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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
For many years the only 1/700 scale Supercarriers were actually 1/720, close enough for most modelers. For those kits, Gold Medal produced a really nice 1/720 Supercarrier set that was a dramatic improvement. Then along comes Trumpeter with their 700 scale Nimitz class carriers and suddenly modelers must decide if a 720 photo etch set is close enough to work. Well forget about it, Gold Medal Models has released their new 1/700 Nimitz Class photo etch set specifically for the Trumpeter kits. Now we have a custom designed set specifically tailored to fit the Trumpeter Nimitz and Abraham Lincoln. Not only that, but you can accurately model other carriers in the class with correct detail parts not found in the plastic kit. This new set is relief etched out of brass sheet (I scanned it B&W for more detail in a smaller file size).
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Among the cool features of this set are the late style radar mast with open doorways and separate doors and platforms. Each mast is almost a separate super detailed assembly in itself. There are even handy locating holes for the door hinges, platforms, and braces that will aid you in placement. I consider that a nice touch since I have such big fingers and anything that helps locate the parts is a plus. Relief etching is employed throughout for a 3D effect. It is most evident on the safety netting with thick frames that stand out from the thin net material.
Included in the set are:
  • Custom fitted hull railings and elevator railings, other railing in several styles.
  • Vertical and inclined ladders, including safety cage enclosed ladders.
  • Aircraft tow bars. Note there are no other aircraft detail parts in this set. Those you will find in the CVN Airwing set.
  • Flight deck safety nets.
  • Radar masts for all ships in the class (7 different types) with appropriate platforms.
  • SPS-10/SPS-67 radar assembly.
  • SPS-43A radar assembly.
  • SPS-48 radar assembly.
  • SPS-49 radar assembly.
  • Anemometers for yardarm.
  • Anchors.
  • Transom boat fender.
  • Crane hooks.
  • LSO platform with windscreen and netting.
  • Jet blast deflector rams.
  • Sector antennas.
  • Direction Finder antennas and base.
  • ECM antennas in several styles.
  • Refueling hose reels.
  • Ordinance jettison ramps.
  • Life rings.
  • Bicycles for shore leave.

Additional detail shots of the photo etch fret.
The instructions as usual are excellent and include many detail views showing how the parts go together and work with the existing plastic parts. They not only show where all the parts go, they also give you an idea of how the various Nimitz class carriers differed over the years.
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This is an excellent set and a must have for anyone building a Nimitz class carrier. It has everything you need to detail the ship. This is set #700-33 Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier detail set with a list price of $20.00. You can order direct from Gold Medal Models or pick your set up wherever fine ship accessories are sold.