1/350 Lion Roar Super Detail
IJN Yukikaze Operation Ten-Go, 1945


To make the most of your new Hasegawa 1/350 Kagero Class Yukikaze, Lion Roar has released another of their Super Detail sets, this one specifically for Hasegawa kit #40022 Yukikaze, Operation Ten-Go 1945.

This later version of Yukikaze (the second 1/350 Yukikaze that Hasegawa has released) has landed one of the aft turrets in favor of triple 25mm AA mounts. This Yukikaze also has depth charge racks, and additional AA mounts forward of the bridge and on the foc'sle, and also features a degaussing cable mounted on the hull. This Lion Roar set features detail parts for all this, and much more!

The Yukikaze Super Detail set consists of 6 sheets of PE, 2 cast metal screws, 4 5"/50 barrels, 15 depth charges, a metal nameplate, and a piece of brass wire, with 6 pages of instructions. Click images
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Sheet A is all railings; railings for the turrets and torpedo launchers, and pre-shaped rails for the bow. There are differing bar-count railings for the decks, superstructure and platforms.
This sheet has the degaussing coil pieces to place around the hull, including some pre-shaped pieces for the bends near foc'sle area. It also has a 135 caps to seal the portholes on the hull, and a support for one of the after 25mm platforms. There are some life preservers and prop guards here as well.
This sheet is all about 25mm AA guns, both the triple and the single mounts. These are a welcome improvement over the plastic ones provided by Hasegawa. Impressively, the 25's have a relief etched recoil buffer spring on each one!
There are 4 replacement platforms for the triple 25mm mounts, relief etched anchors, and ladders on this fret. The bases, with shields, for the triple 25mm's, and some replacement shields and bulkheads, are included as well.
Sheet E has many fun detail parts, like gravity davits for the ship's boats, railings for the smokestacks, and replacement gratings for the stacks as well. Other parts include the depth charge racks and supports, various details to enhance the fore- and main masts, some folding ladders with railings (I always love those), and the torpedo loading equipment.
The final sheet is comprised of all sorts of small detail bits; angle reinforcements for platforms, four types of W/T doors- which can be modeled opened or closed- and the ubiquitous cable and hose reels. Also here are various hatches and covers, 23 ammo lockers and a bunch of indivdual hand rails!

These parts are the additional pieces that make this more than a photo-etch detail set. The 5" brass barrels are delicately tapered, and are the correct length when used with the kit's blast bags. The cast props are very nice, and I want them for all my ships- they really add something to a full hull model.

The machined depth charges are nice, but each one has a nub left from the turning process that will need cleaning up.

Lion Road has included an etched brass plate, detailing Yukikaze in Kanji, to add to the base.Also in this picture is a brass rod for the prop shafts
A six pages of instruction. Callout to kit parts. A little vague on railing placement.
These photos of the Hasegawa kit, built up with the Lion Roar detail set are provided by the manufacturer. The unpainted PE really stands out on this model, and demonstrates how incredible this set is.
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This set includes a very nice photo etch set with a wide variety of the parts that the typical modeler would want to use. The machined barrels and depth charges, and the cast screws are a great addition to the PE. Check out this and other Lion Roar sets at your favorite retailer. You can find out more at the Lion Roar website. This is set #LS350005 IJN Yukikaze 1945 Super Detail Set. Pricing for this set should be around $65.

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