Listing Of Classic Scale Ship Kits
The lists given below was compiled by Felix Bustelo and covers many of the classic scale ship kits that have been produced. A lot of these are not currently in production but may be available on the secondhand market. If any readers have corrections or additions to make to this list please e-mail them. Please note that this is NOT a commercial site. This page is presented merely for the interest of builders and collectors and by no means is it complete.
 This page will always be under construction!
Academy Models Ship Kits
Accura Ship Kits
Aga Ship Kits
Airfix Kits
Atlantic Models Kits
ARII Ship Kits
Armageddon Ship Model Kits
Artitec Ship Model Kits
Aurora Kits
Bang Modeling Kits
Cascade Modelwerks Kits
Civil War Ironclads Available! Card Kits
Dolphin Models Kits
Frog Kits
Glencoe Kits
Gunze Sangyo Kits
Hawk Kits
Hasegawa Ship Kits
Heller Kits
Hobby Ship Kits
HP Models Kits
Imex Kits
Innex Ship Kits
Iron Shipwright/Commander Series Models Merchant Ship Kits
Kangnam Ship Kits
KazusaMinato Naval Yard Kits
Konishi Models Kits
L'Arsenal Resin Ship Kits
Langston Miniatures Ship Kits
Lindberg Ship Kits
Lone Star Models Civil War Ship Kits
LW Models Ship Kits
Mach Plast Ship Kits
Minicraft Models Ship Kits
Mirage Ship Kits
Modelcraft Ship Kits
ModelWerks Ship kits
Nichimo Ship Kits
Ocean Liner Models Resin Kits
Otaki Ship Kits
OzMods Resin Ship Kits
Paramount Ship Kits
Planet Models Ship Kits
PT Dockyard Resin 1/600 Scale Coastal Miniatures
Regia Marina MAS Kits
Renwal Ship Kits
Revell Kits
SDD 1/600 Scale White Metal Ships
Tamiya Ship Kits
Tauro Models Ship Kits
Tecnomodels Ship Model Kits
Thoroughbred Models 1/600 Scale Civil War Ships
Tom's Modelworks Resin Submarines & Merchant Ships
Triton 1/600 Scale Coastal Forces
Trumpeter Models Ship Kits
UPC Ship Kits
White Ensign Models Merchant Ship Kits
Zhengdefu Models Ship Kits