by Timothy Dike
If your frustrated trying to paint a plastic deck on your Revell 1/350 SMS Emden then you need to know of an important alternative. Vector Cut makes a really nice laser cut and etched basswood replacement deck for your kit. The set is made from 1 mm basswood  for the main deck and .4 mm maple veneer for the platforms. Both are familiar modeling material for scratchbuilders and sailing ship modelers.

This desk is not simply a replacement with accurate scale planking. It also includes coal shuttles not shown on the Revell kit.  There are also  accurately shaped gun platforms and grating to add to your ship.

This set is designed to be used in conjunction with etched brass parts such as the Gold Medal Models etched brass SMS Emden/Dresden set.

An etched ships crest if included for your display base. This is a fantastic looking piece that will really give your ship a touch of class. 

The set is packed between heavy cardstock and taped to secure it in place. The parts are attached with small tabs to the main sheet. All that is needed to separate them is a sharp hobby knife.

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The instructions are a single sheet with notes on how apply the deck and paint the ships crest. I would have liked to see some illustrations of the parts. However most modelers who will use this set, already know what they need to do. There are scale plans for correcting the hammock bins port and starboard included on the sheet that will allow you to further improve your kit.
This is set #D350-02 1/350 Real Wood Scale Planked Deck for Revell's Imperial German Navy Light Cruiser SMS Emden with a list price of $17.00 US. While this set is not for the beginner, advanced modelers will really appreciate the real wood decking. Combine this set with a good photo etch set and you will have a realistic representation of the real thing. After all what else looks more like real wood, than real wood! Check out this set and others on Vector Cut's website.