Thoroughbred 1/600 Scale Civil War Ship Kits

Thoroughbred Models makes a line of white metal kits of American Civil War ironclads and sailing/steam naval ships. Made for war gaming, these kits are a nice alternative to typical 1/600 scale fare and can be made into very nice models.
American Civil War Subjects
Ship Type
CSS Virginia/Merrimac First Ironclad Ram
USS Monitor First Single-Turret Monitor
CSS Albemarle Ironclad Ram
CSS Arkansas Ironclad Ram
USS Cairo Class Partly Ironclad Gunboat
USS Passaic class Single-Turret Monitor
USS Canonicus Class Single-Turret Monitor
USS Paul Jones Class Double-Ender Gunboat
USS Sassacus Class Double-Ender Gunboat
USS Onandaga Double-Turret Monitor
USS Roanoke Triple-Turret Monitor
CSS Atlanta Ironclad Ram
Cottonclad Gunboat Wooden Gunboat
CSS Richmond Class Ironclad Ram
CSS Louisiana Large Ironclad Ram
USS Miantonomah Class Large Single-Turret Monitor
Union Ellet Ram Class Wooden River Ram
CSS Tenesee Ironclad Ram
Confederate Gunboat Class Wooden Gunboat
CSS Manassas Turtleback Ironclad Ram
CSS Neuse Small Ironclad Ram
Riverboat Transport Wooden Side Paddle Wheeler
Yankee Gunboat Wooden Side Paddle Wheeler Gunboat
USS Milwaukee Class Double-Turret Monitor
USS New Ironsides Ironclad Frigate
USS Hartford Class 1st Rate Screw Sloop
CSS Columbia/Texas Ironclad Ram
USS Dictator Large Single-Turret Monitor
USS Indianola Casemate Ironclad Gunboat
CSS Stonewall French-built Sea-going Ironclad
Torpedo boats (pack of 4) Small Wooden Boats
Union Tinclad gunboat
Dahlgren deck guns (pack of 10)
Dahlgren pivot guns (pack of 6)
5-gun fort
Fortress guns (pack of 6)
Gun Emplacement (with gun)
Tugs and barges (3 each)
Pack of 8 assorted ships' boats
Small Deck Guns (pack of 10)
Large Pivot Guns(pack of 6)
CSS Fredericksburg Ironclad Ram
Pilings (river obstructions)
USS Itasca Class Gunboats 90-Day Gunboat
Sunken hulks
USS Essex Casemate Ironclad Gunboat
Floating Battery (two types of shields)
CSS Virginia II Ironclad Ram
CSS Gaines Class Wooden Gunboat
CSS Alabama Seagoing Raider
Mortar Schooners (2 each) & Rafts (4 each)
CSS Charleston Ironclad
USS Mohican Class Steam Sloop class (Kearsarge in class)
USS Kansas Class Wooden Gunboat
USS Neosho Class River Monitor
Union Commodore Class Armed Ferry
USS Casco Class Single Turret Monitor Version
USS Casco Clas  Torpedo Boat Version
USS Keokuk Turreted Monitor
CSS Tuscaloosa Class Ironclad Ram
USS Benton Ironclad Gunboat
Victorian Royal Navy Subjects
HMS Scorpion Class British-Built Ironclad
HMS Royal Sovereign British Coastal Defence Turret Ship
Word War II Subjects
LST (Landing Ship Tank) Standard Class of this Vessel
Liberty Ship
Standard Class of this Vessel
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