Artitec Model Ship Kits

Artitec Models is a Dutch firm that manufacturers vacuum formed resin kits of harbor and coastal craft in the traditionalmodel railroading HO, N and Z scales. While they are intended to be used in model railroad layouts, they are beautifulmodels that can stand alone. Artitec also has a line of 1/350 and 1/700 scale warships. You can visit their website which is listed on the Links Page.
HO (1/87) Scale Ships
Ship Type
Tjalk Traditional Dutch freighter
Lighter Canal cargo transport
Canal Tug Dutch tug built in 1912
Rhine Motor Vessel Early 1900's boat used for commerce transport
Botter Most common fishing boat of the Zuyderzee
Motor Launch Typical harbor passenger transport
Framtid I Norwegian fishing boat that has been preserved
Rhine Police Boat "Rhein 2000" state of the art patrol craft
Fire Boat Modern version
Oil Tanker 1930's style canal transport
Ferry "Wittow" Narrow gauge German railway ferry
N (1/160) Scale Ships
Fire Boat Same as HO version
Rhine Motor Vessel Same as HO version
Canal Tug with Lighter Combination package of HO versions
Motor Launch with Pontoon Combinaton package of the HO version with a loading pontoon
Skûtsje with Quay Typical Frisian freighter combined with a pier
Z (1/220) Scale Ships
Tanker Typical tanker used througout western Europe

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