Revell's 1/350
SMS Dresden Light Cruiser

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The SMS Dresden was the class leader for a new class of German Light cruisers. Reflecting on lessons learned from the Bremen and Konigsberg, the Dresden was an improved version that fit into the Imperial German Navy's plans for domination of the Oceans before the First Word War. Revell's model represents a step forward for the company. This kit is nothing like those box scale kits we are accustomed to.
The hull is molded in four parts, with the bottoms around the propeller cast separately to allow for better detailing and hull shape. This is done to eliminate the need to compromise on the shape to allow proper draft in the mold. Revell is to be congratulated on the shape and proportions of the hull, as it looks very accurate.
The hull also includes some very nice scribing for the plating. The deck includes molded on wood grain to represent the planking, it is pretty well done. The fit is pretty good too, which should save you time as there will be very little seam to touch up.
Superstructure parts include cast on hatches and other details. The funnel caps have guards molded in place that are fine enough that you wont need to replace them with photo etch. Accommodations ladders are also included as some nicely molded anchors.
The masts are well molded with the proper taper. Boat davits and ladders are also included, with boat cradles and ladders molded as fine as possible with an injection molding process.
The stacks are in two halves with molded on piping and bands typical of that era. Propellers and shafts are included with thin support shafts. 

The guns turrets are molded as two halves and are well defined. The modeler may want to cut out the back of the gun houses as they were not totally enclosed.

The open gun mounts are finely molded as are searchlights and ships wheel and other miscellaneous parts such as the boats.
The instructions are very thorough, consisting of 11 pages, with plenty of illustrations that are organized into 20 steps. You will have no problem following along as it is pretty straightforward. Decal and Flag placement is also shown.
The instructions finish with rigging and painting guides, to help you finish it off in style. I chose not to scan all the instructions, so you will have to go out and buy your own if you want to see them.

This kit can be finished right out of the box, with little effort or with the addition of Gold Medal Models PE set into a great little replica.