft about to be catapulted. Extensive relief etching is employed for added detail on
                                    wheels, rotors, and numerous other parts. 

This set will detail the following aircraft:
  • Three SH-60 Seahawks main rotors (1 deployed, 2 folded) with tail rotors.
  • Six (6) F-14 Tomcats landing gear and gears doors, tailhooks, and spare wheels
  • Six (6) A-7 Corsair II's landing gear and gear doors, and bomb racks.
  • Six (6) A-6 Intruders and/or EA-6B Prowlers landing gear, gear doors, refueling probes, and boarding ladders.
  • Ten (10) F/A-18 Hornets landing gear and gear doors, and tailhooks.
  • Two (2) E-2 Hawkeyes landing gear, gear doors, props and tailhooks.
  • Three (3) S-3 Vikings landing gear, gear doors, and some spare wheels.
  • Six (6) F-4 Phantoms landing gear, gear doors, tailhooks, bomb racks, and boarding ladders. 
  • Two (2) SH-3 Sea Kings main rotors (1 folded, 1 deployed)  rotor caps, tail rotors, tail wheels, and SAR winches.
  • Two (2) EA-3B Skywarriors landing gear doors.
  • Two (2) RA-5C Vigilantes gear doors.
In addition there are extra sidewinder rails and tailhooks.

The instructions are well written and well illustrated. They show each aircraft in profile view with notes on where the parts go. My only complaint is that the back side is blank and could have been used to show some 3D exploded views of the assemblies. Though this is a minor thing as the placement of the parts is explained very well in the views.

click to go to Gold Medal Models websiteThis is an excellent set for any 1/700 modern carrier. Besides the Trumpeter kit, it will also do a 1/720 USS Enterprise airwing. This set has a retail price of $20.00 US and is available direct from Gold Medal Models or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.