Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Hamburg D 181 was the class leader of the first large warship built by the German Navy after the Second World War. Before this ship, the Federal Navy consisted of ships obtained from Allies. There were four ship in the class and they were designed for operations in the Baltic Sea. Their large superstructure made them somewhat top heavy and they were not well suited for North Atlantic duty. Armed with four 100 mm gun turrets, and twin 40 mm bofors mounts, they were a little under armed for their time. These ships were later upgraded with more modern weapons in the mid 70's and served on into the 90's.

This first new warship kit from Admiralty Model Works is no doubt going to be more successful than Germany's first warship. Pavel Vacata is finally realizing his dreams of producing his own line of kits. This new kit is produced with state of the art tools and the results show. This kit will allow you to build any of the four ships of the class in their as built condition.

The waterline hull is cast with the superstructure in place. The detail is impressive with everything from bits and chock, to watertight doors and life raft canisters. The closed chocks are filled in and will look nice after opening up with a small drill bit. The main gun turret bases include some intricate bracing. Also impressive is the way the overhanging platforms are cast without flash.
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As noted above there is no separate superstructure parts. The only structural parts to add are the funnels. These are cast with locator pins that match locations on hull. Gills are cast on and are so sharp that you will not need to do any drilling to get that 3D look.
The weapons are equally impressive with main gun turrets and their separate gun barrels with rich detailing. The 40 mm bofors mounts are very nice with some of the finest barrels I have seen on resin parts. The only thing I don't like is the lack of a mounting pin to center them on the base. 
There are two boats, and open and covered version typical of the German post war period. Torpedo launchers, and boat davits are well cast.
Well registered decals are provided with numbers for all four ships in this class. There are even full color ships crests for each ship. 
A photo etch fret is included with relief etching to enhance the 3D effect. There are radar assemblies and latticework for the masts. Depth charge racks, anchor chain, and even cable reels. The only thing extra you will need are some generic railings.
The Instructions are among the most extensive I have seen for a resin kit of this size. Well drawn and done in a logical step by step fashion. There are even color chips for the ships colors with White Ensign Colourcoats numbers fore easy reference.
:If this is the first product from Admiralty Model Works, can you imagine what the next one will be like? Impressive casting, sharp detailing, nice decals, and relief etched brass fret, all add up to a state of the art kit that will allow you to build this German Cold War veteran in style. This kit is available now  with a list price of $78.00 US, but if you check the main page, I bet you can find it on sale from one of our sponsors.