Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The new Trumpeter 1/144 Gato class subs are really cool and what many modelers have been waiting for. They are fairly well detailed but we all know that they can use a little more. Well Peter Hall of White Ensign has signed off on yet another piece of art in this new 20 mm gun set. You can replace that thick plastic one in the kit with this one with a real scale appearance.
The set consists of two white metal gun assemblies and a brass photo etch sheet. The casting is pretty sharp and include the gun mount a solid base and a pintle for the lightweight mount. The detail is pretty good, but could use a little more barrel detailing. The magazine is cast in place and the dimensions are accurate.  Click images
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A nice relief etched photo etch fret is included to supply the rest of the parts. This is what really makes this set. Nice relief etched brass shields are designed to fold to double their thickness. The gun cradle wraps around the metal part and attaches to whichever base you chose. Shoulder braces and gun sights are separate. The lightweight style has nice base and individual legs that have to be glued to the base and pintle. I would have preferred to fold these, but it then they wouldn't be as accurate. 
The instructions show both types of gun mounts and the assembly in step by step views. These are very well drawn and complete.
This is set #16.WEM 1/144 USN 20 mm Single Oerlikon (1/144 Scale Photo Etch) £3.36 or about $6.72 US. A really nice gun assembly that will look great on any 1/144 ship or sub. Check this one and the whole White Ensign Models 1/144 line of weapons out on their site.