Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Nimitz was the lead ship of a new class of supercarrier that would soon come to dominate the sea lanes around the world. These Nuclear powered Aircraft carriers are the largest warships ever built. They were built to operate 90 aircraft of different types as virtual floating air bases. When there is trouble in the region, it is these supercarriers that are sent in to project US Air power into the hots spots around the world. 
This kit is designed much like the larger 350 scale version. The kit is molded with a full lower hull or waterline insert molded in red plastic. The upper hull is nicely molded and has very nice surface detailing. The shape looks very much like the real Nimitiz and the changes that were made to the larger version have been incorporated into this smaller kit. Some of these parts are actually more to scale than the larger version. Click images
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The flight deck is molded as a single piece with lots of surface detail. The aircraft tie down points are well done. My one complaint is the aircraft deck markings are molded onto the deck. However some might prefer this as it helps with decal placement. 
Elevators have some nice details molded on both sides. The hanger bay doors have some nice frames.
Molding on this sprue features some very fine parts. 
Superstructure and hull parts are molded on this sprue. 
More very fine parts on this sprue.
More very fine parts on this sprue.
This is the equivalent of a weapons sprue. The many fittings applied to the ships are included. 
This sprue features deck vehicles and mast parts. The mast is nice but many will still want to replace it with photo etch. 
The bridge levels are included on this sprue.
The main island superstructure is molded in clear plastic so the bridge windows can be shown clear. This is a nice touch, and gives the modeler another way to detail the ship. One thing this part may allow you to do is create a lighted #68 for the island. 
Not only do you get an option to build the ship full hull or waterline, but you get the option to display it either way also. A full hull base is molded in black to set your ship on. If you wish to display it in the waterline mode, a nice clear base is provided with a nice wave and wake pattern.
The aircraft in this kit are molded in clear plastic to allow you to mask off the canopy before painting. This ensures a clear glass canopy appearance.
A-3D Skywarrior (2 sprues with 1 aircraft each). Included separate tail surfaces, landing gear, and engines.
A-6 Intruder (2 sprues with 2 aircraft each). Includes separate wing tanks and landing gear
A-7 Corsair (2 sprues with 3 aircraft each). Includes separate wing tanks and landing gear.
E2C Hawkeye (2 sprues with 1 aircraft each). Includes separate engine pods, propellers, landing gear, tail surfaces, and radome.
F4J Phantom (2 sprues with 2 aircraft each). Includes separate wing tanks and landing gear.
RA5C Vigilante (2 sprues with 2 aircraft each). Includes separate vertical stabilizer and landing gear.
SH-3 Sea King Helicopter (2 sprues with 2 aircraft each). Includes separate landing gear, and tail rotor with one folded and one deployed main rotor. 
A simple photo etch fret is included with the stern grill assembly, and the radio antenna. A length of fine brass wire is included to fabricate some of the finer details.
Two decal sheets are included, one for the ship and one for the aircraft. The decals are pretty good, with deck markings and plenty of markings for the aircraft including squadron markings. Deck stripe markings are provided as white dashed lines. The elevator markings are done in black and the elevator opening stripes are done in white. The decals are sharply rendered and you wont have to replace these.
A 20 page instruction booklet is included to guide you through a step by step assembly process. The parts are all called out and placement is well illustrated throughout. 

A nice B sized color sheet is included with camouflage markings for the ship and aircraft. Paint colors are called out as well.


This is kit #TSM-5714  1/700 USS Nimitz CVN68 Aircraft Carrier (1975) with a suggested list price of only $89.95. A great price for a carrier as nicely detailed as this. You may not agree, but simply compare the kit with those that are currently on the market. It has twice as many sprues as any other modern carrier. It is my opinion that this kit is even better detailed than the larger 1/350 version. It is simply the best Nimitz class on the market today.

Thanks to Stevens International for the review sample. They are the exclusive importer for Trumpeter kits in the US. If your hobby shop does not carry Trumpeter kits have them contact Stevens International or try their Hobby Shop Locator to find one.