Following a Master Model Maker - HMS Lion
By George Elder and Bruce Gordon
Part 5 
What we see here is a bit of plastic that has been worked up into a tender. This is the early version being test fitted. In its latest incarnation, the tender has a keel, portholes, and other details. As can be seen, the barbettes for the secondary gun are in place.

The second shot shows the tender to better effect. Dave first made cuts in the basic tender hull he fashioned via files and other micro-tools, and then added bits of material as the tenderís various superstructure elements were formed. The result speaks for itself, but is now even more detailed.

In the third and fourth photographs, Dave has used a detailed plan of the tender to add the keel plate, rudder, prop skegs, and even prop head guards. This was all done using bits of plastic.

Cradles will be fitted to the bottom of the ship's boats as opposed to being attached to the shipís decks. Dave feels this will allow the boats to be more firmly attached to the deck than if the cradles were placed in the deck and the boats then affixed to the cradles. The boats themselves have assumed an unusual level of detail. There are a few portholes evident here, as are laid out in the plans. At this level of magnification most fine details tend to fall apart, but that is not the case here. As noted at the beginning of this series, Dave uses a high-impact styrene plastic throughout because this very fine-grained and relatively dense material is ideal for machining into all manner or shapes. 12 boats of various types will be fitted. The detail on these tiny boats is excellent.

Fitting Detail Parts
The final detail parts are now being made and test fitted. Anchors and various superstructures, such as the supports of the 5.25" mounts, have been fabricated. Please note how the life rafts have been cast with the 5.25" mount base -- which is something that saves a lot of assembly time!  Dave wants to improve the flukes of the anchors, and has already done so. Numerous additional detail parts have been made, well beyond those shown here. There are two types of main turrets, each of which has individual guns vs. molded-on guns.