2009 IPMS UK National show by Jim Baumann


The 2009 IPMS UK National show- now known as SCALEWORLD or to those 'in-the-know’.... simply as TELFORD!!.... was held in three vast halls at the Telford International Centre , Shropshire, UK. As with most model shows, aircraft of all shapes and sizes took up much of the exhibition space, with many fine be-winged models alongside great model cars, trucks, figures of all descriptions, superb examples of AFV modelling and so very much more. A vast international contingent from around the world visited and competed. I always find it fascinating to hear so many different tongues; all of which managed to converse with each other successfully (!) about ...models!

Suppliers of tools, books and kits were reporting a good trade. Each of these main 'maritime models’ traders present had some new items at the show, many long and eagerly awaited! The competition was reasonably well supported, with a number of very fine models being entered, some of which will be familiar to MW readers--Some models I was unable to photograph successfully. I did not photograph mine--they can be seen on my gallery page any time..!

The IPMS Special Interest Groups ( SIG) namely Battleships SIG, Carrier SIG, Cruiser SIG, Small warships SIG, David Griffiths 'My little navy' and Fine Waterline.com had a huge long table- 66 feet long , crammed with ship models of all kinds and scales. This concentration of ship models-located adjacent to the competition area ensured that many visitors were simply spellbound by the sheer number and intricacy of these small-scale model ships.

There were large numbers of fine ship models on display, which were not part of the competition--despite spending both days taking innumerable photographs I now recall some that I missed! With the target of presenting the models as attractively as possible to the readers of Modelwarships.com, I endeavoured - where feasible- to photograph the models against my large white card backdrop. I feel the effort of holding it in place for most photos has been vindicated by the clarity of the images- free of distractive background!

Apologies for the lesser quality of some pictures; many models were shot through glass or Perspex with consequent distortion of clarity. Some of the models were very small indeed--by the time the images had been enlarged the quality did fall away somewhat.

If you want any particular images in higher resolution--please e-mail or PM me with the image number or name.
See you all next year!


1700 Inflexible
350 KuK Torpdedo boat
350 Nagat
350 Nagato
350 Nagato 1
350 Nagato 2
350 Nagato 3
350 Nagato 4
700 HMS Furious
700 HMS Furious1
Airfix 350  carriers
Airfix 350  carriers sprue
Airfix Mayflower
Airfix Revenge
Airfix Royal louis
Andrzej Brozyna  General wolfe 1000
Andrzej Brozyna  HMS indomitable 1000
Andrzej Brozyna  inflexible
Andrzej Brozyna 1000 Inflexible
Andrzej Brozyna 1000 Inflexible1
Andrzej Brozyna 1000-4 Engadine
Andrzej Brozyna Engadine1000-1
Andrzej Brozyna Engadine1000-2
Andrzej Brozyna Engadine1000-3
Andrzej Brozyna Engadne 1000

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