Following a Master Model Maker - HMS Lion
By George Elder and Bruce Gordon
This article was originally a series of web posts by George Elder describing the ongoing creation of the H.M.S. Lion master by Dave Moseley.  The posts were later assembled and edited by Bruce Gordon.
Morning Sunshine Models has embarked on a partnership with Dave Moseley's Cruise Line Models, and this article examines the first fruits of that labor:  The planned battleship HMS Lion. This is a rare opportunity to systematically examine how 1/1250 scale master models are made and subsequently reproduced via the mold-making process 
  1. Basic Materials and Making the Hull and Refining the hull and adding parts
  2. Making Pom-Pom guns with Commentary by Alain Picouet
  3. Detail Parts: Funnels, Cranes, Deck Fittings, Preassembling and Refining Deck Details
  4. Milling to Size - Structural Details, Breakwaters & Cleats, Main Turrets, and Deck Hatches and Vents
  5. Boats, and Fitting Detail Parts
  6. Fitting the Parts, and Overall Fit
  7. Making Castings
  8. Mold Making
  9. Painting and Details
  10. Photo-Etch Parts and Assembly
  11. Packaging and a Final Progress Report
  12. Questions & Answers About Model Making