Combrig 1/700 HMS Queen Mary

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMS Queen Mary was a Lion class battlecruiser laid down 6 March 1911 and commissioned September 1913. Armed with eight 13.5" main guns in four twin turrets and capable of 28 knots, the Queen Mary could out run most any opponent she couldn't out fight. The Queen Mary was part of 1st Battlecruiser Squadron and was active in engagements with the German High Seas fleet early in the war. On 28 August 1914, she took part in the 1st Battle of Heligoland Bight but missed out on the Battle of Dogger Bank due to a refit. Queen Mary was one of the key players at the Battle of Jutland in May 1916. She dualed with the SMS Seydlitz and pumped out 150 shells scoring 4 hits on her counterpart. She was hit above the "Q" turret putting it out of action. The Queen continued to fight back with the her other guns until both "A" and "B" turrets were put out of action. Soon after the forward magazine exploded sending the ship into a dramatic list to port, exploding again as she sank. 1,255 of her 1,266 crew were lost that day helping to maintain British control of the seas.
This hull is sharply cast with loads of details. I know this is starting to sound like a broken record with Combrig reviews, but their quality is top notch and this kit is no exception. The anchorways are clean and capstans and many deck fittings are cast as separate parts allowing for some really awesome superdetailiing possibilities. Deck planking is very fine as are the numerous hatches cast on the deck.
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Superstructure parts are equally well cast with some highly detailed walls and decks. Some parts are cast on thin wafers in the open face style mold, while others are cast in closed molds. I obviously prefer the latter, but the wafer cast part are well done, and are rich with detail. 
The main guns are cast complete except for the barrels. The parts in my sample fit perfectly into their mounting locations without any sanding. Gun barrels are resin and not as nice as turned brass, but workable for those who can't afford to pay for CNC machined ones.
The small parts are very fine and it never ceases to amaze me how these tiny parts can be cast so well. These parts include the many separate deck fittings and parts such as the capstans. Note how realistic the cable reels appear!
Ships boats are extremely well detailed, with separate stacks where needed. These parts are like little kits in themselves and are simply amazing to see.
Two photo etch frets are included with some detail parts that are not suited for resin. Funnel grills, platform braces, and anchor chain are among the parts included on these two frets. You will still need some generic rails to finish the kit, but having these parts is a real bonus.
The Instructions are four pages done in the typical Combrig style. A plan and elevation with specifications and Historical info is on page one. A bill of materials and pictures of the kit parts is on page two. Page three and four are exploded assembly views showing parts placement. These are adequate to build the ship and an improvement over early kit instructions.
Yet another high quality Combrig kit. I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner, but any one who has tacked a resin kit and worked with photo etch will really enjoy this one. The superdetailiing possibilities are what makes this such a great kit. From the looks of it, you wont have to spend all your time correcting the kit, and can just relax and enjoy the build. This kit is listed on the Pacific Front Hobbies website for $$65.00 (US), a great price for a ship of this size and detail. It will make yet another fine addition to your Grandest Fleet.