31-12-2008  The USS LST Ship Memorial, Evansville, IN by Brian Hert
25-12-2008  Building a diorama of Liverpool's Langton and Brocklebank Docks By VMF-06 German Gamblers
24-12-2008  Building the Italian Monitor Faa di Bruno in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann
20-12-2008  Mariners' Museum Newport News, Virginia: USS Monitor by Jorge Martinezr
14-12-2008  UK International Model Boat Show By Edward Pinniger
13-12-2008  Queen Elizabeth 2 in Malta By Patrick Camilleri
19-11-2008 More Telford 2008 Highlights by Mark Deakin
18-11-2008 IPMS UK Scaleworld, Telford 2008 by Jim Baumann
17-11-2008 Building half of (?!) of HMS Scylla in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann
16-11-2008 Telford IPMS International 08 report by Dave Wooley
30-11-2008 USS Constellation CV-64 visiting Hong Kong in 2001 by Hon Lim, Chiu
29-11-2008  The Great White Fleet Exhibition in Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan October 2008 by Devin Poore
07-11-2008  USS Salem walkaround by Brian Osterhout
28-10-2008 Building USS Nicholas DD-449 1945 by Ed McDonald
27-10-2008 Scratchbuilding the French Battleship Charlemagne by Carl Beetz
18-10-2008 A Very Simple Ocean Effect Method by Carl Musselman
11-10-2008 IPMS Vancouver Fall Show 2008 by Tim Choi
10-10-2008 Yamato Movie Prop Walkaround by Curt Cline
30-09-2008 Resin Ships Don’t Have To Be Scary Or Using The “Magic” Of Simple Technology by Ron Smith
07-09-2008 Building the Battleship Andrea Doria: A build-up review of the 1/700 Regia Marina kit by Martin J Quinn
06-09-2008 Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park: USS Sullivans and USS Croaker by Robin Richardson
05-09-2008 Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park: USS Little Rock CLG-4 by Robin Richardson
27-08-2008 Scratchbuilding the USS Sangaman CVE-26 by René Hieronymus
15-08-2008 Norfolk Naval Base Tour at the IPMS 2008 Nationals by Tim Dike
14-08-2008 “Explosion” Museum, Priddys Hard, Gosport, Hampshire, UK. by Peter Fulgoney

IPMS Australia 2008 by Bill Keough

09-08-2008 Almost Live at the 2008 IPMS/USA Nationals with Tim Dike
08-08-2008 Cadman's Tour of USS Whidbey Island LSD-41 during 2008 IPMS/USA Nationals
03-08-2008 Building the Combrig Bayan by Vladimir Yakubov
02-08-2008 USS Turner Joy DD-951 Walkaround by Les Walden
19-07-2008 Building the 1/350 Axis Roma by Jim Baumann
06-19-2008 Building a K-class submarine by Jim Baumann
06-06-2008 Calshot Spit lightship LV 58 Walkaround by Jim Baumann
06-06-2008 Building a 1/35th scale PT-174 by Shaun Symonds
10-05-2008 Gary Kingzett Scratch-builds the Heavy Cruiser USS San Francisco (CA-38) 1936
03-05-2008 Scratchbuilding Soviet River Montitor Udarnyi in 700 scale by Vladimir Yakubov
23-04-2008 Improving your photos with Helicon Focus by John Leyland
18-04-2008 Building the HMS Vanguard by Frank Spahr
17-04-2008 Following a Master Model Maker 1/1250 HMS Lion by George Elder and Bruce Gordon
17-02-2008 Fleet Air Arm Model Show at Yeovilton by Jim Baumann
17-01-2008 Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale Part 5: The Airwing
15-01-2008 Atlantic Convoy – Small Warships SIG, UK IPMS Nationals, Telford, 2007
08-01-2008 Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale Part 4