UK International Model Boat Show

These are some of the many R/C warship models on display at the UK International Model Boat Show, held at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre on 8-9 November 2008. Apologies to any modellers whose work isn't featured here; there were so many excellent models on display that I didn't have time to photograph them all. I also unfortunately forgot to take an "overall" shot of the very impressive 1/72 scratchbuilt HMS Warspite!

By Edward Pinniger

200 Yamato

200 Yamato.jpg

24 Fairmile 1

24 Fairmile 1.jpg

24 Fairmile 2

24 Fairmile 2.jpg

24 Fairmile 3

24 Fairmile 3.jpg

48 Fairmile

48 Fairmile.jpg

ASR display 1

ASR display 1.jpg

ASR display 2

ASR display 2.jpg

ASR display 3

ASR display 3.jpg

ASR display 4

ASR display 4.jpg

ASR display 5

ASR display 5.jpg

Fairmile 1

Fairmile 1.jpg

Fairmile 2

Fairmile 2.jpg

Frunzyaka FAC 1

Frunzyaka FAC 1.jpg

Frunzyaka FAC 2

Frunzyaka FAC 2.jpg

G3 HMS Anson 1

G3 HMS Anson 1.jpg

G3 HMS Anson 2

G3 HMS Anson 2.jpg -- -- 12/11/2008