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Revell 1/350 DKM Bismarck German Battleship (Plastic kit preview) NEW
Combrig 1/700 HMS Queen Mary 1916 British Battlecruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Niko Models 1/700 USS Maryland ACR-8 (Resin kit) NEW
Neptun 1/1250 USS Lexington 1940 (Metal miniature)
Photo Etch Reviews
FlyHawk 1/700 US Navy Quad 40 mm gun mounts NEW
Lion Roar 1/350 IJN Yukikaze Detail set NEW
Gold Medal Models 1/700 Photo Etch Detail Sets NEW
  • Saratoga CV-3 Set
  • 1/4 Prewar Airwing  Set
Miscellaneous Accessories
White Ensign Models 1/144 20 mm Oerlikon single gun mount (White metal and photo etch) NEW
VectorCuts 1/350 Real Wood replacement deck for the Revell SMS Emden NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
U-boot Im Focus Edition No 1.  NEW
Newer May 2007 Reviews Older