Aurora Ship Kits

Aurora was a West Hempstead, New York based manufacturer of injection-molded plastickits with a variety of subjects. The had a line of 1/600 surface ship and odd-scale submarine kits.The firm went out of business in 1975, but Monogram brought most of the molds and they reissue these kits from time to time. Aurora kits are still sold at swap meets and stores/sites that specialize in rare and out of production kits. Some of them pop up for auction at Ebay.Com and can command pretty high prices.

Ship Type Era Scale
Atlantis German "Disguised" Mercant Raider WW2 1/600
USS Bainbridge Guided MissleCruiser 1960's 1/600
USS Bennion Fletcher-Class WW2 1/600
DKMBismarck Battleship WW2 1/600
USS Enterprise Aircraftcarrier WWII 1/600
USS Enterprise CVN-65 Nuclear PoweredCarrier 1960's 1/400
USS Forestall Aircraftcarrier 1960's 1/600
DKM Graf Spee PocketBattleship WWII 1/600
Golf Soviet BallisticSubmarine 1960's 1/300
USS Guadalcanal HelicopterCarrier 1960's 1/600
USS Halford Fletcher-Class variant with scout plane andcatapult WW2 1/600
I-19 Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carryingsubmarine WW2 1/333
USS Iowa Battleship WWII 1/600
HMS King GeorgeV Battleship WWII 1/600
Moscow Soviet guided misslecruiser 1960's 1/600
USS Nautilus USN Nuclear submarine 1950's 1/240
USS Saratoga Aircraftcarrier 1960's 1/600
USS Seawolf USN Nuclear submarine 1950's 1/240
USS Shipjack USN Nuclear submarine 1960's 1/230
USS St. Paul Baltimore-Class HeavyCruiser WWII 1/600
DKMTirpitz Battleship WW2 1/600
U-156 DKM Type IX-B U-boat WW2 ???
U-505 DKM Type IX-B U-boat WW2 ???
IJNYamato Battleship WW2 1/600

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