Loose Cannon review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The HMT Stormking was a Royal Navy Rescue Tug of the Assurance class. Built by Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders Ltd. she was completed in March 1943. The Stormking was built to rescue ships in distress. A damaged ship could still be saved and towed to port for repairs. That is where these little ships or large tugs came in handy. With their 1350 horsepower these tugs could make 14 knots and were powerful enough to haul just about any capital ship back to port. The Stormking survived the war, and served on until being sold for scrap in 1969. 

Other ships in the class
  • HMS Frisky (W 11)
  • HMS Diligent (W 18)
  • HMS Jaunty (W 30)
  • HMS Restive (W 39)
  • HMS Allegiance (W 50)
  • HMS Assurance (W 59) +
  • HMS Prudent (W 73)
  • HMS Stormking (W 87)
  • HMS Prosperous (W 96)
  • HMS Horsa (W 97) +
  • HMS Adept (W 107) +
  • HMS Adherent (W 108) +
  • HMS Charon (W 109)
  • HMS Hengist (W 110)
  • HMS Dexterous (W 111)
  • HMS Griper (W 112)
  • HMS Saucy (ii) (W 131)
  • HMS Antic (W 141)
  • HMS Assiduous (W 142)
  • HMS Earner (W 143)
  • HMS Sesame (W 144) +
+ Lost during WW2
Cast on a thin resin wafer, the hull features some nice detail. A really nice deck winch sits up front with all kinds of gear located all over the deck. The casting is nice with no visible defect to fix. The bridge is cast on the same wafer and it features bold window frames and some really nice floor grating for the 20 mm gun mounts. One thing you will notice is that there are several mounting holes cast on. I like this as it makes it easier to get the parts locations right. click images
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Detail views
The funnel has a hollowed out appearance, and piping cast on the side. A 3" deck gun supplies the main armament. The masts are cast on a thin runner. They include the various fittings attached and they are tapered. The vents are hollowed out and pretty well cast for this small scale.
The instructions are front and back of a single sheet. History and specs on page one. Photos with parts locations noted are on page two. I think these are a big improvement over earlier instruction sets. 
Below are photos from the Loose Cannon Website of a built up kit.

This kit is a unique addition to the Loose Cannon line, a nice little British Tug. It is small enough to be a good first resin kit, yet detailed enough to satisfy the master modeler. This is kit #88 HMT Stormking Tug - LCP WEST and it retails for $20.00 US.  They are available where ever Loose Cannon products are sold. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.

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