1/350 Scale SMS Emden - Dresden Fittings Set
by Gold Medal Models
set #350-13
The Revell SMS Emden and SMS Dresden kits are pretty nice right out of the box, but add a little photoetched brass in place of some of those molded on details and you have a real winner. Gold Medal Models has designed this set specifically for this kit so you  will find that the many detail parts line up with little effort. At first glance the canvas cover railing look rather plain, that is until you notice that they are relief etched, so the railings are clearly visible on the inside. 

(note: the images on the right are scanned in B&W to allow higher resolution and smaller file size)

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Emden PE
The instructions are the usual detailed style of GMM, with basic Photo etch tips on the front side. The back side is like a supplement to the Revell instruction sheet which shows the parts on the Revell kit that need to be removed and the corresponding PE part that is used in it's place. 
Included in the set are:
  • The Railing in several styles (including canvas covered railings)
  • vertical and inclined ladders
  • bridge wing supports
  • accommodation ladders with davits
  • ratlines
  • boat details, oars, rudders, and safety lines
  • ship's wheels
  • compass platform
  • director platform
  • mast platform supports
  • anchor chain and chain stopper cable
  • boat boom ladders

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