Revell Germany 1/350
DKM Bismarck Preview

by Guido Hopp
Who needs another Bismarck?

When first rumours about the Revell 1/350 Bismark were heard around the market there was a big commotion about the choice of subject. Admittedly, I was one of those saying: Who needs another Bismarck? That's like bringing another 1/35 Tiger to the tankies!

At the DPMV Convention at Fuldatal Germany, Revell presented it's new creation to the public: A coulple of incomplete testshot sprues and an incompletely built model. All about the presentation was very unimpressive at first sight. However taking a look a the sprues and the model at close quarters revealed to me a quantum leap of improvements over the Tamiya kit! I have put my Tamiya kit on e-bay already, because once this baby is on the market, Tamiya's model will be reduced to door stopper und bb-gun target purpose! Well of cause there are more Bismarck-qualified modelling historians and technicians than me to find plenty of mistakes. And of cause there will be lots of w hining for the obvious flaws an injection mould model is doomed to have, but I say: If the parts fit and the parts are flash-free, this kit will be the new benchmark in 1/350 scale leaving Tamiya, Trumpeter and even Hasegawa WAY behind! The kit is far from perfect as all injection mould kits are and there is plenty of room for the aftermarket to go berserk with add-on details! This is going to be fun!

Do we need another Bismarck? This one, indeed we do!

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