Following a Master Model Maker - HMS Lion
By George Elder and Bruce Gordon
Part 6
Fitting the Parts
The tolerances are very fine on 1/1250 scale models, and being off by even 1/100th of an inch can be too much. The forward turrets are being test fitted for rotation. Note that A and B turrets differed in this class.

The AA guns, cranes, tripod masts, deck houses, superstructure and funnels must all fit perfectly into their respective places. The aft mast is a very detailed structure, and the AA mounts fit well into their tubs. The forward tripod's lead leg must penetrate a superstructure deck in exactly the right place, as is shown in the amidships photograph. This is why laying out part location points on the master modelís surface is of such great importance. There is no room for error.

The aft turret is surrounded by deck fittings and superstructure. The stern pictures also show the portholes, hatches, and passageway doors to good effect.

Overall Fit
At every stage the model must also be seen as a whole, and not just as parts. The general impression must correlate with the plans, and many overall measurements are taken to confirm that what was done on the micro-scale precisely matches the original plans. Note in the broadside view that the hull is actually flatter than the paper-board surface Dave used to take the picture. The fitting of superstructures can distort hulls slightly, so checking the model to make sure it is level is a constant need. The fittings and hull form must be checked from all angles, and that ensures there are no deviations in any plane. With every step of this process, I become more respectful of what our Master Makers can bring us.